Ninja ZZR1400/ZX-14R for your weekend (30 HQ Photos)

  • Jeffery

    Ugliest bike ever produced….it used to be the hayabusa, until this came out….

    • Saqib Bashir

      Thanks JEFFERY for letting us know this beautiful machine
      Although Kawasaki did nothing new, they just follow the leader Suzuki Hayabusa and copy most features of Hayabusa, but yes Kawasaki make some changes to balance the bike's side look and i like these changes,
      Foot note is that i vote for ZZR-1400 (2012)

  • Caleb

    No low end torque, the fairings are cheap and they are ugly. Yamaha or Suzuki.

  • jeff c.

    ugly as sin…

  • CBR

    Wheres the bike?

  • CB2012A4

    A razor scooter has better handling than this hunk of sh*t, how about some DUCATI pictures..or anything non-Kawasaki for that matter

    • mandy

      So how many rides have you taken this bike on Mr expert

      • CB2012A4

        Ive ridden this and the busa. I've also ridden a cbr 1000, owned a zx750rr(which was also a tank) and now own a CBR RR and an 82 sportster which handles better than this..seriously…. Ive also had the luxury of drunkenly taking out a razor scooter which I found to have impeccably better handling than the above mentioned Kawasaki bike(s).

  • Rac88

    Rick needs to learn how to count

  • jacob

    fastest street legal production bike…its ugly as sin but faster than a bat outa hell….smokes the busa

  • Aaron

    yeah, i never understood why anyone would want this bike. Even for drag racing, serious racers build their own engines, and amateurs couldn't handle the clutch to make this one as fast as the numbers indicate anyway. after racing dirt bikes and street bikes for 6 years, biggest bike i ever owned was my 07R6. The only 1000 i ever cared for was the FZR -1. I'm not a huge fan with Harleys for the most part either. I mean, to each their own but too much chrome and crap on a mc, and the $?!?! ridiculous. By a convertible if you're gonna add the stereo, cup holders, and leather seats. And don't get me started on trikes. There are some cruisers I like, so don't say i'm bias against other types, and by all means, buy what makes you happy, but i'll never understand those that spend so much extra money on their bike to make it as close to a car they can.

  • Verbal_Kint

    That's a big fuckin' bike. The paint-job is terrible and it looks like it was designed in 1986. If they went with the standard Kawa green, it would have been marginally better. This slats or rakes or whatever the fuck are ghastly.

  • Offspring22


    What a squid.

  • Mark Roche

    Gimmie any year gixxer thou over this fat ugly pig.. Meh fuc rockets anyway rather do it in the dirt on a 450 braaaap!

  • Rubes27

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  • mojo77

    How the f**k does this get so much hate. Obviously none of you haters have ever ridden a 14. It's not made to be the same bike as a zx6 or 10. It's 1400cc's of pure straightline power. None of the bikes you compared it to will touch it at the strip. Take away the governor and this is a stock 200mph bike. Go test ride one. You might change your tune.

  • TheBetterMan

    This bike is pure testosterone crafted into one of the finest two wheeled machines. There are other bikes for other purposes, but this is the best production (real production numbers not a handful) bike for hauling ass. #7 #40

  • RSV4owner

    Please Chive, MOAR hot girls on/near sportbikes!

  • brad

    I like how people comment on this bike like most of them actually have a bike!. To big, to heavy, crappy..get a bike, then you can talk.

    Proud owner of a ZX-6r 12'', so naturally i love the kawi.

    • mandy

      Agree, I have a ZX6R and a GXSR750… Some peoples kids eh 😉

  • cambo125

    #7 Breaking news: Kawasaki first to perfect invisibility coating.

  • ewilliwa53

    Yamaha YZF-R1 best bike ever

    • Eman

      I'll take my yamaha fz1 over that hunk of crap. Would smoke it in a race as well since you can't even keep the front end down on that thing.

  • Cudaman

    I miss my GPz1100, that is all.

  • Graveyard

    An fz1 wouldn’t even touch this bike first off and the fz1 isn’t even a classified sport bike it’s a sport touring bike. Yeah it’s easy for a non rider to talk trash and it’s also easy to tell who they are. I’m not a Kawi fan but I can appreciate this bike, I’ll never own one but it is for sure a force to be recond with.

  • mandy

    What kind of bike you ride?

  • Anonymous

    over-rated bike is over-rated.

  • Low

    the ZZR 1200 and up is actually classified as a "Sport Touring" bike.

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