It’s Monday…and that’s why I’m happy to see cars on fire (45 Photos)

  • chivexpress

    Why so many Lambo's…?

    • Mikey

      I was wondering the same thing. None of these are wrecks, they must've just been engine fires. I can't imagine such a large financial investment going up in smoke like that 😦

      • tapsnapornap

        It is a common problem with Gallardos, apparently they spontaneously combust …

      • Uh.

        Financial Investment?

    • Zoey

      Wondering same thing…

    • Brandon from CANADA

      Because they are lambos

    • Apollob

      Ferraris even have the Lambos & dragsters out numbered. Insurance cost has to be through the roof on these things!

    • steve

      …and not one Pontiac Fiero

    • that one guy

      I would have enjoyed this page a lot more if there were more ford explorers and less nice cars.

    • Nao nao

      cars are for people who like to stick their dick in tail-pipe AKA fags.

    • Ace11

      Because people dont wanna see toyota on fire on the internet..

  • Joe Martinez Jr.

    #31 looks like the fire belongs in the photo…pretty sweet

  • Jeff

    oh sad.

  • Liong

    <img src=> Wow, Be careful, So sad to these beatiful cars<img src=>

  • Nick Parsons

    #1 #12 #14 #19 #36 #40 Ever since VW Group took over Lamborghini…

    • Sarex

      That can only be a good thing…VW>Lambo

      • Static

        ……tell me you are joking?

        • Boner

          without vw they would be on fire while on the assembly line

    • Mario cart

      #12 & #14 is the same car, different angles.

      Drop 250k on a car o watch it burn, very sad…. But what do you expect, most of these idiots know nothing about driving essenially street race cars…

      • Kristen

        The etcrr is strong with this one.

    • Hank Scorpio

      Lambos have been catching on fire long before Audi bought the company.

  • marcussam


    • Notknowing

      The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.
      We don't need no water
      Let the mutherfucker burn
      Burn, mutherfucker, burn

  • bensmith681

    firefighter chivers love posts like these! keep em comin!

  • @DrDrai1122

    #25 #45 are two of the saddest things i have ever seen

    • Brian

      i almost cried.

    • 67Dude

      I agree

    • Oli

      This post is full of $300,000 cars and the two that bother you are the mustangs????

      • @DrDrai1122

        yeah because mustangs are American muscle and scream class with classic lines and have the badass speed. The lambos and ferrari's just reek of pretentious and arrogance

        • B-Money

          You've got to be the first person in the history of the world to equate mustang with class.

          • @DrDrai1122

            #25 is straight class. nothing else. but sheer sex appeal

    • The P

      Yeah mustangs are Gheyness!!

  • Logicyup

    I think the chive is trying to make me cry. Why so evil? One or two of these sprinkled into d.a.r or something is fine, but all this at once? That's just mean.

  • mike

    #5 Do I smell bacon

    • Sean

      Yeah its your upper lip

  • mr_thai

    #33 #38…pretty "hot" car, but cheating a little on the theme! lol

    • JackDiesel

      Why can't those cars burn and not the other ones? Any care with a flame paint job deserves to burn. Oh the irony.

  • mtbrgeek

    #25 no no no no no no no!! This should be a RIP thread!!

  • Ernest Poirier

    I'm surprised there weren't more Ferrari 458 Italia pictures. Ferrari actually recalled every car in the USA, and replaced the dozen or so that already lit up, because so many of them just caught on fire.

    Either way, this is a great post that will ruin anyone's day 😦 *tears*

  • Micah Paul Gervais

    Welcome to NOLA Chive!

    • Lowrent75

      Wait what?!?!?! Are they in NOLA?

    • Zach B.

      HAHA!!! Never seen so many cars on fire as in that shit hole. Miss you Buddy!

  • boob_cuddle

    Lambos and Ferrari fail.

  • SGT_Fati

    "Some men just want to watch the world burn"

  • @RickvdS

    None of these supercars would actually burn if the driver would just know how to drive it. Except for de 458 that was some kind of malfunction.
    As a petrolhead these images make me sad 😦

    • tapsnapornap

      Gallardos are prone to fires as well.

    • Gumbercules

      The 458s were actually recalled for this. The heat shields would come unglued and cause the car to catch fire.

  • timäh

    25, 30, 45…God, WHY?!

  • Urriah O. Aguilera

    #45 NO?!?!?!?!

  • Urriah O. Aguilera

    errr i meant #41 NO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


      Yeah not very many of these to begin with

    • Chim Richels

      So tragic. This is automotive history and art.

      Seeing one destroyed is a shame.

    • Herrick Devlin Johnson

      That was the hardest one to look at…

  • Ryan

    What we can take away from this is that if you own a Ferrari, it will catch on fire.

  • Just(in) Hale

    Love it! Burn baby burn!!

  • Brandon From CANADA

    #28 is supposed to look like that

    • mbns

      Owing to the fact that mostly flaming douchebags drive BMWs? I'd agree with that statement.

  • savagecabbage

    #17 Walter White left the bomb under Gus's car after all

    • furburger

      Vulva's are pieces of sheet

  • JimmyB

    So the moral of the story is… don't buy a Lambo?

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