Boy, that escalated quickly (56 Photos)

  • dwalters

    Always wondered where new pumpkins came from…

  • Roy

    #51 That's the Steven Segal show! I used to watch that way back in highschool like 03 or 04 maybe? Hilarious

  • Turtle42

    #23 Doesn't matter, had ice cream.

  • dawgbone98

    #13 Apple Maps

  • whoos

    Stole #47 from Demitri Martin

  • Gallus

    Does anyone know the story behind #18?

    I have seen enough pics of the girl in #39 that she is starting to look fairly good to me. If that is what an alien/human hybrid looks like, I think I will try one.

  • Kal

    #28 No words…

  • Versari

    #49 Yea….he's dead.

  • Jess

    #23 Wow..I'm in love and I don't care that she is about 14

  • V4Vendetta14

    #3 Shit just go real, yo!!!

  • Jake

    I think #26 solves the issues of #25 and #11

  • svp

    #49 did we just watch someone die?

  • jessica

    #1 contiki bar in Austria! yessssss. been there.

  • hen

    #28 spray tans have lots of chemicals in them! Duh

  • @undefined

    #21 is clearly being towed

  • Solaralien

    #6 LOL! Naw it's the bestiality chic taking all the cats!

  • Robert

    #45 LOL

  • Dr. Evil

    #11 Ermagerd! Sperders!

  • Lizard Man

    #3 Lizard man don't take shit from no one!!

  • Mothman

    Just remember that when you're Jim Gaffigan, nobody likes you.

  • bhifi

    #2, Hate 2 say it but looked at all the guns b 4 ckin out the girl. Looks like that guy has a sweet/rare luger recon kit

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