Dave on Wheels has slipped into a coma…

dave on wheels Dave on Wheels has slipped into a coma...


Last night, Dave on Wheels signed off the internet with the Tweet above and slipped into a coma.

Dave checked into the hospital last week after experiencing shortness of breath. Doctors suspected he might have pneumonia and their worst fears were confirmed a couple days ago.

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I’m writing to tell you that the family is making Dave as comfortable as possible right now, it appears we may be losing Dave.

Dave’s sister has written the complete story on Dave’s current condition on Dave’s blog. She thanks the Chivers for all their support and has requested that everybody follow her on Twitter for any future updates.

We noticed this morning that many Chivers were changing their Twitter user names by adding ‘On Wheels’ to the end of their handles, theCHIVE has followed suit.

We will continue to update you here as the information arrives. Our thoughts and prayers are with Dave and his family right now. Dave has survived two comas previously. Even though this one seems impossibly worse, nobody is ruling out a miracle and we continue hoping for Dave to pull through.


John n’ Leo

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