The brunette chivettes have responded, and responded with vigor (58 Photos)

Last week, I posted a gallery celebrating all of our blonde Chivettes. Just minutes later, our brunette Chivettes began to flood the inbox with submissions, they wanted their locks to be heard. Here is their sexy response...

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  • Bro_Mantegna

    #38 MOAR!MOAR! for the sweet love of baby jebus, MOAR!!!!!!!!!!

  • YourFan

    Brunettes > Blondes. True story.

  • Gabriel

    #41 I"m from San Antonio, welcome!

  • vinny

    #17 and #58 you win, marry me haha

  • Dave

    I love me some ladies, but I am SUCH a sucker for brunettes. These ladies worked it!

  • Bus

    please moar of #26

  • Bus

    #14 is such a yummy

  • Ely

    wow cant think of much to say, drop dead sexy, super cute the chivettes bring it all. LOVE this Post

  • clifford

    #1 cuter than a little red wagon full of puppies.

  • Sex With YOUUUUU!

    You are all so damn sexy, Come to my house and I'll totally have sex with all of you! kiss my ass! I will totally bury my face in your boobs, and have sex with you and I would keep you all in my house!
    Holy cow y'all are too sexy!

  • Cody Martin

    #46 Your really pretty. Hit me up:)

  • Hans

    MOAR of #2 Tiffany!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Craig

    # 15 and #28 – absolute perfection.

  • bgsjr55

    I think #38 is the total package!

  • Lionel

    #58 she is mine……..all mine 😛

  • @SoCalChiver

    #17 #27 MOAR!

  • @SoCalChiver

    #33 such a cutie tho!!

  • ChiveOn


  • michael

    # 41 gorgeous. Welcome to s.a.

  • AmericoPolk

    #36 I swear I dream of this lady every nite

  • AmericoPolk

    #36 seriously every nite

  • I love my friend

    I love, adore all girls.

  • SoFLRider

    #38 Beautiful eyes
    #45 She's beautiful!
    #57 I love camel toe
    #34 whoa

    MOAR from you all

  • dom

    Every last one of you are beautiful!!!!

  • bagabwa

    you are all awesome. love these gals,they make the world more beautiful,like flowers!great pics.

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