Hot Right Now: Gaps can help cure the Monday Blues (30 Photos)

This one is for all the blondes and brunettes who feel I’ve neglected them (54 Photos)

Redheads have the week off. But rest assured, they will be back in force next week. Blondes…brunettes….you have the floor.

  • chrisss

    #27 i love you

    • z chiver

      I've got anchorman on the mind saying "I want to be on you", I love my Canadian women

  • Huff

    Good lord. What an album…..

  • Dan

    why has #20 not been found yet?

  • srqFF

    #19 Winner!

    • zackgonick

      She needs to be found ASAP! Along with #3 and #27. Also, I love Stacy Kiebler (#37).

  • KhmerStory

    I get to marry Stacy Keibler?!?

  • bryanole27

    #23 #31 #33 #44 Any girl can have T&A, but a pretty face is something special. Oh my.

  • Jeff

    How could #16 be neglected for so long?

  • sanderson32

    #31 Marry me? I'm a sucker for dimples….anywhere….

  • Jeff

    54 I'm in love!

  • Jeff

    #49 your eyes are both beautiful & mesmerizing. Oh and how I'd love to count those freckles.

  • wkdfrog

    #37 FTW IMHO!

  • Matt

    What I wouldn't give to be the meat in an Alison Brie + Giilian Jacobs sammich…

  • Happy Cannuk

    Absolutely perfect, plz find!!!!

    • Kodos

      Agree; we have a winner

  • tyler

    more like FLBP!

  • Ebat

    #30 that butt is pretty craptastic..

    • billyjack13

      kinda flat…

  • Joel

    #8 and #31 where are they? Beautiful women that need to be found

    • brigwyn

      #31 has been found it's Nicole Taylor

  • driftwoodprose

    Would rather have had the redheads, but #15 #21 #38 will do just fine.

    • will rogers

      #38 is a porn star

    • nick

      #21 is the lovely ms. Emma Glover

  • JSJ

    I love blondes

  • Murph

    #24 Utani Utani!!!

    • Kodos

      just started up my sandcrawler

  • Crushbent

    #23 forever. Brunettes win everything.

  • BnB

    #47 #54 worth at least 10 more looks.

  • skinger

    #3 I call BS… she is clearly a ginger.

    • Adobe

      Exactly. "Let's have a post for blondes and brunettes."… Third girl suffers from gingervitis.

    • Bill Lumbergh

      She's a ginger?? Really did not notice her hair.

  • CSTXChiver

    #16 and #19

    Really don't need to say anything

  • Owen

    This puts even the best redhead post to shame!!

  • skinger

    #12 Where is your bike helmet? Safety first before sexy!

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