Boy, that escalated quickly (50 Photos)

  • Tiber_Septim

    #10 gorgeous cat

    • Sam Smith

      jumping in the water will not save him.

      • Boo

        I think it might. He could stay underwater longer and probably swim faster. His fight or flight skills are working correctly.

        • ab dirty

          Indeed they are.. Would love to see how this plays out in the end.

          • Jimmyb

            Its all a show.

            • Rug

              your link is dead … just go to youtube and search Out of Africa tiger show … see if this link works

    • Kodos

      rooting for the tiger

  • Cee

    First again

    • Elle

      Everyone hates you

    • GeeROiD

      This guy is good!!

    • ColaChiver

      At least he actually is first unlike the Darwins that are on like the second page yelling first. You sir, get a thumbs up. haha

      • ColaChiver

        No, but really, you suck at life.

    • Mr. Marcus

      I don't understand this post

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #26 Jesus Christ that looks painful

    • RG3

      Cat would be dead

    • Nevenem

      what about long jeans?

    • that guy

      Screw that….next time just kill the cat and get a new clean one.

    • Loadedcarp

      I call bullshit. He fell in some briars or something. These are not cat scratches. They would be deeper and bloodier. Scratches wouldn't be on his legs anyway unless he was trying to wash the cat with his feet.

      • Tee

        You're supposed to wash cats with your feet, everyone knows that…

        • aaa


      • _DoC_

        Yeah, I think you're right. I was thinking "How many cats did he try to bathe at one time?

        Proper cat washing: take a mesh laundry bag, shove cat inside (easier said than done, but easier than a bath), hang from something that allows it close to the tub. Mesh allows water and soap through, but not cat….claws still go through though…watch that.

        • Gurudel

          Incorrect, proper cat washing technique is to place cat in toilet, close the lid, flush, add soap flush again, flush 2 more times to rinse then let cat out.

          • _DoC_

            LMAO…you sir are a genius. I shall amend my cat washing technique immediately!

          • Big Joe

            Wrong! Take cat to laundromat, add quarters to wash machine, throw cat in, leave cat!

    • SOhioChiver

      #26 try using a sink and a towel …dumbass

      • boom

        reason # 5674 why I HATE cats!!!!

    • Hank Hill

      Kill that demon beast and get a labrador. It'll just love you for bathing it.

      • guest

        My lab acts like I am abusing it when I give it a bath…but it still sticks its head between my legs and loves me as soon as its out

        • childishgambino

          sounds like you've trained your dog to do something else here…

    • Notknowing

      DOOD, cats bathe themselves. No need to put yerself in this situation. Dummy… Toilet idea is funny, though.

      • sfb101

        Exactly. Cat's don't need baths. That's what makes then so cool…

        • Red

          Pussy is cool, cats are not. Grow a pair.

    • oughtnot

      Looks like he tried to shave his legs with a messed up razor …. notice they are NOT hairy legs.

    • ChiveMaster

      Don't cats usually wash themselves? Why go through that hassle?

  • Wet_tosti

    #14 Dear Chive, Does world animals day says anything to you?

    • MylesofStyles

      Yes. It says, "WTF Does That Even Mean Day"

    • AllTaco

      Does anything says means to you for what it say?

      • Mefer

        ^ I know funny and that is funny,

    • BTME

      Yes, world animal day is the glorious day when we all go outside and gather around a BBQ or open fire and grill the flesh of tasty animals and drink copious amounts of beer.
      This is a weekly holiday starting on Friday afternoon and ends sometime on Sunday.
      Now, shut up and grill that moose.

  • Hambone

    #49 Burn the entire house down…

    • SuperiorTo8

      Welcome to Australia. Meet the average household pet

    • ryan


    • SOhioChiver

      blowtorch and a can of white paint, (to cover up any scorch marks). Done

      • OhioChiver

        Well done SOC…well done!

      • Colin

        Despite what your Uncle told you while handing you a pink dress to put on for picture time, you can't cover the emotional scars with "white paint"

      • _DoC_

        Better yet, can of white spray paint and a lighter….torch and paint in one pass.

      • Anomanom

        Make sure you get the adds first!

    • bob

      i vote the banana pic be permanently removed from the interwebs, seriously, you post it like every f*king day

    • @nickinwarcal

      fuck that at least 94 times

    • Red

      One word: RAID!

    • Sick350Z

      …and never build there again. And #8 is the Brazilian wandering spider and it can kill you.

    • Kodos

      nuke it from orbit

    • Christopher

      kill it……. kill it with fire!

  • Picard_

    #19 Oh, cookie cookie cookie starts with 'C'.

    • SOhioChiver

      you mean Oh, cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie starts with "C'.

      • StuBABY


    • heywood jablowme

      not if Romney gets his way.

  • Jason

    #49 I would never go into that damn house again

    • majorfathead

      I saw a spider in my bathroom the other day, I calmly pulled some toilet paper off the role, went outside and \used the toilet paper to set the house on fire and burned it down,,,, problem solved

  • R.A. Dickey

    OMG #3 is absolutely ADORABLE!!

    • edd

      thats atlantic city bus station. you do tend to see shit like this there.

    • gnocco

      why does Disney make Mickey Mouse onesies that large?

      • you

        why not? u know u'd rock them

  • SuperiorTo8

    #9 I must begin stockpiling. I may not want to live on this planet soon

    • that guy

      Already started……I have a pig and and a half worth of pork in the "ole"freezer

      • 6655321

        Picked up 5 pound of bacon from the butcher today. Half a pig from the farmer to the butcher to my bowels.

  • suck me dry

    suck me all the way off

    • professor

      no thank you

    • Alb

      Welcome back for another month

  • Natasha

    #26 My bath doesnt like cats

  • YahooSerious

    #18 Reminds me of a joke, God asks Adam "Where did Eve go?" . Adam responds "Well she down to the river to bathe". God responds "Oh no, now all the fish will smell of Eve""

  • Sarah

    #49 O_O

  • Nevenem

    #7 you got something on your… nevermind…

    • VCB

      Maybe she lives in the house with the spiders.

  • Chester

    Mitt the Slit

    • 0331

      I believe the site your looking for is reddit.

    • Notknowing

      Mitt the Shit

  • BuildWithBareHands

    I've seen in the past three years perhaps one picture from Finland on Chive, now there's two in "..escalated quickly". The irony…KCCO
    #13, #14

    • BuildWithBareHands

      or freakishly similar incidents

    • Androaz

      Yea saw that too 😛 #13 was driven by logistics student IIRC

    • 6655321

      What irony?

  • Andy Valentine

    #4 – How you know your child is going to end up taking the short bus to school

    • SOhioChiver

      maybe the floor is wet

    • Anomanom

      How you know your kid will grow up to be a facebook tool.

  • unstablegirl

    #3 "Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can't you see
    sometimes your onesies just hypnotize me."

    • salmonpack

      And I just love your flashy PJ's, guess that's why they broke and you're so paid.

  • Andy Valentine

    #27 – I'm getting married to my redhead on Sunday, and this is how I feel right now

    • scotology

      Congratulations, good sir

    • SOhioChiver

      pump her in the ass for me

    • Jay

      Congrats, treat her good!

      • SOhioChiver

        yeah that's what I meant

    • Master_Rahl

      congrats, man.

    • Andy Valentine

      Cheers, guys. It's going to be a hell of a day

    • Notknowing

      This gif reminds me of the humping robot on Robot Chicken.


    Ever notice how in horror movies its not the weapon that scares you? Nice face #36 [shudders]

  • M4jestic

    #10 no one saw him ever again

    • S_Giacomazzi

      I Thought it was a chubby girl? Oh well….

    • MonkeyMadness

      I'm pretty sure that's a woman… unless you're talking about the tiger.

  • BLAH

    #26 and at what point did you come to that conclusion?

    • SOhioChiver

      I think your cat doesn't like YOU

  • Art

    #3 Big Black is lost without Rob Dyrdek

  • iain

    How many reposts and shitty originals can you fit in to one gallery? This is the benchmark.

    • Tiffany

      And you, well I simply don't like you

  • MonkeyMadness

    #18 What's up with all the manta ray pictures on people's backs lately?

    • Nevenem

      that escalated quickly…

    • SOhioChiver

      at least the manta ray is having a good time

      • MonkeyMadness

        Manta rays are notorious photo bombers. That hickey is going to be hard to explain.

    • Notknowing

      I got it done when I went on the tour in Grand Cayman. The water is waist high and miles from land. Thats where the manta rays hang out.

      • MonkeyMadness

        It sounds really cool. They don't bite, I guess the terrified looks on people's faces just means they're chicken shits.

      • MonkeyMadness

        Do the rays get on people's backs by themselves or what?

        • listen lady

          No, yo can see a guy's hand holding it up.

          • listen lady


    • Steve Z.


    • Hrdwood

      same look on my face when I had a monkey on my back… then I went to rehab.

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