Taylor Morris and our Independence Day (12 HQ Photos)

A little over a month ago, we posted a story about Taylor Morris, the Navy EOD who lost all four of his limbs in an explosion in Afghanistan. Since that time, Taylor has come a long way. theCHIVERS united to raise over $250,000 for his dream cabin, he was sucessfully fitted for all four prosthesis, and he met the President.

Right now Taylor is headed to join President Obama on the White House lawn to watch the fireworks.

Today is the 4th of July. It's a great opportunity to raise a glass with friends, but above all, it's also a time to reflect on the sacrifice others have made to ensure our freedom.

One of Taylor's friends happens to be the talented photographer Tim Dodd. Tim traveled to Washington DC to take the inspiring photos you see below. There photos stand alone. This is the story of perseverance and the triumph of love in the hardest of circumstances.

Taylor's story has now inspired millions around the globe, and I have a feeling he's just clearing this throat. Thank you, Taylor and Danielle.

When you see a Military KCCO on the street or in a bar today, extend your hand, and say thanks. It means more to these men and women than you think.

On behalf of everybody here at theCHIVE,

Thank You.

Read Do You Know My Friend Taylor on Tim Dodd’s amazing website.

Say hello and thank you to Taylor on his website.

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