• knotmee

    Reminds me of Ronnie the limo driver

  • Ryan

    this is annoying. still love you chive but this one didnt do it for me…

  • IamwhoIam

    Good base to start from, good lyrics, and i like the guy. But he needs some better beats and something to make his voice not make it sound like a parody. The video was okay could do better but in general was impressed

  • deartragedy

    GRAMPA??!!! Oh god, not again…

  • Toasty Boyz

    Jesus. Hey guess what? Old/white people rapping hasn't been original or funny for 20 years now. (Anyone remember Stutter Rap?)

  • jim

    I was really feeling this until I realized he wasn't the cooperate color for rapping.

  • @McBeastie666

    I look forward to not watching him on next season's America's Got Talent.

  • no_angel

    Pullin some leg old man.

  • leetheguy

    A lot of criticism here. Let's see you get out of bed when you're 83, let alone get 2 hot chicks in it in a rap video.

  • Drew Andersen

    the fuck did i just watch?!

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