Courtney Jacobs visits theCHIVE Office (25 HQ Photos)

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  • Tyler Rauch

    Ah this is so hard to not come back to and see that face!!!

  • huskercub

    #12 Is Mac a serial killer in training?

  • Bob

    #7 I want that job
    #10 fap

  • JKennedy

    #7 Fuck you John… Fuck you…

  • Kelly


  • Jake

    #24 John – the shirt you are wearing needs to be made. Love the simple, elegant, yet clean design!

  • Kirk

    I think im in love with this girl, also dream that I worked at chive. Good work gentleman

  • Matt

    I would love to know where I can buy that chive skateboard!

  • aqwer

    please MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saint

    OMG!!! she should visit theChive offices more often

  • John

    God Speed and Go State. EMAW

  • arealcad

    #1 I'd take her to Denny's and let her order whatever the hell she wanted.

  • Lionel

    #12 you are an absolute numb 😛

  • Roger3.67

    I saw her at a strip club in Denver last week.

  • Roger3.64

    I saw her at a Denver strip club last week.

    • Chiver4Chivettes

      Which one?

      • Roger3.64

        The diamond

  • Low

    Your best shoot yet fellas.
    The model was good but the creativity and originality really sold it.

  • Travis

    Honestly this girl looks busted. If it wasn't for the blonde hair and fake boobs what does she have? Her face is average, nothing great about it, she has bam strings. And tell me, why does it look like she's making a bitter beer face? I'm sick of these average girls getting worshiped when all they have are fake boobs and blonde hair. She looks like a cheap skank! I wouldn't tap her with nik richie's meat.

  • carter

    O look, another girl who is completly self conscious and had to get plastic surgery to make themselves feel better. I hope she enjoyed gaggin on a weiner to get a photo shoot.

  • your mom

    So when she got fake boobs, did they just take her ass out and put it in her chest?

  • Abdicator

    #10 Great guts.

  • Yabba

    #3 #6 #7 Wow, just seeing this one for the first time. In a Chive world of hot women, Courtney is a standout. Perfection!

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