Going for $11 Million…this is the most expensive American car (30 HQ Photos)


  • _DoC_

    It's only "worth" that much because some douche with more money than he knows what to do with decided he wanted the most "expensive car in the world" and paid 10 times more money for it than it's worth.

    • ONEEYE

      "Most Expensive American Car", Lots more expensive usable cars around the world not just in lil ole merica.

    • IrishInNJ

      FAR from the most expensive car in the world.

      • Harry Longbahls Jr

        Can you read, fucktard??

        "The Ford GT40 used by Steve McQueen in the movie “Le Mans” just sold for 11 mil, making it the most expensive American car ever sold on the auction block.

        • IrishInNJ

          You fucking douchebag…I replied to a comment made by someone else who called it the most expensive car in the world. You fucking twat…can YOU read? You ignorant trash bag bitch.

          • NotReally

            That escalated quickly.

    • milly

      A Ferrari 250 GTO was, according to Forbes, sold privately this year for $34 million. So not even the most expensive car in the world this year!

      Plus, its a GT40 driven by a legend, in the best motorsport film ever made in one of the most iconic of race liveries. Worth every penny.

    • david

      Sounds like somebody drank a tall glass of haterade….. Yeah what a douche just because he has a ton of money he wants to buy expensive stuff…… you make no sense sir.

  • Tiber_Septim

    An amazing car, stupid price tag

    • Bill57

      good one stan. stupid pricetag is dumb and stupid. expecialy for something that is a car in name only cause it is mostly race car parts and not real parts and $11,000 is way to much money for a car that is not a real car even if it was drived by Steve the Queen.

  • Jimbo

    Easily worth it.

  • Digdug

    for one car?


  • Head Chef

    Why is it RHD?

    • Seri


    • http://twitter.com/Speedstripe @Speedstripe

      The GT40s where designed and built in england.

    • IrishInNJ

      Most car racing originated in post war Britain, where all cars are RHD. As racing became popular in Europe they kept the RHD. Also, in Europe, most of the racing is done clockwise around tracks with the pit lane in the infield. So, RHD cars are in the safe, inside line to enter the pits.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kristofuwe Chris Goldsbrough

        This has changed in recent years, most BTCC cars are LH drive, being on the left gives the driver a better view out of the windscreen, with no A pillar obscuring your view of the apex.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kristofuwe Chris Goldsbrough

      It's RH drive because it was designed and built by Lola in the UK. Don't forget that the UK is the place for race car design.

  • _DoC_

    Shit like this pisses me off. Honestly, If I had that much money to blow on a car I'll never drive and just sit it in a garage, I'd have supplied enough funds to cure cancer by now.

    • Jimbo

      Sure you would have. Sure.

    • Stino

      If I was rich, I would buy two of them!

    • Morgan

      I fully agree! I feel that way about the Olympic ceremonies. Money like that can make a substantial difference in the world.

      • Owen Smithers

        Who's saying it isn't? Whoever was paid that 11 million may be a philanthropist how freely gives his/her money to good causes. At least in this case both parties freely agreed to exchange cash for a car. It was voluntary on both sides. Compare that to taxes – gov't may be happy, but the person paying them isn't necessarily. And he/she is compelled to pay and has no choice in the matter.

    • Owen Smithers

      No one is stopping you. Go for it. Earn 11 million and then use it to cure cancer. When you earn it, you can decide how to spend it. And who's to say the person selling the car in this case isn't going to donate it all to charity? Don't be pissed. Be glad that someone is able to pay so much money for an amazing car built through the genius of someone else's mind. If we keep fostering these kind of things, we'll be able to cure cancer at some point.

      • Buckmenster Empty

        Steve McQueen wishes you would have cured cancer too

    • Pr0n

      The thing is I'm fairly certain that the buyer had far more than $11,000,000.01 So in other words why did you waste all your money on a car and a house and good food when you could donate it all and live on soup kitchens and shanty towns?

  • AssHat

    Well there is just one problem with this car … Steve McQueen didn't drove it in Le Mans!!!!!
    ha ha ha There was no GT40 in that movie, it was Porsche vs Ferrari. And McQueen drove Porsche 917K! http://www.mcqueenonline.com/porsche917.htm

    • AssHat

      Although GT40 was used as camera car.
      real link for this car http://news.drive.com.au/drive/motor-news/le-mans

      • Drew

        Replying to your own comment………. Nice

        • AssHat

          Aaaaaaand, your poin is … Just added new info.

          • yodaddy

            While a standard, race-bred GT40 would fetch a few million in any auction setting, the GT40 in question is one of only two surviving production lightweight GT40 models.

            The car’s history also includes an extensive race career throughout the late 1960s and early '70s from Daytona to Le Mans, as well as the Le Mans trials at the hands of multi-title driver Jacky Ickx

    • GeauxTigers

      This was the actual car that won Le Mans.

    • Alex

      It was used in the making of the movie. This GT40 was loaded down with cameras and used for close wheel to wheel racing scenes.

  • Unrelated

    i wanna bang lindsay lohan

    • Related

      It'd cost a lot less then 11 million!

    • morebeer

      I think she might fail on the vicky mendoza diagonal

    • Bewbs

      She is nasty. Go for some bitches with class.

    • Meh

      Best remember to wrap that rascal.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHqSUoMEezw Christian

    It's cool, yes, but not worth 11 mill…

  • http://twitter.com/Speedstripe @Speedstripe

    Marvelous piece of racing and automotive history.
    Very special, hand made racing car.

    Considering they only made 107 of these cars, and something like 7 or 8 of them where road cars, there's a fairly good chance this car had raced in quite a few races before it was called up for duty in Steve McQueens movie.

  • Nickey J
  • Soldasd
  • JJL

    The buyer will be able to sell it for 20 million in 10 years.

  • http://twitter.com/RickvdS @RickvdS

    And it isn't even fully american, I think the engine is an American V8 but most of the car was actually made in Britain. However 11M is a lot for such a car. I'm wondering who bought it.. maybe some arab again?

    • chito

      It's gotta be an arab.

    • blahblahblah

      it was made by FORD. bout as american as it gets.

  • ChestRockwellz

    Look at all the jelous D-bags! Waaaa i dont have money so im gunna call people who do a douchbag. Waaaaa if i dont have fuck you money, no body should. Waaaaa im so lazy and ill never get the chance to have nice things like this so im gunna hate on everyone who does. Waaaa. I know this car is fucking sweet but im gunna act like i have more class and say i wouldnt buy the car even if i had millions to waste. You guys are a bunch of fake assholes. This car is fucking sweet

    • Scaggnettii

      AGREED. Bunch of whiny poor people. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

  • mewwwww

    THIS is one of the ugliest POS ever…

    • Pr0n

      And that's why noone loves you.

      • Harry Longbahls Jr

        No one loves anybody who says "noone"

        • Pr0n


    • Meh

      It's a RACE CAR, dumbshit. It was not designed to look nice, it was designed to win races.

    • Matty

      too bad every auto enthusiast ever disagrees with you and the Mk. III GT-40 is considered one of the greatest looking cars ever. POS is also a pretty bad description, since the GT-40 is one of the most successful cars in racing history. No one could beat the damn thing until the creation of the Porsche 917, which Steve McQueen also drove.

  • Lucky ducker

    I see a resemblence to the Cars movie, and isnt the main toon named something McQueen? Damn, i am so out of the loop

  • ChestRockwellz

    Get the fuck out of here with your shitty scams

  • dibbes

    Nice car… Too bad the steering wheel is on the wrong side

    • Bill

      Hence it is not AMERICAN !

      It was built in ENGLAND, making it a BRITISH car.

  • Retired Navy

    I can see this going $11 mil. Carol Shelby who was instrumental in beating Enzo Ferrari cars twice in the GP racing for the championships built the GT40's. Carrol Shelby who also built Cobras, built a Super Snake with a 427 Ford engine. His first Super Snake sold at a Barret Jackson auction for $5 mill jist a few years ago. Carrol Shelby past away no too long ago, thus adding value to everything he built.

    • GeauxTigers


      • Ducati 999R

        your a fucking dick Tiger.

  • GeauxTigers

    This was an actual Le Mans racecar, not the car from the movie Le Mans. McQueen drove a Porsche 917 with the Gulf sponsorship in that movie. It took me 30 seconds to verify this on google. Wake the fuck up Rick.

    • benny12string

      Steve used it in that movie as the camera car. Took me LESS seconds to verify this on google. Wake the fuck up GeauxTigers.

      • 111

        ''The Ford GT40 used by Steve McQueen in the movie “Le Mans” …''
        so it should really say '' The Ford GT40 used by Steve McQueen FILMING the movie “Le Mans”…''
        Watch the movie!

    • GT40.ftw

      Who fucking cares where or who drove it in a movie that may or may not have happened. When you make a website make sure you check your facts, until then man just sit back and enjoy the show. Nice post, Ford = American Muscle = panty dropper.

  • Rx8

    Your all idiot it's worth that much money cause there are like 10 in existence this is a mans car fuck Steve McQueen

    • ChestRockwellz

      You call everyone who previously posted an idiot, yet your lack of correct grammar and horrible spelling leads me to the conclusion that you, yourself, are the idiot here. Better luck next time you attempt to form an actual english sentence.

  • Streetnic

    #19 I SO want the FOG switch to release a cloud of smoke out the back so you can get away from the badguys!

  • sexual

    Aaannnnddd its going to sit in the garage!! I can find 11 million things to buy that I can use and appreciate more


    #27 For $11 mill I hope the headlights work too!

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