Dave on Wheels has slipped into a coma…

dave on wheels Dave on Wheels has slipped into a coma...


Last night, Dave on Wheels signed off the internet with the Tweet above and slipped into a coma.

Dave checked into the hospital last week after experiencing shortness of breath. Doctors suspected he might have pneumonia and their worst fears were confirmed a couple days ago.

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I’m writing to tell you that the family is making Dave as comfortable as possible right now, it appears we may be losing Dave.

Dave’s sister has written the complete story on Dave’s current condition on Dave’s blog. She thanks the Chivers for all their support and has requested that everybody follow her on Twitter for any future updates.

We noticed this morning that many Chivers were changing their Twitter user names by adding ‘On Wheels’ to the end of their handles, theCHIVE has followed suit.

We will continue to update you here as the information arrives. Our thoughts and prayers are with Dave and his family right now. Dave has survived two comas previously. Even though this one seems impossibly worse, nobody is ruling out a miracle and we continue hoping for Dave to pull through.


John n’ Leo

  • Trippleye333

    Our our prayers are with Dave and his family right now…

    • Really?

      If this is sadly it, the Chive, with the help of Erin and the rest of the Chivers made him an incredibly happy and loved man. He's smiling while he's fighting, that's for sure. He was shown a lot of love at one of the times he needs it most. Hopefully that helps.

      • JohnMcClane_

        God Bless Dave. It takes a special person to have had his humor and optimism despite his circumstances. Thoughts and prayers for Dave.

      • CanadianMedic

        DaveOnWings. Don't let this young mans inspiration be lost. Make someone smile in his honour today!

    • Clint

      Keep Calm and Wheel On!

      • Terwilliger

        Wheel On!

    • ChrisOnWheels

      He's passed away as on about 8:15pm. Peace be with you, and I hope you have left your wheels to be free in heaven.

      • http://www.facebook.com/ladybughug Tyler Dean

        T shirts with proceeds to help his sister pursue her dream!!!

      • John

        RIP, my condolences to his family and friends

      • Pete

        Not quite sure whether to "thumb up" that note or not as its such sad news, but thanks for letting us know. Condolences to all his loved ones.

      • PiratesFan

        He lived a far happier life than most people could ever hope for. Truly an inspiration.

    • Rees

      My thoughts and prayers

    • TiberSeptimonWheels

      Dave taught me many things but something I didn't know, It is a little thing but He taught me that when you are in a coma, you dream. I didn't know that. did anyone else?

  • Eddie

    It sucks the kraken is ineffective here. Except for well wishes!

    • ErikaMLG

      @miracleonwheels Be strong my little buddy. Your perseverance is admirable and your humour, a level to contend with.

      Rest easy and I promise around 2,000 chiv-angels will surround your twitter account and many more will surround your heart.

      To Dave's family: you are truly honored to have such a positive person in your life. I was just as honored to have my brother with similar circumstances in my life. I will never know why I complain about my healthy life and why he never complained about his shitty life.

      Perspective is the great enlightenment.

  • Kitten

    Keep Calm Dave and his family! He can pull through this!

    • Jimbo

      Hang in there Buddy! Army of prayers behind you KCCO!

  • http://www.facebook.com/toffog87 Joe Meade

    The chive community is behind you! Kcco

    P.s. kick that comas ass again!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/troy.schreurs Troy Schreurs

      We're not a community. We're a nation!!

      • joe

        I stand corrected.

    • MJ M

      RIP, Dave. You have inspired.

    • bonitaChiver

      Well said!

  • bloke

    Reading through his sisters updates and the blog it really looks like this could be it, I'm glad the chive brought him to my attention and I decided to follow him on twitter as even for the short time that it was he's been an inspiration.

    • JSJ

      I just got chills over my body when I read the headline. I really hope this isn't it. Wish there was more we could do. Everyone in the world can learn something from such an inspirational guy like Dave.

      • bloke

        If I ever meet someone who's in the same situation as Dave I'll be aware that there's a person there who doesn't need to be patronized or talked down to just because they can't communicate what they are feeling immediately.

  • Lebowski

    KCCO Dave!

  • Drunk@0730

    Praying for Dave and his family!!!

  • ItsRightHereRay

    Bad news indeed hope things go better and he pulls through

    • acupofjoe

      He's got this!

  • wantomas

    Angel spit always works…..hang in there Dave!!!!

  • bobbonginheimer

    KSWO Dave! #ChiveNation is fighting along side you!

  • ChiverOnWheels

    Praying for you Dave.

  • nwf

    Hope he pulls though. Strength and comfort to the family.

  • The Bacon Chronicles

    I hate this:(

    Thinking of Dave and his family – come on Dave!

    • The Bacon Chronicles

      Sorry if this seems self-serving… I was laying in bed and wanted to check to see how Dave was doing. I started seeing the RIP comments and saw his sister posted his final blog. I'm just in tears. I've never met Dave but I was just inspired by him. I woke up my husband because I'm a crying vagina and just feel awful at all the mundane shit I get upset about and here's Dave with his amazing outlook on the world. I've never had to have a post where I told a loved one, well if I don't make it post this, if I do, trash it.

      I wish to be 1/infinite the person Dave was.

      Having a beer and going to bed. Fuck today:(

  • Jade

    Keep fighting, Dave!

  • bob_the_cook

    Stay Strong Dave, the Chive nation is pulling for you.

    • bob_the_cook

      RIP Dave.

  • bones

    Good luck buddy!

    • TiberSeptimonWheels

      R.I.P Dave_on Wheels. God, Please bless his family and Dave, Please watch over them in their time of need.
      Amen. To Dave's family I am truly sorry for your loss. The worlds loss as well he is truly a great man

  • chrisONWHEELS


    • Question_Mark_

      Question_Mark_ONWHEELS is sending happy thoughts your way, Dave. KCCO

  • AB

    Hang on buddy.

  • TalkingMonkey

    Hate it when the Chive makes me tear up


    Keep Strong Chive On

  • pear

    My ❤ goes out to Dave and his family…thanks for the update… thoughts & prayers

  • Zedhere

    KCCO Dave, you are an inspiration to us all.

  • Dukes

    Best wished to Dave and his family……

    • Dukes


  • adam

    Dave hang in there man. We are all praying for you and your family. Hooe you pull through I know you will man.

  • Machew

    Hang in there buddy we are all prayong for you!

    • Yep

      Wow, I just realized Its the first i made it to the second comment page to read all the great comments. Keep praying chivers. He's gonna pull through.

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