Ninja ZZR1400/ZX-14R for your weekend (30 HQ Photos)

  • ChestRockwellz

    This an ugly and overweight sport bike. ANY 1000
    Would smoke this tank on any track. Any 600 for that matter. Not a fan of this or the Hyabusa.

    • abc

      couldnt agree more

    • MorebikesthanRock

      Wow. you probably have a bike like Vanilla Ice in "Cool as Ice", huh?
      Jump fences and shit.

    • RSA

      100% correct!

    • Dave Gaudry

      Good luck with that…

    • Alex

      Have to say that I agree with that, even its design sucks.

    • Iwentthere

      Completely agree. Ugly bike and ugly girls – from a guy with a Yamaha FZ6N

    • chbeers

      it looks like something from the 80's or a goldwing. straight turrible

    • Ell0

      Yea this thing only makes sense as platform for their sport touring bike, the concourse. I'll take my Speed Triple any day over this beast.

    • @toreylindsey

      I agree. It looks like one of those bulky bikes from Judge Dredd.

    • toni796

      well its the marketing, in usa this is a ninja they market it like a sportsbike
      in europe its a sports tourer zzr1400 which makes a lot more sense

    • TheInstructor

      Agreed! My S100RR and I laugh at Ninjas and Busas.
      -BMW rider

      • TheInstructor

        Lol 1000*

      • greg

        Best look for a sport bike by far

    • Will

      Has anyone actually ridden this thing? It's incredible. All the front wheel wants to do is come off the ground.

      • Sick350Z

        I rode the 2010 1400R and I was less then impressed. I ride an 08 R1 Raven which is a real sport bike. This thing felt like they were way to worried about comfort. Compared to my R1 it felt like riding a lazy boy.

    • Josh Shaffer

      acceleration definitely, the only thing it has on smaller cc bikes is top end. which how many places can you actually cruise at 200+. I ride a cbr600f4 and almost never ride at max speed.

    • brad

      ^^ chestrockwellz, you have no idea what you are talking about. I own a 2012 ZX-6r..two completely different bikes!!!

    • mandy

      Clearly you do not understand "fastest production bike" you are an idiot… Love a canadian chivette who ride a GSXR750 ps you suck and these girls are pretty and you are probably into dudes… Not a big deal I have gay friends not saying I want you to be my friend tho cus I don't .

  • BigOtis

    Don't forget to cup the balls……

    • Ron Steele

      …And work the shaft!

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #7 And thank you

  • PhiladelphiaCollins

    Daddy horny michael

  • gawsh dang

    #7 my god look at that rack! hes got like 30 suits on there

  • M-J

    Go go Power Rangers.

  • njchiver

    Cute girls, but the bike is ugly. Put up some triumph Daytona 6 7 5 pictures!!! That's a sexy bike which would match the sexy girls above.

  • partysauce

    too heavy, too big, and overall ugly. stick to the 600-1000s

  • Paula_

    Do you know what driving it sounds like?


    – the one you love to hate

    • Goliath

      We do not love to hate you. We nothing you. We would like to know what the comments section would be like without you.

      • Truth


    • Bryce

      I love you Paula

    • Guest

      I see what you did there

    • Will

      You're tacky and I hate you.

    • Bubba

      sounds like a 2-stroke. Nice try though

  • Dead ODB

    In a quarter mile you might still be able to see me if your on a 1000. I also got a whole better chance to live running straight than you got hitting those turns Dick.

    • ChestRockwellz

      Haha. Cause driving in a straight line is so much fun. And that 1400 is carrying an extra 240lbs. Once you sit your 300lb ass on it, you'd need a jet motor to keep up. You should probably stick to dissapointing your overweight wife.

    • ChestRockwellz

      And a quick google search would have produced numbers to confirm you are an ignorant twat. your tank of a bike does the QM in 9.6 sec @ 146mph. A 2006 yamaha R1 does it in 9.7sec @ 147mph. Your comment stating that a 1000 could even see you after a pass down a quarter mile pass had 2 huge flaws. First, its only a quarter mile dipshit, if i were standing at the starting line and you were at the finishline, i could easily see the huge shadow your wife casts. Second, the numbers prove you are of below average intelligence and dont know much about the performace of any sport bike.

    • Solitaire

      motorcycle races haven't been about driving in a straight line since… ever.

      kawasaki needs to wake up and stop making spaghetti frame bikes that like to fold up and bend through turns.

      If you want to drag the qm get back in your suped up honda civic.

  • Mike

    That thing is an uncontrollable, overweight monstrosity. Check out the BMW K1300R for a truly manageable, smooth-riding bike with a somewhat comparable power level. The Ninjas have all been largely useless after the ZX 6R. The numbers are great, but the rides are crap.

  • wino

    Meh… I've seen better.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Big, fat, ugly over weight pig…I'll stick with my S1K

    Thank you…

  • jimbo

    Chive needs to do a gallery of just all paddock girls.

  • Ananomoose

    What an ugly bike! My cbr looks 100x better than that

  • cameldeep


    -sides 2mm to long
    -why did i say bit shorta on frinj last
    -nothin like flowers
    -overall not that unhappy
    -cost not bad
    -could motor boat poon
    -wouldent impress titainiums
    -where the fuck do i have to go to get flowers?

    • cameldeep

      -fuckin ell i can't handle this anymore u know what please give it a rest.

  • cameldeep

    -two weeks time this hair will look cool as fuck
    -two weeks time these sides will be alot to long

  • cameldeep

    -i think i like disconnect =y like look

  • cameldeep

    -three potatoes later and the sloth said to the lion i thoinks its over there squire

  • Shiguy

    FYI: Black Chive shirts back on sale……again.

    • Scaggnettii

      just snagged a couple they are not gone yet

  • KCO617

    #7 #40 what bike?

  • Soldasd
  • akaMe

    Hideous bike.

  • chesterdrawers

    #40 honey, drop the chump bike and get on a Harley…

    • bigdog

      only thing in your chesterdrawers is a fleshlight and some offbrand KY…

  • guy

    I wish I had the money for a motorcycle :/

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