Have a relaxing dinner in the sky (16 Photos)

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  • Scott

    Only a fucking idiot would do this

  • Chiving in NJ

    Waiter? There's a bird in my soup.

  • imbizzle

    id smack the hell out of the guy sitting across from me just as he buckles and we start going up. that way he has to look at my stupid smiling face the whole time, and be able to do nothing about it.

  • Dexter!

    What do you do if ya gotta pee?

  • Rtdown

    What do you do if u have to take a dump?

  • jjj

    Yeah, but how's the food?

  • tim

    Fucketh that.

  • Todd S.......

    Just something for the already Rich to waste there money on….While a plate in there air probley costs iam gonna guess $1000…While a family somwere in the world is drinking Goat Piss and grass for Dinner..Enjoy pricks

  • AmericoPolk

    what if you have to go to the bathroom

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wz_PeVlgCcc flash mob

    Amazing feeling.! It's so awesome.! lol.! It is not good idea for patient who fear of heights.! kakaka.!

  • Rafael

    This is amazing. But this is not for the food connoisseur who has acrophobia. I for one would like to try this for myself.

    Rafael http://www.adrenalin.com.au/skydiving/

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