• LaKangaRue

    I'll buy it.

    • AWM

      LakangaRue That a girl!

    • What a bitch

      More and more kids are moving away from the television and doing more productive things(internet). How do we lure them back….

    • Dwide Schrude

      I think I'm out of the loop on technology because this video might as well have been in fucking Chinese for all that I understood.
      – Is it just the controller or is there a box?
      – Do you play it on a phone? tablet?
      – Is it on your TV or computer screen?
      – Am I too old for The Chive?

  • Holy Shit

    Cheaper, quicker evolving, more games…bring it on.

  • TulsaSmartassChiver

    Nerdgasm …

  • https://www.facebook.com/yann.mathieu Yann Mathieu

    OMFG! This looks awesome B)

  • I hate cats

    Sweet making my game now

  • This.

    This is called App store on a tv screen..

  • Nerd

    Other than saying it's more open, didn't actually tel you bugger all what it's capabilities are, might have the processing power of a casio watch for all I know

    • Smooch

      Tegra3 quad-core processor
      1GB RAM
      8GB of internal flash storage
      HDMI connection to the TV, with support for up to 1080p HD
      WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
      Bluetooth LE 4.0
      USB 2.0 (one)
      Wireless controller with standard controls (two analog sticks, d-pad, eight action buttons, a system button), a touchpad
      Android 4.0

      • http://twitter.com/psypher246 @psypher246

        Yeah man, it says it right there on the site.

  • Av10

    Hmmm yea no?? They dont have MW3 i dont like it hahaha

    • oirjre

      you mean MW2.5?

    • Dan

      Filthy casual

    • http://www.facebook.com/william.baker.716970 William Baker

      Sorry, that is the quality of game would expect on this device.. shitty arcade shooter.. Go for some realism with BF3 or Arma 2.

      • bf3

        Bf3 isnt realistic at all! Dont even compare it to Arma2! It's like comparing Mw3 to BF3! and I don't get it why Av10 is getting thumbs down, just look at last COD sales, and rethink if this is future of gaming! Future of gaming is what brings money! Indie games don't bring money! SO nope this is clearly not the future! I'm not saying I like it this way but thats the way it is!

        • meep

          First off, money is what most of the companies care about. The bottom line. So, they give you the same thing over and over and over with little tweaks here and there. Look at Battlefield and Modern Warfare. These games are strikingly similar, and the only differences noted are fractional, at best. The core of the game is the exact same. And, you know, they DO sell. They make money. HOWEVER, they also cost a GREAT deal of money to produce. We're talking millions and millions. So, the profit margin is not the best in the world, and that's why you see advertisements in most of the larger blockbuster games.

        • meep

          (forgot the second part)

          Indie games, on the other hand, can be made cheaply and generally are. Also, they're new, creative, unique to their genre, or creating a genre all their own. Then, they sell spectacularly well, because not everyone wants a BF or MW. They want something new. And most of the gamers that want new are people who have been gamers for years. I'm going on 20 years infront of a TV or computer screen and, you know, I've seen it all from the "Big 3" (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo). While sometimes they try something fresh and new, and sometimes it works out, it is mostly terrifying. Most larger game developers can't risk it, because they have too much at stake (reputation and cost). And publishers won't touch new and creative unless there is a reasonable assumption it's going to be a hit. Too much money in marketing and distribution to take the chance.

          So, instead we get the same old because people buy it and think it's the best thing since Jesus. And, until you get a few more years under your belt or come close to the gaming experience most of us have in terms of hours and variety, you're not going to see what's wrong with it or the system. But, as someone who has spent years in the video game industry, indie type games ARE the way most people will go, eventually. Individual people programming games that THEY want to play.

          And ARMA II is one of the most realistic soldier simulation I've ever played. You disagree? Take a rifle and go into the desert for a few years and you'll be singing a different tune.

    • ben

      jump off of call of duty's bandwagon buddy. that game died after cod4.

  • Dai

    After hearing the name did anyone else think of the "OH YEAH" jug off Family Guy 🙂

    • Bruce

      …you mean the kool aid man? You know, from kool aid?

    • Bud

      Oh yea jug off family guy???? You're outrageously stupid. Its the kool aid guy

    • Kool-aid

      Lol the Oh Yeah jug hahaha

    • Mr. Fister

      Thanks for the laugh, chief.

    • Chorel

      OH WOW… I didn't realize people this stupid existed..

      • OH YEAH MAN!

        kool aid is from the US. there are other drinks in the rest of the world. so this guy is stupid for not being in the know about american ads?

        • Benji

          Yes. if you aren't american you're automatically stupid.

          • Ethan

            Your goddamn funny.

  • cookit

    The controller looks amazing,looks looks it will be comfortable as well

    • Bob

      It looks interesting, the controller looks like my one for the Xbox 360. As long as it is better than the shit PS3 one.

      • http://twitter.com/psypher246 @psypher246

        and it has a touchpad!

    • smallchinaman

      It looked like a block of wood to me.

      • KyleGamgee

        Each is hand-crafted by a certified Controller Artist. Impressive!

  • Slugg

    It all depends on the specs. Because it probably wont be out until at least 2014 and that means it will probably be competing with PS4 and Xbox 720.

    • koffie

      The point is that it's low-spec, for casual games like angry-birds but with a controller… A wii but with cheap games….

      • HUNK

        So a Shittier Wii. Is that possible?

    • Daniel

      If there is a ps4 or new Xbox. Microsoft is riding the kinect train. And ps4 doesn't look likely as Sony just lost millions on the vita…

      • Static

        there is a new Xbox coming.. and yes, kinect will be integrated (or included in the design) but they are not making it a kinect "only" – that would be suicide. They are actually making the 720 up-gradable! If the rumors are true, it will be more like a PC for you living room.

        • Dan

          Info wanted a pc in the living room I would put my pc in the living room.
          Wii u looks pretty awesome. The 3ds is great. And x 360 is good too. But the x box is just accommodating to the mw and cod genres. Xbox needs to have some real different games. Everything thus far is a port from another system of just a bland shooter.
          I hope that the next system is more than just a pc in my living room.

          • SpeculativeFanboy

            I am excited about the new touch pad controller for the new console… the Vita and PS4 Orbis. Together they make the Orbis Vita (circle of life) PlayStation system. It is everything the Wii U is hoping to be, but with 2x the power and fresh franchises (the next Mario will be the 116th Mario based game). Micro$oft is still figuring out how to convince people their internet service is better than the free models found elsewhere.

    • http://twitter.com/psypher246 @psypher246

      It's actually coming out in March 2013 and it's not trying to compete specs wise, it's trying to compete with affordable content and a hackable system. Once XBMC comes out on Android this will be THE multimedia/gaming hub of your living room. By comparing full game prices (Shadowgun, NFS) which are like $5 each I can't see how Sony and M$ can even compete. Plus the money goes to the devs and not some monolithic-we-know-whats-better-for-you gaming company who don't give a damn except publishing more crappy DRM locked games. Another reason I would prefer to pay than pirate, money goes to the right people and they surviving off it. Humble Indie bundle has proved to us time and again people want fun indie games and are willing to pay for it, even if it's just a penny. Check this page from the kickstarter site: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ouyatop20
      Looks to me like the hoping to get some big name games running on this. I also suggested games like Portal, HoN (I don't play it but friends do) Diablo 3 (not holding my breath but you can hope). With Valve working on porting Source Engine to Linux we can hopefully see all the Source based games (Portal, Half Life, L4D etc etc) come on Android Play soon which will then mean it runs on OUYA as well. PLUS like I said, no DRM, I log into OUYA with my Google Account and boom all the games I have already bought will not be on my OUYA and new games I buy for OUYA will be on my phone and tablet as well.

      And if you think the games are shit or the hardware is not up to spec, go and watch the Shadowgun and Asphalt 6 videos. Looks to me like the hardware is more than capable to provide HD gaming experience nearly rivaling the XBOX 360. The tegra 3 is a powerfull chip and the quality I have seen on a Asus Transformer Prime is really impressive.

      So what other reasons do you have not to get one?

      • KyleGamgee

        My skepticism comes from playing touch-based games with a controller. They can't just port them over to a controller-based system. Either each game will have to updated and adapted to a controller, or they will have a general cursor system to stand in for the touch gameplay.

        Bejeweled Blitz just isn't the same on my 360. The reaction time from getting to the next move I see with the cursor just takes too long.

        I'm not saying I've decided against the OUYA, I'm just believe-it-when-I-see-it right now.

        • videologic

          there are plenty of games on android that use a virtual joypad on the touchscreen. Those could be easily converted, and for many games you could use a controller instead of touch screen, it just depends on the game.

      • bf3

        I completly follow you on that one but when it comes to sales a COD will outsell any indie game! So even if this what we would like gaming to be, its clearly not gonna happend! Companies like ea or activision blizzard are by far to big to allow such a thing to happend to gaming industry! Ouya won't be such a great success or be even close to compete with other consoles! When the ipad and all the other tablets came out everyone started saying that they will compete with console gaming… which is clearly bulshit! And no the tegra 3 might be awesome but do you expect it to run games with graphics comparable to BF3?

        • videologic

          It doesnt have to compete with the other consoles. for $99 you can just get one as well for when you want a quick game, rather than sit down for an hour

  • WhiteVanMan

    "It's open to hackers who want to make it their own"
    You are fucking joking right?

    • SPZander

      Not something a game developer trying to make a profit wants to hear…

      • Left Brain

        I think what she means by "hacking" is to physically fuck with the controller lay out. That is where the term "hacking" came from.
        Although, she could mean mess with the code to customize the OS lay out, or it features.
        Or both, who knows. This is a new idea, it has many outcomes.

    • SomeRandom

      I think when she says hackers she means people that customize their system already. Android phones are already really customizable sp i assume a console that is run by android would be even more customizable. So people that are tech savvy.

      • tys

        yay a console that allows people to hack it, so any game you play will be full of aimbotters/wallhackers oh joy!

        • SomeRandom

          Yes cause app based games have wallhacks. Your dumb.

          • irony


    • Steve

      They mean probably being able to drop Linux on it or anything you want to do with it.
      You are fuckin mentally handicapped…Did you survive an abortion?!?!

  • bukssna

    Yes this is a great idea and I might buy it! It depends how good it shows to be!
    But wouldn't you get the same result by connecting PC with TV over HDMI?

    • videologic

      You would get better results, but who wants to have their pc by their TV, and if you bought a $99 pc then it wouldn't be as good (if you can even get one). You could also plug in an android phone with HDMI, but again, who is gonna do that. Better to have a dedicated machine with controllers

  • downfall616

    i'm in.

  • loshy123

    in the first half of the video she should have said 'television' more often

    • boba fett

      that was driving me nuts

  • Bob

    When she said she had big balls she meant it. Good on them trying to fight the big three and the evil that is Apple corp

    • Will

      Wtf does this have to do with apple?

      • Rick_

        Publishing Apps/Games to iTunes is a pain in the ass. And Apple takes most of the money.

    • Bill

      Apple don't make a console which is what this is competing with?!?!

      • Ryan

        Iphone, Ipad, Mac's… They are all gaming platforms apple just doesn't admit to it

  • Name

    I like that it's cheap…I don't like that it looks cheap

    • meep

      Pay an extra hundred to hire a designer to come up with something, then the manufacturing to do it.

      Or, make your own case.

      Or, stfu. It's cheap, works, and doesn't look bad at all.

  • Blain

    Sweet I was the one who sent this in! My first time actually submitting something to the chive and they used it!

    • Dick

      You're a fucking butthole.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jerome.ruwan Jerome Ruwan

        ^^ uncalled for….but hilarious . i give you my thumbs up

  • Balls

    Anyone else find her strangely attractive?

    • Woop

      She does have balls and she plays for the other team. Check your radar, you might like men. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Ray Pissed

        Pretty sure he was joking around numbnuts. Man you're clueless to sarcasm. Don't feel bad though, everyone who put thumbs down is just as stupid as you.

        • Dick

          You are the biggest faggot ever. I don't mean gay. I just mean faggot. Have a bad weekend faggot.

    • OneBlew

      Ya, sure had the East / West look going on with the eyes.

  • ZenkTheTanK

    This will be good for a while… then they will start finding little ways to charge you… then it will just be expensive like all the others..

    • Si1entStatic

      i believe it was said above somewhere, "an App Store for your TV" so the console will be 100 bucks but I'm sure the starter apps will be free. then the premium $6.99 – $19.99 non ad supported apps will soon follow.

      I was still waiting for the "Sponsored by Apple" to pop up in the lower corner somewhere…

  • AllanA

    This could be the next big thing, or it could be the next Dreamcast, we'll see in a year or two

    • Paul

      DC was a slow POS

  • SPZander

    Missing a key component… online play; if you don't have online play you're dead out of the gate. Online infrastructures aren't free and definitely not 'open'.

    • Rick_

      It looks like it comes with wifi so they are planning on connecting it to the web… Maybe the online infrastructure is what they use the 4 Mil for.

  • Shat_Thrice

    Done and done. I'm on the list.

  • SpacemanSpiff


  • Misterkleen79


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