Taylor Morris and our Independence Day (12 HQ Photos)

A little over a month ago, we posted a story about Taylor Morris, the Navy EOD who lost all four of his limbs in an explosion in Afghanistan. Since that time, Taylor has come a long way. theCHIVERS united to raise over $250,000 for his dream cabin, he was sucessfully fitted for all four prosthesis, and he met the President.

Right now Taylor is headed to join President Obama on the White House lawn to watch the fireworks.

Today is the 4th of July. It's a great opportunity to raise a glass with friends, but above all, it's also a time to reflect on the sacrifice others have made to ensure our freedom.

One of Taylor's friends happens to be the talented photographer Tim Dodd. Tim traveled to Washington DC to take the inspiring photos you see below. There photos stand alone. This is the story of perseverance and the triumph of love in the hardest of circumstances.

Taylor's story has now inspired millions around the globe, and I have a feeling he's just clearing this throat. Thank you, Taylor and Danielle.

When you see a Military KCCO on the street or in a bar today, extend your hand, and say thanks. It means more to these men and women than you think.

On behalf of everybody here at theCHIVE,

Thank You.

Read Do You Know My Friend Taylor on Tim Dodd’s amazing website.

Say hello and thank you to Taylor on his website.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.kalinowski Jay Kalinowski

    The strength, courage and determination that this amazing man has is an inspiration to everyone !!! Taylor your story has touched people on a global scale and brings the world hope !!! The feeling I want to express have no comparison to the words I have used…

    Still wiping the tear from my eyes !!!

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  • mimmm

    damn ninjas with onions

  • Luke

    I am pretty shocked by some of the the comments on here, but then again it does not really surprise me. Look America has made mistakes yes i know and some of them are big, but consider all the things we have done right, we dont have the highest immigration rate for no reason (and yes it is just counting legal immigration). Government and leadership has always turned into a big ugly machine wherever you go and you will find big mistakes wherever you travel in this world but there is more good than evil in this country and in this world. Its this kind of unfounded irrational hate that bugs people. To all those who serve we cannot thank you enough. And for the rest of you dont let these hateful people get under your skin, they feel the need to channel their hate into something and since they cannot do anything about it their hate grows and spirals out of control until the very mention of a hero who sacrificed life and limb for what they believe in makes them angry about the country ect.

    If you are one of these hateful people hear this. You mean nothing to us honest hardworking people who support our troops who give it all for our country and way of life. On a scale of things we care about you rank somewhere between a cockroach and that pasty white stuff that accumulates on the edges of your mouth when your really thirsty, if you were in my toilet i would not even bother flushing you.

  • J-Lev

    #5 I think the Chive should make this face into a BFM style shirt. TFM!!!!

  • griego

    you are all so stupid…this is how your country treats you!

  • Cullan Strong

    wow bro you've done so much cool shit since the last time I saw you. I'm so proud to call you my friend & I hope you're hungry because the next time I come see you I'm bring a shit ton of chipotle, its burrito time damn it! To you & everyone else… Hooyah! & Chive on!

  • Joe

    Great pictures. Thanks for everything you have done. KCCO

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  • namasaki

    HERO MY ASS. He should give that money to the families he caused harm too, some soldiers don´t know what they are fighting for even, they go there because of what?? oil? money? what separates them from a massmurderer/serialkiller?? watch this and tell me i´m wrong

    Donate your money to somebody who deserves it and needs it next time.

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