Wet is the new black (21 Photos)

  • Ruffio

    Best post ever!!!!

  • Tom

    Good thing its Friday cause I plan on dreaming through the night and day till Sat night about what I just saw with my mind eyes

  • jerky

    #17 boom goes the dynamite

  • 99mike

    I want a 'Tap All' button for posts like this. Gawd Damn!

  • Tom

    This is better than Boobcritic cause this is theChive. Cant stop looking at this post.

  • jcb290

    Why is this STILL not in HD? Bueller? Buller?

  • http://twitter.com/womenwisperer @womenwisperer

    best post ever,i can't pick just one

  • http://twitter.com/j_calabaza @j_calabaza

    #3 Yes. All day yes.

  • Eggbert

    Chive……. I just had an epiphany. Women are better wet!

    Oh, and I really love nipples

  • http://mikedyess.info/bc/sex-deprived-joanna-krupa-gorgeous-oktoberfest-models-afternoon-dump/ Sex Deprived Joanna Krupa & Gorgeous Oktoberfest Models [Afternoon Dump]

    […] • Just so you know, wet is the new black […]

  • Jsin

    Great post! Needs to be a weekly thing.
    #11 for the win!

  • salgy07

    #4 omg curves!! damn

  • MonkeyMadness

    #12 Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Love the blue. 😉

  • MonkeyMadness

    #19 Those, my friends, are what we call perfect nipples! Yummy!

  • bdg

    #111 #29 and #46 Chive you know what to do!!!!! FTW

    • bdg

      #11 and #29 #43

  • Tyler P

    #6 Jesus titty fucking christ…

  • lttido

    Great boner ever, thanks Chive

  • Baba Booey

    I've got something wet for these chicks

  • Wetterizbetter

    Best post EVER!!! We need this weekly! Wet Wednesdays maybe?

  • Chuddy

    # 6 is sooooooo cute I could just look at her face, BUT I went lower for MOAR. # 12 great pool — I'd go for a swim anytime and I mean ANY TIME. #18 also very, very HOT. Great work Chivettes.

  • mnight


  • https://www.facebook.com/danlfixt Dan Beaulieu

    Omg… I can't even concentrate! #4,#6,#8,#11,#18,#42 #44… Winner is?? #6 moar!

  • PunxxxxxX

    #4 holy mother of god

  • Dr. Evil

    Make this gallery a regular feature!

  • Aladin

    #35 Umm that's a dude…

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