I’ve always wanted the ’02 Cadillac Cien (21 HQ Photos)

  • Smartacus

    That work of art would get a speeding ticket just parked… The awesome concepts never seem to get produced. Best looking American vehicle ever designed!

    • http://twitter.com/DrDrai1122 @DrDrai1122

      This is the concept that the CTS was based off of. If you put a picture of a CTS-V from 2010(ish) next to this, you can see some of the same body lines and the front is very similar with the styling and so forth. These never get produced because noone would buy it. There is not a large enough market. And the CTS-V might as well be a concept with its agressive styling and massive engine pumping out 556 bhp under the hood.

      • Galloway

        Pretty sure the XLR was based off of this too. Owned an XLR for 4 years but too expensive to maintain out of warranty – $3500 to replace a broken CD player

        • Static

          the XLR was an attempt of a Cadillac Corvette.

          • Gordo

            Didn't Audi already make the A8?

            • Gordo

              BURP…I mean R8

    • matty

      i disagree. Its very pretty, yes. But I feel there are prettier american cars. The shelby daytona coupe is one that comes to mind, and any of the 4 versions of the original GT40. And of course the GT, since its just a remake of the MK. III GT40.

    • CodPiece

      As said before this became the Cadillac XLR, basically an angular Corvette convertible. I don't understand the want factor, since this car WAS made.

  • TeeTee

    Very nice inside and out

  • awhite2020

    #3 sorry to hear about your dick guys! That's what I say when I'm extremely jealous of someones car.

    • http://twitter.com/DrDrai1122 @DrDrai1122

      Sorry to hear about your shitty comment!

      • Shiftycap1

        Lol nice.

      • awhite2020

        Burn : (

  • Z_b
  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.turner.528 Matthew Turner

    Between this, That ^ Lambo, and the Acura NSX, I like the way vehicles are going. Even though cars aren't flying like according to back to the future, they still look sick as f***. http://youtu.be/1NQ2tIz0NWw

    • matty

      The NSX is dead. They stopped production a couple years ago. Or are you referring to the possible rehash NSX?

  • https://www.facebook.com/jordan.tunnicliff.1 Jordan Tunnicliff

    #9 I've had bowel movements that are better looking

    • dumdumdum

      Your asshole is a heck of an artist then.

  • Al Gore

    Rick…..please do yourself a favor and go to the Throttle.

    • truth

      Al Gore….please do us a favor and go to theBerry.

  • Matthew

    what a horrible looking car

    • Matt

      Thank you!

  • Cinurwe

    Takes me back to the Gran Turismo 4 days.

  • KTemp

    I remember seeing this car at the Chicago Auto Show. Had a poster of it on my wall for years.

  • cels0_o

    I came

  • jt1120

    Yep, this was the prototype to the XLR. What a joke that was. A Cadillac Corvette. Let's pay $15,000 more just so we can have a "much uglier than the 'Vette version" Cadillac in the driveway

  • Garr

    My 'ol Datsun's still cooler.

  • Iso

    Looks the boss said take our ugly Cadillac design and try to make it look like a Lamborghini

  • NotMe

    #11 On board computer and display provided by NES.

  • EJC

    I remember seeing this car years ago at a pebble beach car show, didn't have an engine they had to push it of the trailer. haven't heard or seen anything about this since. glad they finally got an engine in it. it should go on production. everyone thats talking crap about it cause they think the vette, lambo, ferrari is better is full of it. cause you can't afford one anyway.

  • Robert

    Cadillac takes most of their engine designs from the chevy Vette.

    • sean

      as opposed to the Ford Corvette? idiot 😛

    • http://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.davis.3998 Elizabeth Davis

      Probably because the same company makes both… Just a guess. Suburban, Yukon, escalade.

  • Underbaker

    Not your Grandma's Cadillac for sure. #8

  • Chevy Man

    Awesome car. Just give me a regular manual transmission and not stupid paddles and it would be borderline perfect. Also, I bet that V10 sounds orgasmic.

  • http://coreyvandersleen.wordpress.com Outlaw

    #1 Is it just me, or does the hood in this top down view look like Batman squinting?

  • Kevin

    only person to get his grubby hands on this car was Michael Bay for one of his 2 hour long filmed explosions, The Island. douche.

  • Matt

    I'm sorry, this is a car that was designed by a man with a ruler and nothing else, those lines are incredibly unimaginative and seem to be just a two door CTS. You want real beauty, you want a Jaguar E Type, or a Ferrari 275 GTS, or if you want something a bit more modern, a Wiessman MF4.

  • bman12688

    why is it that every Cadillac looks like a Decepticon or Megatron's dick?

  • http://www.facebook.com/justin.kemler Justin J Kemler

    I was gonna buy this, but the cup holder was not ergonomically design at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DJEASTFUNK Rodrigo Garcia

    lol its a wannabe lamborghini

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