Some cool, some strange…the color is Red (30 HQ Photos)

  • Blake


  • beserker

    #49 red cars make a fire in my heart!

    • GernBlansten

      I have the same problem with buffalo wings

    • Kristen

      Your comments make me want to punch you in the throat.

      • Beserker

        You make me want to. Punch your mother in the throat

    • Anomanom

      What is the one on the far left?

  • beserker

    #2 #16

    the cars made from dreams!

    • Kristen

      You are an ignorant cunt.

  • NebraskaChiver

    #1 Joe Dirt must have moved up in the world.

  • Jimbo

    #26 Well, Sweden always did make the best cars.

    • DDD

      what do you have to do to get a Volvo to do THAT?

  • Mopar

    #25 and #29 MOAR!!!

    • Jondalar Goodwin

      Damned Straight!

    • Outlaw


  • @DrDrai1122

    #44 Just take a moment and reflect on the amount of pussy you could get with this car. Dear Lord.

  • jason

    #3 fc ftw #33 thats sacrelig… just terrible

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Sorry, but #25 is orange! (not that I'm dissing the car, mind you)

    • Frédéric Purenne

      And I'm totally fine with #50

      • Jim Barry

        that's Danica Patrick #50

        • Navin R. Johnson

          really…meanwhile, the sky is blue

    • loves sammiches

      "I hope it feels so good to be right. There's nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others, is there?" ~Randall Graves, Clerks, 1994

  • Daniel Gatlin

    #15 looks like Clarkson upgraded from a Panda to a Metro. Not a big upgrade really once I think about it.

  • petaaaa

    All events LIVE!! And every day the highlights!!

  • Alex

    #23 That Flux Capacitor looks a little furry…

    • random guy

      they come in different colours?

    • EvilGrouse

      What kind of sick fuck paints a Delorean?

  • Bubba

    #26 Soccer mom in a hurry

  • Oscar

    #25 dream car

  • Justin

    Does Rick post anything else but cars?

  • Lookatthetab

    I was unaware that Jeeps and Mustangs were now considered supercars…

  • Al Gore

    Rick. Just go away.

  • ChestRockwellz

    #50. I would take Danica's meat pocket to pound town!!

    • Jackson

      Stay classy my friend.

    • Harry Longbahls Jr

      She has the ass of a 10 year old boy.

      • JimmyS

        The sec I saw this pic that was the first thing I thought also

        • sandy astroglide

          you all look at too many 10 year old boys.

    • mitts281

      and she wonders why the other NASCAR drivers don't respect her

  • etcrr

    #21 Want

    • Bill57

      great taste stan. i could ride with you and ring the Bell then we could put out fires and save kittens but that is really just a firetruck in name only cause its a regular truck with firetruck parts like ladders and a bell but it really needs a dalmation cause they have spots and are mans best friend

  • Anthony DeGiulio

    Subaru SVX

    • Sick350Z

      Horrible car! Sub with half windows. Ugly!!

  • Anthony DeGiulio

    I was expecting at least one gorgeous redhead. You've let me down Chive 🙂

  • Mike_Smith

    #21 Isn't this the firetruck at the Jack Daniels distillery?

    • jackdaniel


  • Kyle Clevenger

    #39 Ugliest shit ever.

    • fuggeet

      Ghetto sled

    • Arcona

      I try to keep an open mind but that's just naaaaaasty!

  • @JDS2041

    if ever there was a beautiful sight is was #44

  • onekelevra

    I only see black

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