The first time Chivettes have come out to play (71 Photos)

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  • Husker girl

    This proud Nebraska girl is finally a chivette! #70 Yup that's me 🙂

    • SkofeALofe

      Well played!

  • Soxfan

    #3 Beautiful!

  • Zero

    #21 oh baby jesus

  • Kyle

    hey # 48 I'm from Seattle and my name is Kyle….

  • Aussie

    #37 need MOAR. She is the Hottest girl I have seen in a long time. Love the skirt

  • Sam

    #25 That gorgeous smile (among other things) really got me. Moar please!


    #54 moar, moar, moar!!!

  • sperr

    #2 best first time. hopefully not your last!

  • Kenneth

    Many beautiful Chivettes, Thank you All.

  • Michael

    #49 My G-d why has it taken so long for an Edmonton Chivette of your caliber so long to submit!?

  • Grumpy

    #59 – why do the best Chivettes always have the worst cameras? This in HQ would make my week.

  • Matthew Christian Allen

    No love for 22?? Amazing!! And Who Deyyyyy

  • Z3njack

    #23 Yes please

  • Brucebruce

    #24 have we met before. #23 more please. #70 you’re beautiful from what I can see.

  • willie

    54 and 67 moar

  • frank

    Dear #67 your lips are perfect! My empire for a Kiss!

  • Seattle Fan

    #59 I am Chad and I thank you very much!!! Please give us moar !!!!!

  • @womenwisperer

    What about #25

  • Me1

    Chive, #22 lives in Cincinnati!? You know what to do, find hottie that just moved to my city

  • chappy

    #54 more please

  • Squirrelin

    #23 #34 #37 YES Please!

  • Timbo

    #7 #42 MOAR!

  • WinchesterGuy

    #33 looks just like a girl from my High school… WHO IS SHE?!

  • T Man

    MOAR of #9!!!!!! She's perfect in every way AND she's a red hot chili peppers fan

  • Tenny

    #40….. must have more hottie!

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