The talented idiots at Sky Combat Ace let me fly a stunt plane (7 Photos, 1 Video)

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  • I-NeeD-$$

    The first 24 seconds is the best. "What did you do?" " I got hammered drunk" hahahahahhaha

  • BigSkySills

    You know what Maverick…..You stink

  • Sky Combat Ace

    John and Chris, it was great having you guys fly with us. Next time you come to Las Vegas, stop in and say hey, it will be your turn to make us puke… Chive On!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #7 – oh chris. lol. the best part was when he swallowed his own upchuck. just sayin'. haha.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • TX Chiver

    Best. Shit. Ever.

  • JPL

    I live right below where you guys were dogfighting. I pulled over to watch for about 30 minutes. I must say, I was very impressed.

    The area they flew over is very hilly, and they were diving in and out of canyons and behind ridges. I was pissed at how jealous I was of you guys. Little did I know, It was actually the Chive editors I was being jealous of. Again.

  • Brent

    That was fantastic, I so want to do that.

  • David Gorski

    My wife bought me a flight at sky combat ace in las vegas a few years ago on my birthday! shes so fucking awesome!!! fucking bad ass!

  • Anonymous

    That”s awesome! I love the opening cred! I think it was one of the hardest games on the NES! I could never refuel in the air! I also have a friend who would try to call me out on stuff like that… You showed him! hahahahahaha your friend is a tubro puss!

  • Flash

    We had a great time flying with the John (flew with "Tex") and Chris (flew with me). Love the site guys… We'll give chivers a discount if they mention TheChive when they book (KCCO special discount because you asked, matt) Wear your Chive swag and we'll get you a Chive worthy photo ;-). You bring the idea, Bikini and/or Jordan Carver and we'll get the shot. "Flash"
    See some other happy customers at:

    • SATXChiver

      You guys are running a great operation! My wife enjoyed the flight I and enjoyed learning a lot and logging some instructional time!

  • SATXChiver

    Wife and I had a great time at SCA Las Vegas!
    Very safe flight!

  • Theresia


  • tha next zane

    #7 yes!! love the laceless chucks. i've got two pairs

  • Collinson

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  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    I sure did get dizzy watching that shit. Incredible. I don't think I'd last 2 minutes up there without charfing 34 times. But I'd try it once…


  • Mighty

    #7 lol, I'm sold where do I sign!

  • William Souvignier

    AWESOME ! I so envy you !

    KCCO !

  • Dave

    John, call Kenny Loggins because you're in the..DANGER ZONE

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