theCHIVE’s awesomely debaucherous New Orleans Meetup (39 HQ Photos)

Last week, theCHIVERS made our way down to the Big Easy to raise a glass with our NOLA Chivers. You can find us down there every 6 months doing horrible things to ourselves anyway, so we decided to make it official.

Thanks to Seven Psychopaths for making all of this possible. The film opens this Friday, October 12th. We screened the film for all the Chivers before the meetup, it's freaking hysterical.

Thanks again to the Bourbon Cowboy for making the meetup so amazing. It's always great to throw a meetup at a place where all the employees are Chivers.

And thanks especially to all the hundreds of Chivers who showed up to KCCO. It's hard to describe what a Chive Meetup is like until you actually attend one; there's not an ounce of negativity or douchbaggery in the room, just a bunch of awesome people who share a common bond looking to have the best time of their lives… like, ever.

For the first time here I’m announcing out next stop is… SEATTLE! You’ve won us over, guys and gals. Your input on which city gets the next meetup is always welcome, Chivers.

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  • everett_chiver

    Seattle, awesome. when and where and i'm there

  • Ct Chiver

    Please Please Chive have a Hartford Connecticut Meetup! i don't meet enough Chivers and Chivettes up here :[ having a meet up make them come out of hiding!

  • Chelsea Stead

    Uhh so you guys already know we're having an unofficial one in Springfield IL on December 15th…
    In the name of WolverAbe (we are the land of Lincoln after all…) let's make it official.
    It's already gonna be huge and it all helps out a BAD ASS organization.
    Seriously. ❤
    I'll be the chivette in the Taylor Morris shirt. =]

  • TheRealRainmaker2112

    I'm definitely coming down to Seattle from the "just south of the Northern border"! Bringing Chivettes too! Looking forward to meeting The Chive crew, chivers & chivettes in a big way!

    Now have to decide, Bill Murry, green KCCO, BFM, military sand or blue, or ??? to wear? No matter, Seattle will be the shiniest Emerald City (like the KCCO shirt)

  • Gadda Cheese

    WTF's going on here? sexayy


  • Long Duc Dong


  • AZ Chiver


  • Jon


  • SaintsChivette

    #34 Keep Calm & Who Dat? I'm in love with you sir! – Love; Saints Chivette

  • Pablo

    #35 Girl in white, just… perfect!

  • GI Joe

    #32 You had one job!!!! Keep her finger out of her nose……..

  • Mattespo

    The next meetup should be in CHICAGO. Where all the magic began!!!

  • dsatkins

    You all need to come to Virginia Beach/Norfolk!!!

  • Bill Snickers

    Yeah buddy!!! Seattle meet up will be sick. Gotta be some place close to Dicks as mentioned by a previous sexy chivette in her picture last week. Also you have to get (her) Rae Solomon and her band to rock out the event. You'be posted a handful of pics of her sexiness. Let all the chivers meet her and hear her live. Can't wait! I recommend Jillians in downtown.

  • tap

    Chive = white-only, 24-35 year old clones (plus the site owners approaching 40), wearing identikit t-shirts with a mental spectrum running from 'girls through football and awesome to beer' Pathetic? Yes, definitely.

  • BostonGeorge

    Looks like a big ol sausage party. Ouch!

  • John Shea


  • bdg

    #35 Find Her!!!!!!!!!!

  • MoMeRob

    Was your bartender Squirrel? She's awesome, I used to work with her at Cat's Meow.

  • Nemo

    #25 lol just found a drunk pick with you at Shadys, Chive on!

  • Jason

    Bring it to Charlotte, NC!!!! Party Downtown.

  • Peter Weber

    Yeah Seattle! That's awesome can't wait

  • NOFD423

    #9 you must help me FIND HER!!!!!! she is sexy and i really want to buy her drinks….

  • tvsaint

    I had a blast if ya'll come back to Nola I'll def go again. The wife even had a blast and she isn't a chivette… Yet!

  • TRuffs

    Columbus Ohio meetup! Papapapalease!

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