Send in photos of your favorite bar for a chance to win a Chive meetup!

theCHIVE has teamed up with the new TBS original comedy, Sullivan & Son. From executive producer Vince Vaughn, Sullivan & Son is about a family-owned pub in Pittsburgh and the regulars that swear by it. In celebration of local bars, we’re looking to bring a massive Chive meetup to your favorite one!

Here's the deal, send photos of you and your friends partying at your favorite local watering hole to our handy-dandy submit page. Please write "Battle of the Bars" in the subject line. Don't forget to tell us why this is your favorite bar. Creativity is the key here, Chivers, the better the story and the photos, the better your chances of winning. We're willing to travel anywhere in the good 'ol US of A for this.

Next week, we'll post the top 5 bar submissions and hold a vote. The winning bar will be the next location of theCHIVE's meetup (assuming they'll welcome theCHIVE circus)!

Get creative and rep your favorite bar! Click here to submit your photos!

And don't forget to watch TBS' new comedy Sullivan & Son premiering Thursday, July 19th at 10/9c!

  • Roose1134

    Cassidy's Bar and Grill. Newport Beach, CA

    • Shazzbot7

      Yeah Newport Chivers

    • Vent187

      I love that place.

    • jestah


      • CanadianChivette

        Awe, I wish that phased me. I remember when I was in grade 6

      • hatsej

        …Said the dick.

      • mattythegooch

        Wow, really went out of your way for that ZINGER!!! Cool, hip name by the way…JESTAH!!!!

      • Heh

        Narrow-minded fool.

      • Erin

        hater…….I see you haven't had much of a social life…….

    • mike

      that place smells like garbage

  • Denver Chiver

    Falling Rock Tap House in Denver – one of the top beer bars in the country. Come here.

    • Mike D

      Falling Rock! I will travel from KC to be there!

      • Brett Joseph Forrest

        this is awesome, I was thinking the Ginn Mill too

    • lostagain

      Denver represent

    • niasro

      What about govn's park that the only place in Denver i met another chiver so far

    • Marcus Weatherly

      We do need a Denver meet.

  • Kubo


    • Denver Chiver

      Third, actually… Last a life too.

      • Hendu0705

        You are not the first comment. But you are the first moron. Congrats. Asshat.

  • BaconMilkshake

    I believe that the Chive team is long overdue for a road-trip to Canada!

    • Lisa


    • Mitch

      2.5 hour flight from LA to Vancouver, BC. Lots of loyal chivers and great bars here! *hint hint*

    • jrk

      We can have it here in North Dakota, we're pretty close….

    • CanadianChivette


      • BaconMilkshake

        Yes! Can you imagine Keep Calm and Stampede on? That's the sort of thing that legends are made of.

        • CanadianChivette

          No shit! That'd be one hell of a time

          • Lisa

            I suppose I could come down to Calgary for a weekend! haha

    • Yoga Pants 2012

      They would never let Mac in….

  • wkdfrog

    I was looking forward to the photos…now I have to wait…Dammit!

  • JLC

    No picture, but the Chive should come to Cedar Falls, IA once Taylor comes home so we can properly welcome him back. Plenty of good bars on Main St. Just sayin….

  • _LG

    PLEASE represent Boston, Chivers! I don't get out much so I am a little short on bar pics…but I will make you a sandwich if you upload an epic Boston watering hole. 🙂

    • KCCONewEngland

      hey, i submitted mcgreevys in Boston! send it in too! help us out. ps if you have a twitter, follow KCCONewEngland

      • JohnnyD

        mcgreevys is the best bar in Boston, bar none

  • Pedro's Rooster

    Cask and Flagon, Brookline Ave, Boston

    • Sox

      Right across from fenway pahhhk

      • KCCONewEngland

        guys, i submitted McGreevys!! follow me on twitter KCCONewEngland. lets get a meet up together

  • Machew

    Tap Room – Lafayette Louisiana

  • theysone

    O’Malley’s, Seal Beach, CA

  • Josh

    Mac's Tavern – Cary, NC

  • matt

    City Bar – Lafayette, LA

  • llcolej

    Gruene Hall.. Gruene, TX the oldest dance hall in the Lone Star State. Maybe its not the typical Chive scene, but you put a bunch of rednecks in shit kickers on that old wood floor. With a good Texas Country band on stage. Buddy that's a good time!

    • Ethix

      That sounds absolutely awful.

    • Oh god no

      I was hoping for an Austin post (close enough) but my god no. Let's just go to as many bars on 6th as we can.

  • @MirandaKGaines

    Oh it's fucking ON! Just giving me another reason to get drunk tonight at the bar!

  • CanadianChivette

    Ranchmans in Calgary Alberta!!

  • Joshua Kenitzer

    Vortex Bar and Grill – Midtown Atlanta!!!!!

    • Please

      Don't thumb this shit down. Vortex rocks and we need a damn Atlanta meetup!

  • LBC*Chivette

    Shannon's Bayshore or Legend's in Long Beach, CA!!

    • Vent187

      Good bars.

  • Ben

    How about comming up to Alaska before the snow flys!!

    • gunner

      mug shot?

  • mattythegooch

    Chronic Cantina…….Tempe, Az………ASU co-eds running amuck like an old man with shingles!! And my boy has a watermelon farm…watermelon margs. Did I mention AS fucking U??

    • @ChiveOnAZ

      I like your style! @ChiveOnAZ

      • Vent187

        My brother lives in orchid house. I have been to that bar wayyyyy too many times haha.

  • McLarty

    The Kelvin Arms, Houston, TX. Nuff said.

  • branden

    McNellies in Tulsa, OK!

  • SulsaKnight

    The Old Fashioned – Madison, WI

  • Justin

    Gotta come to Canada! Ranchmans is where it's at! Shoulda been Here last week for the Calgary stampede! It's a Week long country party!

  • Manitoban Chivette!

    Roof Top Patio at The Tavern, Winnipeg Manitoba!!!

    • To shy

      Welcome! Manitoba chivette! I'd have to disagree. The toad on Osborne is the best mb bar. But the roof top ain't bad on a night like this.

  • Marcus McConnell

    Tilted Kilt-Pub and Eatery. Hands Down. Great selection, pool table, not to mention beautiful women in mini kilts!

    • Duh?

      Might as well meet at Hooters, lol, local not chain

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