High-res exhaust backfires (30 HQ Photos)

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    • yourmom

      no mother medusa car?! lame

  • who?

    First hoes.

  • Mikey

    Why do they call them "back fires"?

    • DoC

      Calling you an idiot would give a troll too much credit. Calling you a troll would give an idiot waaay too much credit. Instead I will just say "BALLY WALLY DOOWAG!" in the hopes of insulting you either way.

    • JPL

      I will have faith in humanity and assume that this isn’t a simple trolling question as DoC seems worried about.
      Back fires usually occurs in high performance engines when a portion of the injected fule into the combustion chamber is forced into the exhaust system prior to its full combustion. This usually occurs when there is dramatic changes in speeds of revolution of the engine causing significant pressure variations between the combustion chamber and exhaust system. As a result some of the fuel hets sucked into the exhaust system. Given the heat of exhaust system and the increased presence of oxygen towards at “back” of the exhaust system, the remaining fuel that was not burnt in the combustion chamber will catch fire. Hence why you see flames during a back fire. And voila…you now have a fire at back of the car/bike/dragster/internal combustion engine powered vehicle…a “back fire”

      • LoyalChiver

        Too many words.

        Because FIRE!!

    • etcrr 131p

      their called backfires cause fire comes out the back. if the fire came out the front they would stillb e called backfires cause they fire back. most of these backfires are backfires in name only cause most of these cars have racecar parts and are normal cars in name only cause race car parts are on them.

    • Jawbone

      Because fuck you, that's why.

    • Guest

      Technically these are all 'forefires' since while technically coming out of the back of the vehicle they are going in the forward direction of gases through the engine. If you have ever tried to tune a normally aspirated carburator and had flames shoot out of it, usually due to having the engine timing radically off, you would have experienced a true backfire.

  • whyme1973

    #4 Flamethrower attachment.

    • firstguy

      they are not flame thorowers or..if you'll noyice these are all high performance cars that have been modified. if you advance the timing on a motor enough it will do this whenever you take your foot off the gas during hard acceleration…so technically they arent even back fires.

      • Logan

        From one guy that knows to another. kcco 😉

  • sdrawrof

    Does anyone else think this is like watching cars fart?!

    • SuperiorTo8

      Except #8 Looks like he's doing it… Ventriloquist style

  • MattKL

    Amazing that they were able to get pics of all these cars right after they ate at Taco Bell.

  • SuperiorTo8

    #32 In loving memory of eyebrows

  • Peter

    No. 37 is racist… bet the driver has a white pointed hood on

    • CasualJan

      Not sure if serious…

      If so, please google "KKK Turbochargers"

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    <img src=http://www.mynewcarquote.us/hotels/pt.jpg>Awesome #32 a big fire, I wanna join them LoL <img src=http://www.mynewcarquote.us/aquarius/ns.jpg>

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    Do you guys smell something funny?

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    #1 More!!

  • The Raspberrry

    #31 Bring back the M1!

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    #14 Classic power hound!!!!

  • Head Chef

    #3 isnt a backfire, its a redneck flame thrower.

    • dude

      haha You beat me to it. i was gonna post the same thing

  • Al Gore

    Rick just please go away. Or at least go to the Throttle.

    • Si1entStatic

      shouldn't you be more concerned about Manbearpig??

      • Sean Connery

        shouldn't you be more consherned that your mothersh' a whore??

  • roadie

    technically they are afterfires

    • Rick

      correct but sometimes with titles, I have to go with a term that is more familiar

  • Brandon From CANADA

    I will take #1 #18 and #20

    • WTF Mate

      way to pick the lame cars…Brandon

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  • jimbob

    #40 a bit more than a backfire

    • Si1entStatic


    • Black6dog

      BACKfire: seems legit

    • Jeff

      I gree that is more like on fire than a back fire…

  • pitaru


  • NonBrit

    Fuel efficiency? Rubbish. But they are sure fast.

  • firstguy

    i love how many people on here all comment about cars but know so little about them. these arent backfires at all. all it is is the exhaust being light on fire through a spark from the ignition sysfem on a car where the timing has been advanced. this happens on all cars that have been modified this way with hard acceleration and then rapidly lifting off. like to shift. that why all of the cars doing it are modified high performancd cars and you cars from the factory dont do it. a back fire is something completly different.

    • Tyler

      You might want to do your own car research before making slightly dumb comments. What you just described is a backfire. You were partially right in that you need a high performance car to achieve the flame effect, but just because you backfire doesn't mean you will see a flame. However, in no way does the car need to be modified–high end cars will do this stock, just not always as intense. While it doesn't have to be a backfire to cause the flames, it almost always is. The backfire is what causes the gas to get lit–it is excess gas in the exhaust that is getting lit up. Also, you forgot to mention that some of these are just fakes that are caused by a spark device placed near the muffler, the WRX being a good example.

      • sdago25

        Tyler 1 firstguy 0

        • Truc Chiver

          i agree. because tyler said what i wanted to hear whether it was actually right or not i don't give a shit. KCCO

      • WTF Mate

        Lawyered nice and right!

    • ncc

      Funny. My car has an aftermarket turbo system and I haven't touched any ignition timing yet it still does it.. It can be also caused by a car running super rich and the fuel ignites in the exhaust because of the heat.

    • Bill57

      i know your right Stan. cause you know about cars and and race car parts all the other commenters dont know anything and should go wipe the bullshit off their faces cause they have bullshit all over it. great post. thank you for your service.

  • ps86

    #10 – i like the red discs better

  • Jeffery

    I believe the term you are looking for is After Fire….backfires are no bueno…after fires get chicks….

    • Rick

      (as I said in comment above) correct but sometimes with titles, I have to go with a term that is more familiar

  • sic4x4chic

    #22 That's a sick picture. Props to the photographer.

  • JoeyWJ

    #40 you're doing it wrong

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