Go time…Choose your Ride (30 HQ Photos)

  • Trael


  • Steve

    I'll take #27

  • http://twitter.com/fchezenko @fchezenko

    all day long

    • Bryant07


    • chefk

      What is it?! Besides badass…

      • http://twitter.com/fchezenko @fchezenko

        not sure, I think it's a Charger? don't get many '70s Merican muscle cars in Ireland

    • Notknowing

      This 69 Camaro ?R has got to be the sweetest ride I've seen in a long time. The attention to detail. Seams have been filled, door handles shaved, subtle ground effects added. Check out around the headlights. WOW. Who built this? Trepanier? Foose?

      • Maybe

        Probably Starlite Rod & Custom? In SoCal

      • Penis Wrinkle

        Earl Schibe.

      • tapsnapornap

        Definitely a fine example of the breed.

  • friend

    #14 any day of the week

  • http://twitter.com/joe_pec6014 @joe_pec6014

    #9 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Scaggnettii

      flying evo is flying

  • http://twitter.com/DrDrai1122 @DrDrai1122

    #28 yes please.

    • Powerbomb

      All day, every day.

  • The Todd

    #1 Made in America and was for a short while the fastest production car on earth. and made in my home state, Washington. ive got my mind made up.

    • Matthew

      That was made here?! Damn why wasn't I informed? Lol

    • Cornelius

      Check out the SSC Tuatara. Not as pretty but has a projected top speed of 276 mph. 11 mph faster than the Bugatti Veyron World Record Edition.

      • Niño

        I won't hold my breath.

      • Ethix

        I think it's just as beautiful as this one.

    • Sparks10

      It will be the fastest again

  • Drew

    #31 with out a doubt the sickest ride……. If u rolled up to a nightclub valet with that beast women would be all over you.

    • chiverillo2

      And then they would be very disappointed when you took off your pants and exposed why you were driving such a car

      • Kosta

        because you understand the significance of that car and you know what it has done for the automobile industry? this is quite different then pulling up in a yellow lamborghini

      • Chim Richels

        Forthwith, you should never be allowed to post on a car thread ever again.

        If you don't understand the significance and value of this car, you are a moron.

    • JPC217

      That's the Auto Union racer that collectors are losing their minds over. 10 exist in the world?

      The collectors equalivent to a Unicorn.


      • FoolOfATook

        That being said, how many women at the club would know that? They would probably think you just like "funny looking cars".

        • tapsnapornap

          Not to mention only 1 seat 😦

    • Notknowing

      Only if the women were educated enough to know what the hell they are looking at. Most take it at face value.

    • drew

      I am simply implying because of the uniqueness of the vehicle, and chiverello you seriously have some borderline g@y tendencies always bringing up other mens junk…………. Clearly this shows your insecurities that you are seriously lacking in that field, and probably the only women you have talked to before continually is your mom.

  • Liong

    <img src=http://www.mynewcarquote.us/hotels/pt.jpg> #29 Awesome, It was the same as my brainchild and I'd like to see the job through to the end. <img src=http://www.mynewcarquote.us/aquarius/ns.jpg>

  • https://www.facebook.com/nicolas.ferraro.37 Nicolas Ferraro

    I dont care about those cars. I want the Batmobile from the Dark Knight! 😀

  • tapsnapornap

    #25 TVR Plz

    • KAG

      To bad there is no more TVR, saw and heard one in Cali, so nice

  • http://www.facebook.com/marc.danzmann Marc Danzmann

    I´ll take #6

    • vegeta

      all day. perfect color too…


    Forget the imports!! best car ever which is not posted it the 67 GT Shelby 500

    • Kosta

      if it wasnt for the imports, aka jag benz audi, ford would have no one to get the ideas from to make a sports car. and they still botched the job.

    • Chim Richels

      Define 'best car ever'

      But please, don't express an interest in a $12M Auto Union Type D.

    • Jawbone

      #28 …. You're a fucking moron.


        Touche! This is what happens when you drink and post

  • http://hallucinatingmartyr.wordpress.com hallucinatingmartyr

    Reblogged this on hallucinatingmartyr.

    • Jawbone

      No one cares, you giant douchebag.

      • http://hallucinatingmartyr.wordpress.com hallucinatingmartyr

        Thank you very much good sir 🙂

      • judge fudge

        i care, asswipe. keep it up martyr!

  • https://www.facebook.com/dennis.clark.1069 Dennis Clark

    #5 but can i have #18 garage? i would live there in heartbeat! wife and kid can fend for themselves, dads getting a new garage! lol

    • Static

      #18 Damn it! How did someone get into my garage! even past my gaurd dogs!!!

  • Arm5280

    Is a remote controlled car!



  • http://www.facebook.com/justincredable71 Justin Lentz

    #12 or #19 hands down

  • Hotrod joe

    Ahh finally some cars with rear wings that are ACTUALLY functional….

  • Justin Cider

    #34 you tricksters that's not a car.

    • Kristen

      The title says, "…choose your ride." you ignorant cunt.

  • Anonymous

    #23 if i had that id be suchasicklad.
    And u gotta be kidding no bugs?? Foreal?

  • xxx


    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Going to buy one and take it from UK to Cape Town next year (hopefully).

      Ten moving parts and a child can fix any fault with just a paperclip and some apple peel.

      Toyota have now made their LandCruiser so tech-laden that if you break down in the middle of the back of beyond with no capable garage in sight, you are better off leaving it there forever and hitchhiking the rest of the way.

      • TestaDensa

        My current sled is a '95 Defender 90, and I love it. I also have a 1997 Land Cruiser FZJ80 that I took drove down the Panamerican Highway two years ago, and it did amazingly well.

        Some thoughts:

        LC's are amazing, but after 1998 the 100 series became significantly more complex, and more about comfort and style than a good utility truck. The 80 series is great in that it strikes a good balance between the older 60-62 series simplicity, and the comforts of the 100 series. Plus, the locking differentials are awesome. Personally, I think the 80 series is one of the best long distance expedition platforms ever made. Now, if you're buying one in the UK, I would look at a 70 series Troopie or early 1990's Prado in a heartbeat, especially those with the turbo diesel engines. These are the best long-distance travel rigs ever made. Hands down. We in the US can only dream of owning these beasts.

        Now, would I choose an LC over a Defender? It depends. I would go with the Defender 110 for sure. If I were you I would definitely look at picking up a Defender110, as the 90 does not have a ton of space for storage and living stuff. It would be a bit cramped. Also, if you are going to put on a roof top tent and carry some jerry cans for fuel, you'll definitely want to go with the longer profile of the 110. I put a Con-Ferr rack on my 90, and when I throw the RTT on there it pretty much takes up the whole rack. Bottom line: I would go with a Defender 110 first, and a 1995-1997 80's series Land Cruiser second. But if a 70 series Land Cruiser is available, I'd do that in a heartbeat.

        • TestaDensa's BF


          • TestaDensa

            Good point. Thanks for looking out BF.

            TL;DR – For long distance overland travel, preferred vehicles in order:
            1. Land Cruiser 70 Series Troopie w/ Turbo Diesel
            2. Land Rover Defender 110
            3. Land Cruiser 80 Series
            4. Land Rover Defender 90

            Credibility: Drove the Panamerican Highway June 2009 – April 2010. Spent hundreds and hundreds of hours researching and building my rig.

        • AnyoneForCoffee

          Top reply, cheers!

          Have spent multiple years with the Defender during my Army years, and then the LC during my UN years. The LC is definitely more comfortable but that has been at the cost of simplicity and easy repairs. The LC also doesn't really look the part any more, more for the school-run than a great adventure!

          We've also found that an Overland-fitted 110 can be sold for close to the original purchase price even after a UK-Cape Town trip, due to the demand for a ready-to-go/tried and tested wagon.

  • goc

    #14 … is Datsun ?

    • Do0zer

      1969 camaro ss or z/28

    • Squirrel

      Don't worry bro, at first I thought it was a 510 as well from the front clip

  • myles

    #18 is my kind of garage

  • BombTrackF40

    I would like to have #25

  • http://www.facebook.com/jon.rosser.3 Jon Rosser

    #34 r1 hell yes

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