It’s a WTF auto Wednesday (44 Photos)

  • whyme1973

    #43 I'd let her wash my car.

    • unusual_suspect

      I'd rather let her handle my hose.

    • Kilmorea

      Id let anyone wash my car

  • George Rivera

    #29 is pretty cool but the paint job is way too much

    • david

      its not a paint job… its actually platinum…

      • Vinyl

        Platum? At $1500 an ounce tht platum coating would be well over $1,000,000.00 not to meantion man hours and car cost $600,000+ that's one expensive car. Typically Crome cars like this are vinyl.

    • Gonasipaherpalitis

      OMG It's Beiber.

  • Chester


    • Chester's Mom

      Yes, that was my poop.

  • Newt

    #39 it has so many uses

    • well it

      looks better now

    • ps86

      this is offensive to duct tape

  • GunnerX

    I will take everything in #35 thanks

  • Random Brony

    #40 …I've heard of cars with wood on the exterior… but this is ridiculous.

    • jason

      thats actually pretty bad ass… yes its ugly, but the craftsmanship is outstanding

    • gma

      yes hideous

    • John Brown

      I think ass an exercise in woodworking and craftsmanship, it's beautiful

    • Green Mountain Bot

      Is that Koa wood? If so, that would not have been cheap to do.

  • Raul

    #28 Meh…Still a FORD

  • cookit

    #38 welcome to russia

    • Bubba

      If, by Russia you mean Havana, Cuba, you're right.

    • kbnguy

      so what do you call that bus-truck thingy?? Bruck or Trus?

      • Bill

        Cubans actually referred to it as a "camel". Lots of time you would see people clinging to the side of it. They went out of service a long time ago (if 4 years = 'long time'!). The little yellow three-wheelers are a riot to travel in… make sure you have insurance 🙂

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  • etcrr

    #8 There was an old woman who lived, I mean drove a shoe

    • word

      Lol, that's the car for a shoe repair shop in Burbank, CA

      • etcrr

        Ahh, Thank you, you have a kind sole, I mean soul lol

    • windowlicker

      Hahahaha!!! There are too many funnies here for me to count!! lol. Old ladies driving shoes are funny. Old men driving hot dog cars are funny too. Hahahaha!!! lol. etcrr, your funny comment delivery is funny. Hahaha!!! lol. I will try now.

      A shoe that is a car is funny, I mean a red shoecar. lol.

  • jason

    #11 ever heard of tuckin' 15's son?

  • Busker

    #4 gotta love a Torana

  • @I_Johannes

    #4 at least this one has good airbags!
    # 13 and this one has a great rear bumper!

    • @I_Johannes

      I meant #13

  • Bravo

    I like to stand outside in thunderstorms holding rebar

    • ps86

      hate to break it to ya, but ur doing it wrong

  • Bimble

    #12 – Christine's father!!! Scary van….

    • Sowake

      Dues anyone know what is it? Or it was custom built?

    • Rholio


  • Ian

    #26 Bogan's Australian Commodore.

    • Heh

      The owner probably has a Southern Cross tattoo, and one of those T-shirts that say "In Australia we eat meat, drink beer and speak f*&kin' English! If you don't love it, leave."


      • fuzzleg

        You forgot the "Oi Oi Oi" tat on the other arm.

  • iceman

    Kcco and bfm on sale at midnight, shopify crashes at 11:55. Good job guys.

    • Bunta

      I got my shirt at 11:58 with no problems.. You must suck

      • Bill

        Got KCCO green, BFM navy/green, AND KCCO Black at 12:00:15 … with NO problems!
        Then got 5 x KCCO Black for all my kids for Christmas stocking-stuffers at 12:01:45.

        • back2worknow

          KCCO Green at 12:06 without problems from my iPhone even.

    • WS6

      Thought I'd totally missed out, but snagged a BFM 3D at 12:20 with no issues whatsoever.

  • Bubba

    #11 the guy is praying to the car!

  • Turrebo

    #27 What car?

    • Maynard B.

      What truck?

  • dacky2

    Just because you can doesn't mean you should…

  • gma

    #24 Oh there is no god. What a piece of shit.

    • Jrost

      So maybe people have cars like this in Newfoundland. It's hilarious.

      • Jrost

        *many. I need coffee.

    • Chris

      its an SCT concept Grand Am.

    • DDD

      P – por
      O – old
      N – naggar
      T – thinks
      I – it's
      C- cadillac

  • Turbo

    Since when did theChive turn into theThrottle? A lot of these aren't even WTF.

    • etcrr

      They do what they want, it's their site

      • etcrr's puppetmaster

        hey, captain obvious, stfu!

      • windowlicker

        Yes, I agree. This is theChive's web site so they should be allowed to put up what they want. This is a good observation. Some chivers might not have known this. Great job etcrr. Keep up the good work and I thank you for your service.

  • smokey

    #17 your doing it right

    • Static

      doing what right? Putting 2 wheels in the grass and taking a picture? I dont get this one….

    • Bee


    • bacon_bits

      I was about to say "It's a Volkswagen thing… people won't get it." I dig it even though it's a Cabrio…

      The Benz Monoblocks look right on there…

  • spliggs

    #19 After all that, it's still just a Civic…

    • 73bronco

      ……….Accord ?

      • Graham

        Yes that's actually an Accord.

  • Retired Navy

    American Horsepower beats those 4 cylinder-buzz bomb-knucklehead driving things any day!

    • Chim Richels

      Define 'beats'. Yes, many of the dopey teenagers in riced out Civics and Scions are 'tards, but there are MANY four cylinder cars that will 'beat' 'American horsepower' all day long. Of course, I'm talking about a proper road course that test the DRIVER for multiple 4 minute laps and not a silly straight line for 12 seconds.

      Oh and if you are comparing total horsepower (say V8 to V8), there are many non-American cars that will simply destroy precious 'American horsepower' any day.

      On a one man mission to inform the auto-uneducated.

      • tapsnapornap

        Dollar for dollar, what do you suggest would be as reliable, and make as much as horsepower as an SBC? Seems like the Corvettes do alright on the world stage. Just playing devil's advocate here…there are great cars and engines from all over.

        • Chim Richels

          Horsepower is insanely overrated. Important? Yes. The only thing? Absolutely not. For whatever reason, people place waaaaayyyy too much value in straight line acceleration and drag times. Fine, but the REAL test of a car and it's driver is on a proper road course which tests ALL aspects of the car – suspension, handling, steering, grip, acceleration. Hell, I would argue that BRAKING is more important on a road course than horsepower. There's a reason you see 4 cylinder cars like Lotuses, Evos, 914s and yes, Miatas, at tracks

          And yes, Corvettes do well on the world stage, but so do many other cars with V8s with large displacement. You yourself said 'great cars and great engines from all over'. For the OP to say something like 'American horsepower beats 4 cyl cars all day' is just silly.

          • tapsnapornap

            Well I would add some some of my own qualifiers to the OP's statement; dollar for dollar, it is easier to make more reliable, more total horsepower with an American V8 than pretty much any 4 cyl. (I challenge you to a budget horsepower build, my LS Smallblock vs any 4cyl you can think of, I can't think of a situation where you'd come out with a power figure even close to the same for the same money).

            I love sports car racing, and appreciate a well balanced car, but you are seriously kidding yourself if you think that drag racing isn't a test of the car or driver.

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