There’s just something special about olympic beach volleyball (32 Photos)

  • happyg


    • Boing

      #4 Annie Martin, Team Canada. She has a killer body.

      • Bob

        London Mayor Boris Johnson today had this to say about the games – 'There are semi-naked women playing beach volleyball glistening like wet otters'. Brilliant!

    • Underbaker

      Very nice humps, liked the ones in women sync diving to. Would be nicer if they had a little up front though, bewbs are almost non-existent on these athletic ladies.

  • @bdaley84

    #1 check my six

    • The2nd

      Ive been waiting for this

    • Epitomizer

      Her six is about a 9.

  • Bishop

    #19 Yes sir! I'll consider that an invitation

    • Dave

      hope you mean ma'm

    • Evan

      Haha! Awesome post. Agreed

    • Pete

      It's an other way of saying, come an geeeeet it!!!!

  • Hurricane Ericsson

    I've been looking forward to this post since Friday

    • Jake

      All I can say is, volleyball is better to watch than women's swimming. I prefer normal women's volleyball though; they're more attractive than the girls who play beach volleyball.

      • Hurricane Ericsson

        Arguably the outrageous statement to grace the comment section. I appreciate a good reply though. Every Mann to his own

  • Michael Furman

    been watching women's volleyball before it became mainstream. uniforms were not so small then, but no complains from me.

    • frecklebutt

      you must be really cool

      • chesterdrawers

        Do you really have a freckle butt? Freckles are the most sexy thing in the world…

        • frecklebutt

          indeed. i have freckles on my bum

          • rockstar_323


          • Larry



      Michael Furman, the women's volleyball hipster.

    • Cooper

      I used to be a hipster, before it became mainstream. Now, I'm not a pretentious ass.

    • chesterdrawers

      It isn't mainstream, cute butts are…

  • Jeff

    #12… oh god, why?

    • Jeff

      Ass Sweat.

      • Coffee Shop

        Nah, she just really, really, really likes volleyball.

    • Pete

      Don't know why, butt that looks gooooood !!!

  • guest

    #7 You know what that sign indicates

    • Flip Wilson

      Is it 'help me put this in there'?

    • Gabriel

      I was thinking the same thing. This seems dirty.

    • Rodion Butyrski

      Kinky Brits!

  • TPOmp

    Excellent reason to watch the Olympics.

  • noodle

    #31 give it a sqeeze

    • Jaeger

      Now Kiss

  • passwordistaco

    Fit, Gaptastic, Athletic Hotties jumping up and down and then rolling around in the sand. Damn right that's special.

  • GoUSA

    I like these butts and I cannot lie.

  • BigPup

    #5 Gold medal worthy humps!

  • BigPup

    Nothing beats a firm round athletic ass #21 #1 #27

  • Anonymous

    Tall women in bikinis playing a sport. Yes please #9

  • CJG

    the IOC ruined it for us this year…they're practically wearing burka's compared to these pictures

    • rockstar_323

      They can still wear what they want. They were wearing long sleeves and pants because it was cold.

  • Pro Death

    To the inventor of volleyball shorts, I thank you!

  • yup

    yes please on all of them

  • Jiggety

    I will volunteer to clean the sand off.

    • chesterdrawers

      …with my mouth.

    • ...

      Cool story bro.

  • Flip Wilson

    Beach volleyball is the perfect mix of sport and soft core porn

  • _Like_a_Boss_

    Best sport at the Olympics for my money. Yes please #9

  • yup

    #28 will someone pour some water on those?

  • Mark

    Another great thing about women's beach volleyball is that there it isn't hard to conduct the 'is she really a dude' test on them.

  • techno_viking

    #22 Mmmm… Mom butts…

    • RichMahogany

      It's like they're winking at me..

    • Red

      In that case, MILFs.

    • jtizzle303


  • Damien


    • Minha Lenha

      Really? Still with the kitchen jokes? Grow up.

      • Murphy, it's you

        Here here.

      • Turtles

        oh, rent a sense of humor….don't like it?? how about adding your own "caption" for the pic…leave Damien alone – it's funny and you're boring

  • whyme1973

    #27 Yeah…there's something about it alright. Damn.

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