Ladies with lovely lips (16 Photos)

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  • -B-

    #3 !!!!!

  • Vaughn Genuino

    chive please do lip biters!

  • cultofpersonality

    #1 is a combination of Jessica Biel and Christina Hendricks

  • qwerty

    #21 #28 Awesome Breastboobstits!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    and all without doing duck lips…. quack

  • inked1992

    #2 and #21 are jus simply amazing!! MOAR!

  • why not?


  • Goatface

    Chive, I think you misspelled tits…

  • Jon Rosser

    #30 is just so damn inviting

  • cjm555


    just wow

  • Feb22

    Wow #2 is gorgeous.

    • guest

      I dunno, she looks kinda retarded

  • _gell


  • Spencer Barnes

    Yea #21 was chosen because of her lips… and I look like a handsome channing tatum

  • Justin DeHart

    3, 30, and 33….. I'm in LOVE.

  • Kato

    #37 No one bothered mentioning this girl. Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you people?!

  • The Village Idiot

    AMEN! Not a single duck face in the entire crop!

  • ericg

    #5 As the song goes "these boots were made for walking …." your lips were made for…

  • Matt

    Fuck yeah

  • TheSurlyOne

    #35 MOAR of this beautiful soul

  • Philip Michael Villaire

    All these girls are gorgeous but #3 wow

  • Jazz

    #21 Hey…Do I know you?

  • jaylock

    #3 #9 #11. the eyes have it

  • Lazarus

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  • Lazarus

    Why dont they post on the internet, how many men have been wrongfully banned, threatened and terrorized into submission to comply their wills to lies about their supposedly hassling women because of a compliment completely and wrongfully taken out of context, and forced against their will to apologize for words they didnt say wrong that their being falsely arrested and jailed for, why?

  • FarmBoy

    #17 Her, please CHIVE, find her!

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