• mike

    I am an Adele fan and I have to say that this is one of the best covers I've every heard
    She nailed it like a BOSS

  • Jon

    "Someone Like Yu"

  • Shoofly

    Sometime rasting rove…

  • JJL

    Am I the only one who thought that was rather mediocre?

  • @SuperNilly

    but we already have an Adele we are all sick of, don't need a copy cat…. people who go on these shows need to be a little more unique


    I didn't. Everything I said should be common knowledge.

  • Honestamerican

    For all the haters, go sing a song in Chinese that sounds as good as this then get back to me.

  • Thomas Radiguer

    I think it's far from Adele's voice quality but it's rather good, much more than what TV feds us…

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  • kittos

    f*king all the idiot for all that "r" with "l" thing on this board.
    u think u smart?
    shame on you

    this girl rocks

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