Man pays off police ticket in style (9 Photos & Video)


  • BigPup

    #5 Might as well be a tutorial on how to start a conversation with a stripper.

    • Me.

      They have no sense of humor lol

  • Jared

    Sweet, thats the Jersey Village, Texas courthouse.

    Been there !

    • Ross El Hefe

      I used to go the high school at Jersey Village…lol

      • Htown

        Langham creek baby!

    • AngryBuddha

      Those are the worst cops on 290

      • Littlet

        Holy shit fellow texas chivers! I know all about 290 and live near there…………

        • lucid_eye

          Houston chivers unite, i live in bear creak and work near the racetrack.

          • 'Merica

            Redneck circle jerk chive meet up Saturday at the racetrack 7pm!!

            • BlueLizzardGame

              It isn't called a circle jerk if you are alone.

  • nerfherder

    Um, whats with the pop tarts?

    • fatty arbuckle

      by the reflection in the window and the weezing in his voice, I 'd say this whale of a guy would be eating them

  • David Allen

    Well played sir.

    • Monmouther

      How is it well played?? He spent 6 hours folding those stupid things, then he spent probably another half-hour unfolding them. And guess what, he's still out $137. Waste of time, and I bet nobody felt like they got "burned" by this "creative" man.

      • NotEvenSupposed

        Especially because everyone seemed to be so amused by this. This dumb ass wasted hours of his time and all the cops did was take a picture and laugh at him.

        • placenta_smoothie

          ya make those rain on some stripper instead of giving it to some fat lazy cop

    • Jawbone

      Waste of time. He helped the cops win over and over by taking time to do this and accomplishing NOTHING.

  • JohnONeil4

    This man……….. Is now all of our heroes
    god bless you origami man…. god bless you

    • Clert Hemwald

      Not my hero… Don't speak on my behalf.

    • mellow

      How is he a hero you dumb fuck? He probably spent half a day doing this and spent the other half unfolding, he lost, he never won, wasn't clever in the least, he's a dumb ass.

      • Woop

        You are not mellow.

        • BlueLizzardGame

          What an interesting observation.

    • @jaczor

      He's a retard, wasted probably half a day folding and unfolding those bills, and I'm sure the police couldn't care less bout it.

    • Jawbone

      Hero to every stupid fuck who thinks the police would even be there to see his lack of cleverness. Way to get one over on a cashier for five whole minutes, dumbass.

    • asdasd

      I don't know, he kind of came off as a douchebag to me. The moment he started talking to the cashier and was saying, "This is legitimate currency, this is no different than if I had a bunch of crumpled bills in my pocket, blah blah blah" I instantly knew this guy was not clever in the least bit. Definitely found out about this origami money business from someone/somewhere else, and in a lack of originality, tried to copy it, but failed miserably in his delivery.

  • cking

    that just might be the best post ever on the chive!!! well done

    • Jawbone

      Yep. Much better than hot women or cool cars. One day you'll get rid of that pesky virginity.

  • This Guy 13

    Would haven taken them if they looked like donuts!

  • BigPup

    "You can count them… 1…2…3…4…" HAHA

  • Justin

    This is awesome!

  • Dan


  • mith

    What a douche…

    • Travis

      Yes he is

      • splat

        same with Tv paul

  • blutodawg

    Admiral Akbacon at your service

  • MylesofStyles

    It would have been more interesting if he rode in on a pig, wearing pig mask, a bacon hat, and a pork rind necklace.

    • fornowiamhere

      That kind of sounds like Lady Gaga

  • Corey

    I'm surprised they didn't throw him in jail for bringing donut boxes without donuts in them.

  • KCO617

    As someone who live in Boston and gets tickets for parking your car at the wrong angle (ok, exaggeration), I can feel for this guy…I paid a $40 ticket in quarters once upon a time.

    • Jeffybaby

      currency is currency, bro

    • theBoognish

      how did you fold them?

  • Shockteck

    Anyone know what he got the ticket for?

    • B Dub

      Spending hours to fold money into pigs, just to be ignorant to someone who had nothing to do with your ticket….I'd say he got a ticket for missing a few brain cells. What an idiot.

      • marc

        it was a red light camera. This douche ran a red light, which put others in danger, and got caught. I have a good buddy that works at Jersey Village and they thought he was high.

  • Ali G

    To bad in Cali you can't pay tickets in bills, only checks or money orders. Otherwise I would totally do this

    • Roialty

      Really? You'd waste your time and energy like this no talent ass clown, because you can't follow laws?

    • Dan

      Isn't that illegal? All American businesses and citizens are required to accept the US Dollar as payment. I guess in socialist-California, federal law does not apply.

      • V4Vendetta14

        Kind of like handing them thousands of loose pennies…you have to have some standards.

        The 2 dollar bill is legal tender, but many places won't accept it due to the ignorance of the teller. An younger teller probably doesn't remember that 2 dollar bills were once far more common. Now they think they are counterfeit.

      • Crazy_Jake

        Being folded.. they have no way of knowing if the money is intact and real. Thats their defense to make him UNFOLD the money.

  • r00s7a

    It is humorous, but a little disrespectful. Glad the cops saw the humor in it too, but I wouldn't have accepted it either. Cops are awesome.

    • yeppers

      True cops are awesome, but he was paying a fine he got from a red light traffic cam. Which are definitely NOT awesome.

      • RW Griswold

        They're not? Hmm… by my count they're definitely awesome because they can easily and efficiently catch someone who was breaking a law. Instead of waste taxpayer dollars and an officer's time by having them sit somewhere and catch you.
        You aren't supposed to run red lights.
        People who bitch about getting ticketed are whiney fucks. You got caught, man up.

        • z0phi3l

          Too bad the red light cameras are scams to get the company and town more illegal revenues, they do things like shorten yellow lights and take pictures of situations that re not ticketable, yet there you are with an illegal ticket, you can't fight it, the town only cares about your money, not due process of the law

          • THX

            Plus the fact that they have recorded increases in accidents at intersections with the red light cameras.

        • V4Vendetta14

          If you have to shorten the yellow light to earn a profit on the red-light camera service (they are all processed by private companies), then there probably was not as much of a red-light problem at that intersection. The problem is there are no defined standards, only guidelines about increasing duration at the bottom of a hill.

          Recommended Yellow Light Times (using Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) formula).
          Three seconds should be the absolute minimum time for any intersection.
          25 MPH — 3.0 Seconds
          30 MPH — 3.5 Seconds
          35 MPH — 4.0 Seconds
          40 MPH — 4.5 Seconds
          45 MPH — 5.0 Seconds
          50 MPH — 5.5 Seconds
          55 MPH — 6.0 Seconds


    Great that you did it but I'd rather be looking a FLBP on chive for the 6 hours it took to fold them… But hell Chive on bro…

  • YOYO

    Awesome!!! "Admiral AkBacon the only survivor of the dollar bill massacre"…

  • Chiver2099

    Gutsy dude….I wouldn't have had the beans to poke fun of the cops like that. Around here they'd fine some way to give you another ticket!

  • bigcityreem

    The officer was actually a good sport about it. "Little pigs in donut boxes. HA! I get it." If that was NYC, he probably would have been arrested on the spot.

  • Spel

    IMO this guy is a dickhead. Messing with people just to amuse yourself and get hits on youtube is a crappy endeavor. That fat ass clerk is just trying to get a paycheck and you fuck with him? Lame

    • Tivo

      You must yourself be an oinker.

      • RW Griswold

        you must, yourself, be a dickhead.

    • Drew

      On my street you can only park on one side of the road between 9 & 4. I shit you not, a cop showed up at 8:45 and waited till 9 and gave out probably 15 tickets. When cops stop pulling shit like that,maybe I'll stop fucking with them.

      • Seriously?

        So let me get this straight, a cop who job it is to enforce laws showed up to a place that has posted signs and wrote tickets for cars that were parked past the time it says that is allowed and he's "pulling shit"?


        Maybe you should get more active in your city's law making process because that's who posted the sign.

        Or maybe you could just be responsible and move your car.

        • Scaggnettii

          suck more police cock you fucking asshat. fuck cops and fuck you

        • MrStiggy91

          They're "pulling shit" because they're forgetting that people are human and not perfect. There's a difference between a car being parked 1 minute over the limit and 30 minutes over. Arriving 15 minutes and waiting till it's time to give out tickets is a dick move. It's like pulling people over for doing 72 in a 70. When cops do this they're being asses.

          Furthermore, they could be making better use of taxpayer's money. Instead of waiting to give out tickets they could be patrolling on watch for more harmful activity. Instead of pulling people over for minuscule violations they could be focusing on catching aggressive or inattentive drivers, or people who are doing 10+ over the limit that are more likely to do harm.

          • Orukal

            Always people with their excuses why they shouldn't be held accountable for their actions when they get caught.

            • MrStiggy91

              You completely missed the point of what I was trying to say. I have talked to more than one cop in the past and they've all said the same thing. When asked when they'll pull someone over they say after 10 over. Their reasoning? Because they're human and they speed too. Yes they are in their right to pull someone over for 71 in a 70 or 1 minute past the limit but they're an asshole and a hypocrite if they do.

              If you're running late to work because of heavy rain and traffic and you get there one minute late, aren't you going to be pissed at your superior for writing you up for being one minute late? Or if you're running to get to an 8am class, aren't you gonna be pissed if your prof locks the door at 8:01? Yes, they're technically in their right to do so, but that doesn't mean they're not assholes. I have some profs that lock the door at 8:15 and I have no problem with that because at that point there's really no excuse and you'll be interrupting the lecture if you walk in that late.

  • Mila S

    Haha, creative!

  • Horton hires a hoe

    Kind of dumb if you ask me about 7 hours wasted

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