Wet is the new black (21 Photos)

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  • Ryan

    #38 fuckin gorgeous body, i demand MOAR

  • blank_form

    #9 and #40 made my thang move

  • eL Ray

    #35 pretty sure is a dude

  • DC3

    This needs to be a weekly post effective immediately!

  • Travis

    The best category I have ever seen!!!!!!!!

  • That Guy

    #42 I hope her name is Skool?


  • matt

    new fav post…keep it up

  • Tedward

    Why not have wet t-shirt Wednesdays chive????

  • jBird

    Ummm… What just happened?

  • ThePinto

    What is the new wet??

  • ObamaCriminal

    Why do you run adds for Obama? His administration is drafting a cyber security bill that makes SOPA look tame. Every single one of your pics that can be claimed under copyright will be a crime. Guess what? No more chive and possible criminal penalties for the chive admin and those who submit them. Wake up.

    • Truth

      Yes, if you want more jobs sent to India/China, definitely vote for Romney and republican Congress. Come to think of it, if you want more deregulated commerce (e.g., more mercury in the rivers; legalize credit default swaps), definitely vote republican. At the end of the day, Bush/Cheney inherited a record surplus and turned it into a record deficit- Cheney himself stated "deficits don't matter." Well, now the US dollar is weaker and we are still in Iraq for what? Wolfowitz said "the occupation of Iraq will pay for itself." Yeah, right. Republicans lie, lie, lie and if you want to help the 1%, vote them into Congress. You can't point to one policy that helps the middle class. I'm a 1% myself, but not dumb enough to vote against our own interests.

  • Icarus2112

    Ahhhrrrgggghhh…. Can't …..decide!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    #11 #12 wow

  • Shane

    More please….. love this installment, let's make it every week.

  • Aces dad

    Awesome All Around!


    Moar #29!

  • John Robert

    This post has no clear winner – due to there being so many beautiful girls shown – but the
    gorgeous woman in 36 is absolutely awesome. Thank you Chive.

  • fuxslutzbuttz

    Oh the glorious nipples! I'm I the only one that heard a epic choir music while scrolling through this?

  • johnnystyle25

    I'm late to the party, but considering this is the best post EVER, I still thought I'd say "Wow!"

    And #18 is gorgeous!

  • Digdug

    Standing OVation…….. Leo… THANK YOU… this was a master piece!

    I too vote for a weekly installment!


  • dopeydopeman

    Easily the best chive post EVER!!!

  • John

    Perhaps the best post ever!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #12 #17 – my lord, they've been vacuum-sealed.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –> http://twitter.com/KCCOVancity

  • Mr. Prez

    Without doubt the greatest post Chive has ever posted. Well done!

  • Wallmaster

    What is wrong with these girls? They are going to catch their death of cold from wearing that wet clothing.

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