HTML codes found in real life (35 Photos)

This is sadly proof I spend way too much time on computers…

  • r1rider

    #23 wins!

  • Los


  • dave


    • TheYesMan25


      • Rick_

        Or <dumb />

    • Chiver


      • TheYesMan25

        wow ^^^ real original guy

  • toastymoe

    I don't get it… Post more hot chicks

    • OhioChiver

      <boobs> </enlarge> 😉

  • Mr. A. Knife

    This was just as dumb the first time i seen it on Izismile 2 mins ago.

    • True story

      I know they pull half there pics from there. Sometimes right in the same order. Lazy drunk bastards. Me Jealous

      • HolyFuck

        Right. That's why Mac keeps showing up on that hack site's threads.

  • bryan

    first time i ever said this. fail! chive fail

  • Frank

    <yawn> </yawn>

  • KCO617

    Shake the Columbus Day hangover and give us something to work with here, fellas.

  • TheYesMan25

    yeah there are no attractive girls here….I'm out!

  • hi mom

    i'm so confused

  • Piper


  • The_Orange

    You're killing me here Bob…

  • McBoogerballs
  • savagecabbage

    The FUCK is this????????

  • mustang


  • jerry

    One of the worst posts I've seen on thechive. Get it together boys. Looks like my 6 year old made this in paint

  • Buck

    Nothing remotely entertaining here. Posts like this make me embarrassed that I've told so many people about theChive. Your actions reflect poorly on my character today Chive.

    • Martin

      I think you should stop holding back. Tell us what you really think.

  • Rob

    < lame> </lame>

  • callmemaybe

    I don't get it

    • Martin

      Even if you *do* get it, only about 5 of them are funny.

  • Chris C.

    <stupid> this post </stupid>

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    Swing and a miss….

  • Head Chef

    This is bad 😦

  • Matt

    No <!DOCTYPE> …
    Rendering in Quirks Mode

  • bob


  • Macro


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