This one's for our German Allies…thank you Bundeswehr (93 Photos)

  • Per Mare Per Terram

    Great pics of our German friends. Having had a company attached to the Royal Marines when we were out in Afghan I can speak of their love of a good fight and their prowess in combat. They did their grandfathers proud!!

  • Sapper33

    Great post! but #4 is a Canadian Leopard 1 C2, art from Silvia Pecota

    • Rick

      yep, corrected. hopefully it's understood how I could mix the Leo

    • sapporo

      Sorry guys but Canada doesnt actualy own any C2A6, they are on loan from Germany… And the Leopard 1 is the older crappier tank thats being retierd.


      • Sapper33

        Yes. Rick corrected it. It was a photo of a C2. Now it's an actual German tank 🙂

  • halkyrie

    #60 & #61 – I see what you did there. "Ich eine Berliner!" 🙂
    #76 awesome! I have a couple friends stationed in Germany right now and have nothing but praise for the Bundeswehr.

  • ladderzombie

    Thanks for the post.
    Sincerely, from Germany.

    • Rick

      no, thank you

  • Steffen

    Well, I was sent to Afghanistan as part of one of the first German troops. I have to say it was absolutely chaos at first. All our tactics were still based on cold war scenarios.

    We had the chance to get an extra training from the Israel Defense Force which made everything a lot better. After the IDF officers took over it felt right and we were able to actually be of some help to the allied forces down there.

  • Bob H

    #93, As George Patton once said, "We met one of the best fighting army in the world". Defeated under a sinister political regime. But they have proved to still be one of the best fighting armies in the world, and as a German American, I'm proud of my heritage.

    Bundeswehr, we're proud to have you as an ally. (you still make great tanks)

  • DaDa

    geez, don't know what to say. as a German who has never even served, but with my father having been to afghanistan as a medical officer, I just got goosebumps all over…great gallery, and good to know some Americans are grateful for the contribution.

  • TreeMeister21

    That story is really awesome! Dickinson ROTC graduated another pilot who was awarded this medal for a very similar situation:
    "In April 2010 Captain Robert McDonough, Dickinson Class of 2006, while serving as a medical evacuation pilot in Afghanistan, was part of a rescue mission to evacuate a company of German soldiers caught in an enemy ambush. Because of his heroics and that of his crew in rescuing the German soldiers the group of Americans was awarded Germany’s highest award for valor, the Iron Cross. This is the first time this award was presented to non-Germans and brings great credit upon Captain McDonough, his crew and Dickinson College ROTC. "

  • Loyd

    My ex-girlfriend served in Afghanistan and trained with the KSK (German special forces); she said they were some of the nicest, funniest, and most badass warriors she had ever trained with! Thank you to Germany and all our allies!

  • Jan

    Nice pics of my Comrades, thank you for that.
    But #13 is the french Version of the Tiger Helicopter

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