Man constructs bacon lamp (12 Photos)

  • Domingo Montoya

    Hmm bacon…

    • Exp

      I can't be the only one wondering what that would smell like…

  • smh

    So dumb

    • Fella

      fella Louisianian not surprised

  • sheoncebelieved

    virgin for life.

    • Josh

      Good lyrics…

    • DudeWTF

      All 6 years of it.

    • j22

      at least he tried.

    • Bill Boner

      He fucks pigs.

  • mattador11

    i love lamp

  • BasilFawlty

    Do you eat the lamp?

  • Thomy Gold

    I'd put it by my bed for a late night snack. Sadly it'd never make it till morning.

    • Chloresterol

      neither would you

  • @MGNez

    while im all for the creative use of bacon, if you dont eat it whats the point?

  • joe

    waste of bacon you must die sir.

  • groober

    A 'bacon' of light for us to follow

  • buttsnstuff

    So that's good for like two days?

  • Mark B.

    <img src=>The chair sagged down under the fat man's weight. Haha, I love bacon all the time<img src=>

  • Shannon Coverdale

    IS there nothing bacon can't do?

  • Wilson


    • KingThing


  • Lunch_Box

    Bacon lamp shade, not bacon lamp.

  • HotDawg62

    Jim Gaffigan would be proud!

  • David B

    You don't one of those modern florescent light bulbs, you use one of the old fashion bulbs that produce heat, so it slow cooks the bacon. You'd need something to catch the drippings, the wife would not be happy with bacon grease on her endtable. The smell of slow cooked bacon would drive you nuts and you hold out as long as you can till you eat the lampshade. What other heat-producing appliances can we cover in bacon for an afternoon snack?

    • cunt

      uh, my balls

  • Bewbs

    I love lamp

  • Paula_

    This comment has been deleted before an administrator would.

    This fan testimonial has been deleted before an administrator would.

    • Alpha0010

      Do italics tags work in these comments then?

  • Bob Fungus

    Why does browsing the Chive's website consume more of my PC's computing cycles than any other website on the entire interwebs?

    • Dwreck

      prolly cuz is this best sight…EVER!!!

    • chiver

      because of all the damn ad calls the pages make….please Chive, the ads are impacting my enjoyment

  • Jeremy Cox

    Very cool, but not as cool as the "Chive" Lamp I designed… Unfortunately, no word yet from The Chive, as to whether it will ever become a reality.

  • jchenabc

    put a high wattage light bulb… Smell the bacon while it's being cooked by the lamp

  • Bradyized

    What a waste… I like to eat bacon. Not look at it all day as a complete tease…

    • Porker

      I concur
      IT belongs in my mouth
      don't give my tongue blue balls

  • ewwwwwwww

    Idiot.. that's f***ing gross..

    • j22

      you must be new to the internet.

  • BUS

    reminds me of a blind melon song, but shannon hoon used human skin

  • Crim

    #10 – Phish 🙂

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