• suck me dry

    finally …ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Nicolas Ferraro

    no crime goes un-punished! hahaha

  • Suck. Me. Dry

    Suck me the driest

  • Rémy Kempkes

    Now I kinda want to try them

  • @joe_pec6014

    *palms face*

  • Nikos Sokolis

    Fighting crime like a boss.

  • Jody McKenzie

    Haha ridiculous! I love my country

    • Usa retard nation

      Canada isn't a dangerous place at all, you even show where you live, what your house look like and your own picture publicly on your Facebook page. Smart girl you are!

    • Mark Palm

      This is actually a genuine article!!! I just couldn't believe it, kept thinkng CTV was a 'onion news network' type of channel.

    • Tmux

      Haha I am Canadian and I love this post. So ridiculous!

    • Yann Mathieu

      I think I'll move to Canada since you guys have real sweet news! B)

    • TheSimonizer

      seriously tho, fix your privacy settings on facebook. it's ridiculous the amount of info about you a complete stranger can access on your profile.

  • Friar T

    There is a message here, isn't it: CLOSE AND LOCK YOUR DAMN DOOR!!! …or drunk chicks will come and steel your chips.

    • Dick Salad

      Sounds like a potentially good idea to lure drunken college girls into my garage… I see nothing wrong with this. The cop had me rolling though!

      • Friar T

        That's why I keep my bedroom door open and hide the chips under my bed…

        • TheSimonizer

          I hide them directly in my pants, saves time for everyone.

    • Tim

      I'm going to start keeping these chips in my pants

    • Aaron Ahlquist

      You can steel chips? SHOW ME!!

      • Mr_Taco

        He's an alchemist.

    • bif man mumba


  • nomnomnom

    Now you know why everyone makes fun of you Canada…….this required a press conference. Even the cop couldn't keep a straight face.

    • Shockteck

      Yeah it's shocking to see a news report that doesn't detail the 1000 murders that occurred that day. What a crazy country.

    • Alex

      Now you know why we have fun here!

    • canadianbird

      unfortunately you still have no idea why we make fun of you…

    • kidn

      america makes fun of us, that's about it. probably because the rest of the world doesn't hate us and that irritates you.

      • kent

        The US is the most powerful country in the world, being hated comes with the territory. You Canadians only get made fun of by Americans because we're the only people that even know you exist, and that's only because you border us.

        Nobody in the world cares about Canada, and that irritates you. Which is why you Canadians need to mobilize on the internet against Americans, and why you need constant self-praise just to feel content in living in a watered-down, imitation of the US.

        • Dee

          Only Americans know we exist huh? That sounds like an incredibly self centered opinion. If only you guys know we exist then why is it when I travel to Europe people are rude to me when they think I'm an American, but as soon as they find out I'm Canadian they go on about how much they love canadians because we are so nice and respectful? I'd rather live in an "imitation" of the US that has lower crime rates, better health care and job markets than actually live there, especially if people are as self centered and egotistical as you seem to be.

        • Alex

          BTW what will happen when China, which lends so much money to the USA, decides that your dollar is not worth sh*t anymore? Who will be the most powerful country then? Get realist.

    • Anotherwes

      You have a news conference for every theft and arrest??

    • Usa retard nation

      Unfortunately you still have no idea why the rest of the world make fun of your introverted country…

    • ProudCanadian

      Hey! Cock-breath…walk to the kitchen. Grab a sharp knife. Now stab yourself in the fucking face you ignorant cunt.

    • Tania

      Oh ya, make fun of us Canadians. Sucks to be us, I mean with our great economy, housing market, job market, etc, etc.

    • USA

      agreed. Canadia is for fags.

      • Over 9000

        WTF is Canadia? Another thing America made up? Or just something else you can't spell?

      • Dumb USA

        Spelling and grammer, as good as our math and science scores.

    • pigeyez

      don't mind our great middle class free health care non crumbling infrastructure ( unless u live in alberta) tens of thousands $100,000 a year plus jobs that don't require $100,000 in student debt and oh ya how bout BEER THAT WILL ACTUALLY GET U DRUNK AND CROWN ROYAL WHISKEY!!!!!!! I AM CANADIAN!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

      • Sara

        How is Alberta's infrastructure crumbling?

    • Sniggity

      Haha… People that hide behind their keyboards and throw jabs are super cool.

  • Captain Canuck
  • jayd

    could have swore the name of that town was sammich

    • Mackenzie Legacy

      It's saanich.

  • Dylan

    That cop is having a tough time keeping a straight face.

  • Kenny

    Yes…but have you ever had those chips? I'd do it too.

  • Canadianchuvette

    Damn I love Canada haha 🙂 even the cops here are awesome

  • CanadianChivette*

    Damn. Chivette**

  • Static

    this was AWESOME!!! LMAO!

  • Macro

    Hands of my chips eh? Take off ya hosers or I'll call tha cops!

    ^ Yes, I'm Canadian.

    • Birch

      Take off eh

  • Brandi Froggett Wilson

    This is why I love being Canadian!! No big news about murder, rape, or something horrible like that. what makes the news here? Drunk girls stealing cheap chips! hahahahah

    • milesclarence

      me too. I happen to live right around the corner from here. This is funny and stupid, however, I'd take this any day of the week over being worried about anything that could actually harm me/someone else.

  • GernBlansten

    Oh, Canada


    Been there; they are good 🙂 but alcohol never made me hungry

    • Smokey

      Leafs suck

  • F3n1x187


  • Gordo

    Good ol Victoria BC , I like my low crime city

    • rob-0

      actually victoria is #2

    • Smokey

      No way, Saanich is like a billion times better than Vic!

  • Tyler

    My favorite part was when the camera panned out at the press conference and revealed the 4 or 5 people that were there. Canada, you're ok in my book.

  • Mighty

    Fake! Everyone knows that Canada's favorite chips are maple & hockey puck flavored.

    • Fred

      no, our favourite flavour of chips is ketchup. have you been to Canada before? our second favourite is maple & hockey puck.

    • Sniggity

      HA!! Hahahaha

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    I love that this cop is making a joke of it. Needs more puns though.

    • Dave

      So all I need to do is put some of these chips in my house and drunk college chicks will come in? Sweet, babe baiting.

    • Yessirr

      "Apparently the chips had been accessed. And there had been some illicit chip tastings." haha love it.

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