Hot Right Now: Nothing is cuter than a girl with dimples (32 Photos)

Those dresses never looked happier (47 Photos)

  • Benji420

    #46 great #Dreamchhick (:

  • Realio

    Chive Stardards Restored To Rightful Glory, AP Reports

  • Swarley

    #3 #13 #25 #34

  • in1ear&outurmother

    #27… SMDH…

  • SheedJB

    #27 I can't believe there's only 1 comment up there about u! Ya'll are nuts!!

  • The Milkman

    #4 4evah!

  • Travis

    #18, one of the reasons i wake up in the mornings

  • Patricio

    makes me wanna be a better person

  • Joe

    #37 #47 FTW

  • Jay Wesson

    #38 Thank you Chive…Thank you

  • John Weezer

    There's just something about #10.

  • caliguy85

    #44 wow you are beautiful.

  • GUI

    #11 Melanie iglesias – you fame whore!!

  • billyjack13

    #47. Dat ass!

  • Beeneverywhere

    #8 – that white dress is a gift from the gods! And … #9 is a close second. It would probably be first place if it was white. #10 – the fence needs to be lower so she could brace herself better. #19 – holy crap, Blake makes my pants Lively! #25 might her a run for her money but not with that outfit. Black hides your figure, which is only a good idea if you think you're fat. The shoes look like Olive Oil and the string loops of whatever hanging down from the hem is unsightly. She'd be better off if she hiked up the dress to her waist and went without panties. Yeah, that's the ticket! I'm a clitoris man myself. 😉 speaking of which, #32 is off to a good start. Just a little bit more! #43 – that look on her face is juicy but it belongs on a bed, naked, crawling towards me. 

  • C4 LIFE

    #16 Bravo!!!! You played a good game out there. But if you could just go ahead and do a 180 and take another picture that'd be greaaaat……Its for America

  • Mr. Hobknober

    You have everything I like, hit me up I need to checkout your personality.
    Seriously hit me up!

  • James Munn

    #8 The one on the left… find her!!

  • MrN00DLE

    #5 and #41
    Like Woah!

  • Jimmy C


  • Hear me roar

    #8 needs to know she shouldn't wear a black thong with a white dress

    #44 I salute you for turning your shirt into a dress. Cheers.

  • Adam F

    GOOD GOD # 3 and #33 and #35 _

  • matteo

    #5 #7 #9 good lord

  • Joey

    OMFG!! All of them!! Some happy FUCKING dresses indeed.

  • Fuhrer D

    #27 is just on an another level when compared with these other girls.

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