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  • http://www.facebook.com/grandinferno Nick Mather

    Louis CK is the best. He will continue Carlin's work well I think…

    • unusual_suspect

      I'm sure Louis CK is funny to some but, in my opinion, he is nowhere near the comedian that George Carlin was.

      • http://www.facebook.com/grandinferno Nick Mather

        I think he's every bit as funny. He really makes us look at our moral choices and re-evaluate our perceptions.

        Sure he's not as political as Carlin, and doesn't do some of the great things Carlin did (like the Advertising Lullaby and that type of thing), but I think he's the best the current generation of comedians has to offer.

        • dwide schrude

          i dont get it was that supposed to be a comedy skit? that was horrible.

  • http://twistedness.com TwistedTool

    I'm sure Louie later jerked off to the lady 😀

    • Pervy

      *on that lady

  • John

    Louis CK is a bigger man than I think I might have been. I wanted to punch that woman in the tit.

    then maybe rub them to make it feel better…

    • MeSoFail

      hahaha 😀

      you made my day with the last line 😀

  • zone

    "10-4 Castro and Market"

  • Applefish

    Louis C.K. is my hero.

  • fradge

    What crap

    • Paul

      Go fuck off, your most likely just like her and need to be put in your place.

    • davidhendu

      You need to say you are sorry for calling this crap.

  • Dotson

    Great clip, love Louis CK

  • redsolocup

    Sad what this world is getting into…..

    • Jonathan

      It is a tv show, not real life. I think 99% of people are not like this, at least not down here in the South. People would be falling over themselves to apologize if they bumped into a little girl like that down here.

      • Hancock

        But it's clearly not in the South…

  • Chezenko

    my five year old girl just watched this with me, she now thinks the Merican police will come and arrest her if she doesn't apologise.

    Nice. I'm not gonna tell her otherwise

    • TulsaChiver13

      Now thats what i call parenting! lol

      • Chezenko

        thanks, I try. ectrr ( below) is right though. you try to teach them the basics,respect, truth,honesty,be nice to the other boys and girls etc, then she comes in asking why he's being mean/why she won't let her play ….it's tough KCCO

        • Chezenko



  • etcrr

    teaching kids to do the right thing is difficult at best and with todays moronic people running around with no consideration, This video gets it right

    • Bill57

      being the best moron you can be is difficult especially with kids running around this video. but stan does a good job of it cause he has morals which is hard to do when you have honor too cause its hard to put all that stuff into a kid that's running around.

  • Cooop

    Fuck yeah, Louis CK has been one of my favorite comics for years now. It's his things like this that make him so awesome.

  • no homo

    It's amazing how many of those b*tches are running around these days. Their ego's filled and no respect for people. I would have reached over her and dumped a whole carton of macaroni boxes on her head.

    I wish Louie did spank his kid. Most kids don't get it, because kim kardashian and kelly cuntson say they don't have to.

    • Chris

      Way to miss the point, dipshit…

  • douche


  • Hypno

    Mark Gabriel Phillips… remember that name, people! He's GOING places!! You'll be able to look back and say, "Hey, that's the guy!!"

  • Humaid


  • Andy Valentine

    Anyone else immediate Google "Hannelore Williams" after watching this?

  • iheartboobs

    Is this from this weeks episode? I havent seen it before?

    • https://www.facebook.com/bill.aitkins Bill Aitkins

      This is from Season 1 outtakes.

    • Frank M

      I don't think that is the same daughter that's on the show currently.

  • BuffaloJustSayin

    Louie CK is the man. One of the best comics out there right now.

  • supersport

    Two things missing in this world we live in, RESPECT and LOYALTY.

    • Ryan

      Don't forget HUSTLE

  • jay

    this was boring.

    • RJRL

      how rude. SAY SORRY!

  • https://www.facebook.com/blazej.prusiecki Blazej Prusiecki

    he's the man 😛

  • Mel_Gibson

    "ok you can take her away now" i couldn't stop laughing at that last line

    • Toe_Tapper

      That, and then the words he mouthed but didn't say out loud: "f***ing c**t"!

  • amandamarieryan

    ummm… that was really lame!

  • http://www.facebook.com/josh.brown.3158 Josh Brown

    That was super awesome ….she was such a bitch face poop eater

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