• OzWhistlerianChiver

    he walks funny

  • oldmanbingle

    I think you have to be mentally ill to want to be a celebrity, for the sake of being a celebrity….like Paris Hilton, K. Kardashian, that Hills dude, etc, etc. Either that or you just really suck at doing productive things. Maybe both?

  • Dylan

    Kool & The Gang ! Great choice of music to this video 😀

  • Tstain

    Slowely but surely, people will get more stupid.. Beautiful troll..

  • Rhoethbeort

    Populus vult decipi, ergo decipiet eos.

  • TonyM

    I tried the same thing in Adelaide… a homeless guy waved at me, so i bought him a burger… and some dude looked at me, I think they were the only people out at the time.

  • Jake

    Americans -_-

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