• butters

    Don't eat me

    • Dwide_Schrude

      Is that… Is that Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones??

      • Mr. Millard

        Not him. But he is the first guy on the internet to coin the phrase; "Haters gonna hate"

        true story

      • sean

        Call of Duty Fat Ops, Ninja's Revenge – It is all about how they built a refinery that processes plastics on the site of his families burial grounds and he will destroy all water bottles until his ancestors have peace!

      • Arnold

        "Water Botltes Do Not Hit Back"

    • Solitaire

      At first I lol'd,
      but then i realized that that fat kid really hates water and has really sharp swords.
      Someone should tell him to slice up hamburgers and drink the water.

      • deadpool

        lmao!! So true!!

    • chicken clapper

      He recycles plastic….not lives.

    • Nate

      All you have to do is run, no, walk away. Lets just hope he doesnt have throwing knives.

    • https://www.facebook.com/anterio.tate Anterio Tate

      This looks great for hunting water out in the wild. But the real issue is getting the wild water bottles to line up like that. These are obviously trained water bottles, break in captivity. In the wild, they rarely travel in herds. You'd be lucky to get 2 or 3 at once.

  • B to the G

    What a waste of water!

    • samjamead

      Let's hope he recycles the bottles.

      • pew pew

        Think of the hours of entertainment this guy provides for his neighbors

    • Mike D

      His mom is going to be pissed

    • Yo Yo Ma

      It's like the H2Olocaust

    • Duber

      At least he is getting some exercise.

    • truth

      Something tells me that is the closest he has come to drinking water in a LONG time.

    • AllanA

      Rule #1: Cardio
      Yah he's the first one to go

    • deadpool

      Had the same thought.
      Than I thought if I had those kinda swords I probably do the same to the bottles. But after I drank the water in them and fill it up with tab water…but wait…that's stil a waste…darn!!!

    • thefauqur

      You notice he only wasted 2 Diet Cokes. I bet that was only because they were diet…

    • Steve

      Who the hell cares? He paid for them he can do with them as he pleases.

      • The Fox

        Wow someone is all bent out of shape and takes life waaaaay too seriously. Your on the wrong site son!

    • SpacemanSpiff

      "Goddammit Keith! We're in the desert !"

      – fellow crash survivors

    • Suel21

      so this is whats happening to the worlds fresh water supply…

    • Joe


    • Wow!

      I was thinking just that! There are millions of malnourished people in this world, and this dude is wasting water like its no big deal… Loser!

    • Jonny Q

      The world's most abundant natural resource? If anything, what was the budget for this EPIC movie?

    • Tank

      No shit. There are people all over the world literally dying for lack of water. Bad fat ninja, bad, bad!!

    • jboy

      we shit in water. don't say shit..

  • Kyle

    Beverly Hills Ninja

    • Mr. Rodgers

      Am I the only one who thinks this was kind of cool?

      • ps86

        yea, i was afraid to admit, but some of them were

    • John

      Is that Don Vito's son?

    • jreddy23

      FOUND: The Great White Ninja…Some Say It Is So.

    • wrong

      Your wrong, he is a samurai.

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    This is like Batman Begins… if Bruce Wayne's parents had been mugged and murdered by a bottle of Fiji water.

    • twd22285


    • dskljfjks

      If he could only cut the cellulite.

    • nerevarine

      u mean fatman begins right?

  • Snuggly

    When will the mindless acts of violence against the noble water bottles stop? WHEN.

    • This.

      He's preparing for the zombie apocalypse since for obvious reasons they'll all be after him first..

  • Pandamancer

    What did the water ever do to you??

    • ryankarisma


      and killed his sensai….

  • Matt

    Katanas are awesome

  • Canadian Student

    If you want to learn how to use a sword, or a knife or whatever that's fine. But for fucks sake get training, or don't make a video of you looking like a jackass.

    • Turtle

      Don't be Candian if you want to talk shit.

      • https://www.facebook.com/trevor.muxlow Trevor Muxlow

        It's Canadian you fucking idiot

      • Seth

        Take off eh, fucking hoser.

        • ps86


          • nilloc_99

            not hoosier as in the sports team or the tire company.
            its HOSER. as in "take off you hoser."


    • ottawabouncer

      With that much weight behind each strike, he could have gone thru all those things with a fucking popsicle stick or Q-Tip.

      • that guy

        nice deduction

    • Haryn

      Here is the thing, he is holding the sword the right way, and swinging it in correct directions, not randomly. He clearly is a student of kenjutsu or has great passion for it. You sir, are the jackass.

      • http://Www.kumdo.com.au Kumdo practitioner

        Though he holds the sword almost the right way, his cutting technique is quite poor. Very dangerous to himself. If he does do a Martial Art he must still be on his first couple of belts. No teacher would encourage cutting techniques like that. Cutting down in towards ones self is not going to turn out good ok 🙂 I have seen people cut into their legs doing that. If anyone is going to be stupid enough to try cutting without training, for the love of god cut like casting a fishing rod so the sword is thrown at the target away from ur body!

        • tim

          I saw him cut 81 bottles without cutting his leg. Looks like he knows what he's doing.

    • Don Rickles

      You, sir, are clearly unaquainted with the internet works. On behalf of humanity let me welcome you to Earth.

    • Boondock

      You're from Canadia eh?

  • KayakAggie

    I really hope he recycles!!!

    • Ghilo

      He makes videos reviewing those blades. You just gotta be an asshole cuz he's got some weight on him?

      • John

        It's about water waste.

      • KayakAggie

        I don't see how my comment would be construed as assholic? I in no way commented about his weight or my feelings towards this video. Your reply is moot.

    • Jeramie

      hahaha, thats exactly what I was thinking and I wonder what his neighbours think.

  • Shak

    And not as single vagina was seen that day…

    • bammm

      Or ever

    • Mikey

      His swords protect his virginity

    • Shaboom

      Hey man, he slays water. Not vagina!

      • Sharpy

        False, Redtube.

    • Haos

      Unless you count the dimples in his arm fat..

  • NebraskaGuy

    No water bottle is safe with this guy around!!

    But his virginity is! 😉

    • jreddy23

      Yeah, he should put his virginity in a water bottle to see if that solves the problem.

    • RooFeeOOO

      Is it me or did he get fatter as the video progressed?

  • http://www.facebook.com/andyr65 Andy Russell

    This man hates water bottles.

    • Reebus

      And losing is virginity.

    • Mike

      Stay away from these water bottles.

  • CowboyChiver

    Sweet video bro… Ladies, the line forms to the left.

  • factchecker

    why does he hate water so much? Or is it the bottle that he hates for caging the water so.

    • Robzombie

      He hates the water because it has no calories

    • Adam Warlock

      It is not one of the 4 food groups. Hamburgers, French Fries, Deep fried butter and Ketchup.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andyr65 Andy Russell

    I mean I knew he hated diet coke.

  • Anthony

    Why is he so pissed at the seltzer water?

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  • adum

    i wish i lived across the street from him

  • Cornholio

    Where's that little black child meme when you need it?

  • Matt

    That got old fast.

    • JSJ

      Yep, I stopped 16 seconds in, still was too long.

  • Ronald M.

    how about cutting a few hundred calories out of your diet.

    • Sam

      its gonna take a little more than one hundred a day.

      • Sam


    • 5280Blazin

      Surely you meant thousand

    • bananajuice


  • Everclear

    You realize half the people who comes to Chive have had or still do have a WoW account.

    • Not even close

      Don't you ever speak for half of us

    • Z_b

      and what's wrong with that?

    • svp

      Thumbs up if you don't. Cuz I don't.

    • basic

      No they don't…..

    • VoiceOfReason

      Do you have any actual proof of that? Trying to state a fact with no actual proof makes you look pretty dumb lol.

    • Dennis

      I play wow and have never owned a katana mi Gigi and never will. I'm also not 900 lbs and have never used a hoodie to look like a ninja. However. Halloween is coming up and I think I have a old AE hoodie so maybe ill dress as this guy. Oh and if you don't play wow then that's your loss I think it's a fun game so eat me. Oh and I have a kid so I got laid at least once… Doesn't matter had sex.

  • Justin

    Water Bottle Genocide.

    • Cory

      If your a water bottle you might be in trouble.

  • Savethewater

    This guy has a deep seated hatred for water bottles.

  • Gogo

    As a child, he witnessed his whole family being killed by a bottle. Now he's out for revenge.

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