• montana

    those cheerleaders are dressed funny

  • flap

    The Chive team are embarrassingly ill-informed. You're political awareness is cringe-worthy, seriously. When the BELORUSSIAN (spell-check, derp) army isn't pulling these stunts, they're brutally suppressing political dissent and generally menacing anyone questioning the regime. 'Cool, derp'

    • JSSJr

      You're on the wrong site. The one you want is

    • Andrey


  • Marshall

    The credits for A Few Good Men did it better.

  • fresh.ta.death

    Fancy. They'd win ABDC for sure.

  • ATX cutie

    That. Was trippy….

  • @feelingsofwhite

    did i just smoke a joint and not realize it?

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  • Julia Katz

    Holy Hell!!!!! Are we sure that there not androids???

  • Holden McGroin

    I sure would hate to walk into the latrine as they were all taking a leak together.

  • MJP

    Human Centipede

  • Retired Navy

    Our United States Marines do it better. Been there and seen it!!

  • mattheadface

    props to that drummer!

  • Anonymous

    Although the visual effects were pretty cool, they were a bit sloppy, just saying.

    They have nothing on the United States Army Drill Team

    USADT – 1991-1994

  • Tim Hilke

    Although the visual aspects were pretty cool, they were a bit sloppy..just saying..
    They have nothing on the United States Army Drill Team

    USADT–1991-1994, Solois
    Once I was, always will I be.

  • @thelogicbox

    I guess this will help when the Russians invade… next time.

  • TheCewb

    Is this why our military is ranked so low? Because we can't do this?

  • PolishPenetratr

    Still a better love story than Twilight

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