• imbizzle

    still not coming back, i hope. And shame on anybody who is promoting this. Shame! Shame on you chive! No! bad Chive! Ladies you all look hideous in a one peice, they are for children, fat chicks, and professional swimmers.

    • Guest

      You sir are a fool. They will speak of your lunacy for years to come. Your children and your children's children will hide their face in shame. And your future grandchildren will sport one pieces and look smoking hot in them

  • Scott

    They would all look better in thong bikinis

  • Sigsegv

    Oh, THAT kind of one piece. Was I the only one going into this thinking, "…and I hope it's the bottom piece!!!"?

  • nphotoblue

    Uh….eww….gross. It ain't gonna make a comeback if we don't let it.
    Don't be fooled. These women are hot. These bathing suits with the sides hiked up just short of some side boob are hideous.
    I for one am not gullible enough to take the bait on this one.

  • http://www.quitchercryin.blogspot.com Dano152

    I would like to buy this one for my girlfriend. I think it would look awesome on her. By "this one" I mean the chick.

  • Mr. Blaah

    Its not the one pieces thats winning, its definitely the women

  • SayNahhh

    #23 damn she fine. who is that?

  • drbman

    #4 i am loving that thighvage!!!

  • Bradyized

    #19 #31 are the best. Throw back bathing suits on hot women are awesome

  • Dippx

    #3. Who's number 3? I needddd to knowwwwe

  • Bonko

    damn, all of em nice

  • KE

    #25 needs to be found and oven her own post.

  • YeahDawg23

    #28 For The Win

  • https://www.facebook.com/bryan.daniel.712 Bryan Daniel

    #5 and #19

    Oh the fun we could have…

  • Falthor

    I've always thought one pieces were just as hot as any other bathing suit out there… but just like anything else it needs to be the right one piece on the right body…

    #28 is a perfect example. She looks amazing if a little half crazy, but i doubt she would look nearly as good in a Bikini…

  • LuketheTerrible

    #12 wow

  • Ishbar

    Has theChive ever figured out who #1 is???

    • asf

      I know who the photographer is, so it wouldn't be too hard from there

  • EE2268

    HOTTEST ONE PIECE: Wendy Peffercorn

  • masterbating monkey

    #21 all rise

  • Ray

    You got to throw in the Farrah one piece for us old folks.

  • NHale

    while #19 is awesome and Hannah Martin #25 is gorgeous, I don't think this is behavior we should be encouraging.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mark.ledonne Mark Andrew LeDonne

    #19 Game boy for man.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RoryU2fan Rory McIntyre

    #23 for the win

  • bob

    bikini>any other swimsuit option

  • mso4ivp

    #1 #3 #21 FTW! Great way to start my day!

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