• its_BACON

    Because …FUCK YOU water!

  • Spaz

    Why do my pants feel tight?

  • Reservoir_Dog

    This dude is totally set ………. for when the water bottle apocalypse comes!

  • Shik505

    He’s actually pretty accurate with the sword, but he’s got so much weight that he can’t move well around the fat. If he dropped 100 ~ 150lbs, he’d be pretty good… sad actually to have enough discipline to work at that so hard but not enough to watch what he eats and exercise…

  • Etienne

    This guy dislikes water so much

  • Antifreakazoid

    Glad to see Chumlee getting out from the pawn shop for a change.

  • Srbecko

    I don't think the diet coke is working

  • Albertbirddog

    The dudes a straight up stud– we bow to you mighty sensay

  • Smitty

    With all that water flying around I can't see there being a dry vagina for miles

  • WhatThe

    Funniest thing was the bottle that said"diet" on it. You know he didn't drink that one.

  • Jordan lazowski

    Want to play karate in the garage dale

  • kooks

    That you Chum Lee?

  • tim

    I bet he kills a few Mt. Dews as well.

  • TheDude

    Good luck at trying to cut me when I'm shooting you from 50 yards out, fatty.

  • mrmin24

    Someone owes me 161s

  • Shitzoo

    Well hes damn well ready for an apocolypse! Except for the whole water wasting part..
    And im sure he could kick my ass but i could probably outrun him. No doubt.

  • Dylan

    Making a video of you slicing water bottles = virgin

  • TFC B

    Sliced 81 bottles with battle weapons…

    Grounded by Gramma for not recycling

  • Roxy1886

    His mom would be pissed if she found out where all of the beverages she's been buying ended up.

  • Kiwi

    Tha escalated quickly

  • Lax

    I wonder if the old man knows what chumlee is doing during his shifts?!

  • Drmzindec

    I Hope he doesnt catch me!

  • lunchboxninja

    wow, pure awesomeness haha, he looks like a cartoon with his ninja outfit. I bet he's fighting off the girls after that display.

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