Chive Everywhere (75 Photos)

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  • Puddlepirate

    #54 won't pass STANTeam

  • GeeGonkey!

    #18 Is that Mud Fest in Okeechobee????

  • Funny Guy

    #60, Well the guy with no shirt and white shorts needs to start by not flexing!!! Yes you are because you are hunched over. I like the KCCFO as another has suggested.

  • beef


    • Stefanie N. Farmer

      Beef! I submitted 5 and this one made it! We did take several more that I will submit! Be on the look out!

  • DQ55

    #4 Dude, did you spank that smokin' hot blonde 21 times? I hope you told her she needed to burn it. Hey Chive … find her and hook her up with a birthday present shirt … hell, I'll even pay for it but she'll have to wear the shirt and prove she burned it.

    • the blonde

      hes married. and fyi, i have my own shirt. thanks.

  • Aircraft Maintainer

    #32 Fucking flightcrew

    • Andrew Noll

      Thank for the blue water! FU Hater!

  • Antonio Archer

    #60 The ChiveFit Crew

  • Alan Llanes

    #35 I graduated from High School with the kid on the right! KCCO Brother!!

  • DQ55

    #33 #43 #32 #35 #73
    33 – She's a cutie, but can't tell for sure if it was burned, need another pic with proof it was burned to move you up into the hottie category
    43 – Adorable is the perfect word
    32 and 35 – THANK YOU for your service
    73 – you can tell he wants to move his hand up so bad, don't blame you a bit dude, she's AWESOME … but the keys hanging from the belt loop = bad look

  • SarahElizabeth

    I want a shirt so freaking bad!!! KCCO from NE! 🙂

  • David S.

    Speaking of idiots in higher education, learn how to spell. You could have cheated by typing your diatribe up in MS Word, using spell check, and then pasting it into the window. I'm sorry. I should clarify what a diatribe is by defining it for you. A diatribe is a bitter and abusive piece of writing (Merriam-Webster).

  • cochikers

    #27 Are you guys from CO?! If so we're staring a Colorado hiking group full of Chivers and Chivettes! Follow us on twitter to see when our next hike is coming up! We'd love to have you guys join us 🙂 (and yes, we drink afterwards) @cochikers

    • Kristina Dellone

      Yes we are! We'll def check it out and of course we're always down to have a good time!

  • heerospike

    God Bless Texas #42

  • Jon Peterson

    Fort Campbell CHIVE ON

  • brandon

    I was hoping #20 was followed by a picture of her on the beach

  • @efcso

    #49 = us. Thanks everyone for the fantastic well-wishes. Dad's gonna be stoked when he sees this!

  • AlbusQ

    #15 The date is in the calendar. Two of my favorite Chivers

    • @CMC7890

      ❤ you!

  • AlbusQ

    #49 We got your back brother. Hang in there dad!!

  • Nate Woodard

    #42 Your asses is the greatest location to chive on from this week. Thanks!

  • Patrick D. Ebarra

    Wow chivettes in my town #56 who would have thought and this whole time i thought i was the only chiver here in El Camp

  • Craig

    number 72. that's a filthy stache!

  • Naughtygrog

    #49 Get well soon! You'll need a good ticker with all the marvelous Chivettes around here. Cheers and Gods speed in your recovery.

  • Krystle Mariah Avery

    @67 About time ASHEVILLE was put on the chive map!

  • @jaczor

    #45 girl in the BFM t-shirt, find her!!!

  • Baba Booey

    When are there going to be more green KCCO shirts? Ive been trying to get one for me and my wife for a while now

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