• yep


    • TheDoctor

      Would have been better without hat dude talking and ruining the video.

    • Westlife

      I saw no dude wearing a hat.

  • omgmybffjill

    all I hear is music….

  • Shane

    I don't think he used the same adjective twice.

    • SpacemanSpiff

      "In other words…" he is very articulate

      "In other words…" he has an extensive vocabulary

  • anomicbomb

    Pauly Shore should really get off the meth…

  • GnarShredder

    This gave me chills. Does that make me a nerd? To hell with it, our universe is absolutely amazing.

  • Salt

    This. This video explains why I can sit on the edge of a of hill overlooking something beautiful for hours in awe. People ask – don't you get bored just sitting there starring off into the distance? This video is why. Thanks for posting it.

    • Evan

      Also the same reason I scroll through the Humpday post every Wednesday. I like to think that I'm enhancing my mind, you know for science and stuff.

      • Evan

        Hey all you grown ups! Im a big boi now and I like boobs and stuff too. I can also use sarcasm to reply to anything someone says that makes me feel mentally inadequate.


    • Keim

      The idea of updating my mind, has just updated my mind.

  • aredu

    To bad I use a smartphone to watch a video on a mobile site

    • Roger

      Doesn't sound so smart now does it?

  • Bad Wolf

    There are a lot of chivettes out there that make me awestruck. And I thank them for that.

  • Beev

    That makes me feel significant…

  • ejaculASIAN

    @2:31 in the video the first words i saw were girls and sex.

  • Chicago

    Cool video and message, but I'd like to bitch slap that guy,

  • KeepinCalm

    FLBP and Burnsday – The fact that we can fit something so impossibly large into something so impossibly small is incredible. Thru the sheer aesthetic force of its discoveries, theChive distills bewbs. bewbs, beauty, beauty, bewbs.

  • Blaaahhhh

    Damn that kid is annoying.

    • IrishWolfhound

      Agreed, he needs to take it down a notch.

  • dcCHIVER

    I believe it – just like when The Chive does "things that bounce" – I'm awestruck.

  • MylesofStyles

    This captured the exact feeling I get when I come home from work, open the fridge, and find it full of cold beer.

  • Frash

    Not quite how biological advantages work, but okay.

  • http://www.ratemypoo.com RawDog

    The creationists just called and they complained 'God' wasn't given the credit he deserves.

    • Bill Nye

      When they get awestruck it's because they think the world is 6,000 years old and the gays make earthquakes.

  • https://www.facebook.com/adam.wetmiller Adam Wetmiller

    I can talk about cleaning my taint to this video and music and it would get 10,000 views

  • guy

    This is why the government needs to allocate more money to NASA. Not only does it advance our knowledge as a society but it gives everybody, regardless of profession, a sense of accomplishment and "awkstuck" by what we all can do. This drives people to think of the future and set goals. In turn, this helps society and the economy be more prosperous.

    • Windex

      just think about how we felt after Curiosity landed on Mars.

  • Apollos

    I never realized Ashton Kutcher was so deep.

  • guest

    Anyone know what this music is called? It sounds like something I have heard before…..

    • sean

      Its the main song from the movie Sunshine

    • guy

      Sunshine (Adagio in D minor)

    • Tanis

      By John Murphy

  • caait_e

    damn mac, good find

  • popo

    I'm' in awe at how goddamn annoying this guy is.

  • Nerd

    He James Webb space telescope will be 100 times more powerful than the Hubble. Cannot wait for that glorious day.

    • D3AN

      Awaiting explosive mind blow.

  • turdmcnerdgin




    • Average_Joe123

      You, sir, are a turd…as you yourself admit in your name.

    • Erebus


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