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The Canadian KCCO Chivette: Karissa (12 HQ Photos)

Ever since the Canadian KCCO's first became available a couple months ago, we've had one of our good friends, Karissa, modeling anything Canadian we make. I dunno' why, she just has a cool Canadian vibe.

You've been emailing me asking for more of the Canadian KCCO Chivette so we had a quick photoshoot the other morning for y'all.

For only the second time, Canadian Military KCCO's will be available tomorrow, Oct. 11th at 3pm EST at on theCHIVERY. Because we truly believe we have enough stock this time, you DO NOT NEED to be a member of the Canadian Military to score a shirt.

As always, good luck!

Canadian KCCO’s available tomorrow right here on theCHIVERY.

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  • will

    #9, #10

    Holy Sideboob

    • Mekrob821

      I second that statement

      • Brian Herbert

        Jesus! Best sideboob ever!

    • rugerhoyt

      That is just splendid!!!!

    • JESSE

      These photos didn't not give me a chub.

    • sam

      #10 oh its almost there, just move, just a little, oh please god!

    • F3n1x187

      Out of words amazing!!

  • Chris

    took me a while to notice a gun on the bed!

    • Guardian

      There was a gun in that post? I will have to go back over those pics a few dozen times…

    • Baffled

      I honestly didn't ever notice it haha

      • Max

        Shut the fuck up you unobservant twat. Act like you've seen a pair of tits in real life before.

        • J.S. Wright

          Sounds like *you* need to see a few more.

          • Big D

            Yep, someone needs a timeout and a hug

    • dollarbill

      what bed?

    • rambo

      Paintball gun

    • Chris

      seriously didn't notice there was a gun until the bathroom picture hahaha

  • dan

    Side boob is so sexy!

  • Deborah


    such a cute smile

    • Falthor

      I was about to say the same thing… the only other thing i can say is, DAMN that shirt is too loose on her… 🙂

  • KCO617

    #10 just a little bit further…come onnnn…..

    • Squints

      You got it! Pull it up!

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      that's just incredibly perky. love it.



    #8,#9,#10 Ohhhh Canada.

  • fantastic


    Cup of coffee, automatic weapon, sideboob.

    I'm ready world!

    • Jason

      its a paintball gun not automatic weapon dumbass

  • baddbuzz


  • jmstech

    Obviously a paintball gun. But, that really wasn't what I was looking at…

    • Guardian

      Wouldn't be quite so obvious if they had taken the feed tube off…

      • Dave

        Just no place to put the mag… not obvious at all

    • Oops

      Could tell right away in pic 2 with that button on the side.

  • A22

    that house is ridic

  • spike

    #8, #9, #10
    But where's the tshirt?
    Is the mug canadian?

  • Tim

    #1 big ol feet

    • Irish Chive

      Feet are alright by me

    • JESSE

      More to suck on

    • none yo

      It's called perspective. things that are closer too you appear bigger in comparison to what is further away.

    • thorsky

      You're a dipshit………….

  • daren


    It's a good life.

    • Tiber_Septim

      Love thy neighbor, Canadian Chivettes rock!

  • Munyshot

    Gadzooks! I could wake up to that. #4

  • dirtybirds24

    I cant lie Canadian Chivettes be holding it down..

  • Boobman

    One thing I love aboot my home land is that our national anthem makes every women do there "O" face….Oh Canada..EH!

    • North

      Love our country! Lets all go have a beer

  • Ishbar

    Damn Canadians are just to damn hot!

  • Tillman61

    #10 The Chive chose wisely…

    • ninechive
    • Jen

      i love that she is a little bit classy with it. we cant see all up in her butthole like some of the girls. and she has a gorgeous face and smile.

  • AdamBaldick

    She should come to the Calgary Chive meet-up

  • No2ndAmmendmentinCA

    Hot girl with a paintball gun. That works.

  • Dave

    Way cute, way to many clothes on. Love the smile though. #11

  • Dan

    She's not that hot. She's not that hot. She's not that hot. She's not that hot.

    Ok, I'm lying, she's stupid hot!

  • PatPat

    #11 Is that an: "Ireland, it's my island" shirt?

    • PhilK

      I was going to ask this question too. Does anybody know?

  • djstout17

    #1 Ohhh Canadaaaaa. My lord this woman is sexy. Thank you great white north for your sexy women and for hockey. kcco

  • tralfaz

    She is fantastic & fuck you John.

    • tralfaz


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