WTF is the Elemment Palazzo (16 Photos)


  • Andy Valentine

    Tron called. It wants it's RV back.

    • Woody

      #2 that windshield wiper would make me go cross eyed…

      • Dirty_Dingus

        Notice that on the exterior views, it has one large back-and-forth wiper. But on the interior views, it has 3 wipers in a windmill configuration.


      #10 Is that a mirror above the bed?

    • Harry Longbahls Jr

      Elton John called…he wants his ghey back

  • axe

    sweet on the inside, retarded on the outside

    • Epitomizer

      Sounds like my wife.

    • BAC

      But if f#$king glows in the dark!!!!

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I don't see the minimalist part in there! Stylish surely, but not minimalist…

    • Craigery

      If you're a spoiled billionaire douchebag asshole, this is the minimum amount of luxury required to meet your grossly inflated sense of entitlement. Anything less and you'd be slumming it. So in that sense, it's minimalist.

      • NotADick

        Ah, can't have a single day without a little class warfare.

  • Gsuss

    Imagine the quality of meth!

    • Bluebottle


  • beserker

    i bet this thing would cost more than a villa!

    • Alpha0010

      Yes, as long as the villa is less than 3 million dollars…

  • Yup

    If Stormtroopers had an RV…

  • Lilttle_Nicky

    an ax? thats all it takes? NUT UP YA B**TCH!!!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I think I built something like this with Legos when I was a kid

  • g dog

    thats what randy quaid bought with the check from christmas vacation

  • Suri

    Looks good for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

    • Black Genius

      Surprisingly they forgot to mention u can only park it and the drivers seat doesn't move in the base model…but for an extra 250k

  • Chesterdrawers

    It would look as shitty as my rv does after 3 years of alcoholisim in it!

  • Shi

    There is a world, just beyond now, where reality runs a razor thin seam between fact and possibility; where the laws of the present collide with the crimes of tomorrow. Patrolling these vast outlands is a new breed of lawman, guarding the fringes of society’s frontiers, they are known simply as ‘Highwaymen’… and this is their story…

  • Simon

    Is it named after famed Opera singer Enrico Palazzo?

    • Dirty_Dingus

      Alas…I can only give you one thumbs up…and that comment deserves so much more.

    • illWill

      The guy who saved the Queen back in like '86?!

  • will

    3 mil huh, I wonder after u buy it what's the trade in value..O zero cause u would be the only dumbass that bought 1

    • Craigery

      People who can afford something like this don't care about resale value, dumbass.

  • ush

    Wipers are different on the interior pic to the exteriors… just saying

    • RobyGC

      These are all CG models – they must have changed the wipers once they realized how retarded it would look from the outside…

      • Slapshot

        I'm thinkin the one wiper is for the outside to clear rain from the windscreen, and the 3 on the inside help clear away fog and moisture because a defroster wouldn't work on such a large surface…

  • Walter White

    One could cook meth in style in one of these.

  • guest

    Rodimus Prime?

  • @Medevac71

    That looks exactly like Luigi Colani's truck design… you know? the truck that uses 1/3 less fuel, just because of that design

  • fibonacci5150

    Minimalist RV, $3million………lol

  • Sceptic

    WTF, I can't fap to this!

    • ZachBob

      You're not trying hard enough.

  • DJG

    Seems legit

  • twoscrewsloose

    I call it "Man's inner conflict with Man"

  • Kahless

    I like the 3 pronged propellers the most, oddly enough.

  • jabroni

    Looks like a catfish

  • Vols fan

    #1 what is this…left side has 3 wiper blades (assume rotating like a propeller) right side has one ginormous wiper blade…one of these designs didn't work…

    • Static

      i noticed that too!

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