• derrtyrob

    Haha, that was pretty sweet.

    • placenta_smoothie

      good to see freddy kruger is doing well

  • Jeff

    Is that real? Holy shit!

    • @BBKing77

      Nope… well… kinda
      He's really juggling, but the music will play properly no matter where the ball hits the "keyboard". It's programmed to just play the right notes whenever it's hit. He just has to juggle the right rhythm.

      • ...

        And if you look closely you can tell that they aren't even his real balls

      • Joke

        That explains how Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles do it.

    • We Are Decepticons

      Super Fake

  • Theo

    Mother of God

  • ChicO85T


  • stumped

    I bet he gets laid more than the one armed violin guy.

  • @nickinwarcal

    Reminds me of Ballthoven

  • ID Profiler

    Mac how come since I posted on this my intense debate profile has line thru everything?

  • @alunsford1209

    Fucking impressive!

  • MylesofStyles

    Balls on a piano is all fine and dandy, but I prefer lips on an organ.

    • Nishtai

      You win

  • Nick Parsons

    There's a video of a Hispanic guy doing that also, and he's even better… it is pretty old though.

    • Beev

      • Nick Parsons

        Yes'sir, thank you!

        • deepwellbridge

          This one is fake as well. He is hitting completely different notes on the notes that repeat. Great juggler though.

  • Kcurr

    Mind blowen!

  • Lnt

    Hahaha I like how proud of himself he is at the end.

  • fake

    its fake… if you look closely you can tell. every time a key is pressed it plays the next note. he just moves up and down the keyboard to make it look somewhat realistic…

    • BillyF

      You are absolutely right…. just look at when he's playing a scale down, and the balls are all over the place. Good juggler though.

  • Jonny

    A lot of low quality Youtube videos don't have sound that sync correctly. That's why it looks fake. I've seen a lot of videos of people singing or playing instruments where it doesn't sync because they have crappy recording equipment.

    • toddlee57

      I think you need to get your eyes and ears checked. That looked and sounded pretty synced up to me. Also to back up the fake card, is why is it that everyone that does this plays the same song…?

  • NotFunAtParties

    There's actually a lot of people that do this, and some much faster than this.

  • Andi

    Holy Shit, John Malkovich can do anything

  • @BBKing77

    He's not even close to actually playing the right notes. The "keyboard" is programmed to just play the appropriate note no matter where the ball hits it.

  • PEP

    #46 , how am i the first one to post this? Chick is baddddd!

    • PEP

      i have no idea where i am…

  • @ztkraptor

    Too bad its completely fake..Someone broke down the act years ago..and showed how it was fake..good act tho..but fake

    • ...

      So what you're saying is that it's fake?

  • Flee

    why not say the worlds ONLY piano juggler?

  • Timmer

    Saw a guys this on America's got talent a coupe years ago, but he did it on a real piano sk you know it's real

  • Roff


  • Powerstroke

    I like how he shows his ball at the end

  • MjD

    FAKE!!!! Kinda. He is more a Drummer juggler than Piano juggler. each song is programed to advance with every strike from any object. Still pretty cool tho.

  • John

    He's not the only one out there, hardly the only one and certainly not the first.

    • Drew

      Thank you! I was wondering who was going to point this video out.

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