Only 40 of the 2013 Pagani Huayras will be built…and it’s a mere $1.2 million (48 Photos)

  • thisguy

    this is honestly the ugliest vehicle i have seen in a long time!… might as well have wrapped shit in tinfoil.

    • Morten Prang Norup

      I tend to agree….
      Looks like they just reshaped a Ferrari, and added tons of bits and bobs here and there…..
      What was wrong with the Zonda?

      • Alex

        Hey guys… This is "the" design…. All the Zonda are like this one!

        Will pass ages befor an american company will create something similar to the greatness of this car.

        And if you think they re-shaped a Ferrary, you probably should study something about Italian design… This car is totally different from a Ferrari!!

        So.. pls.. say you can't understand it… instead of saying that is the ugliest car you have ever seen…

        Alex (from Italy…)

        • Kaine


        • Derp

          I don't think anyone is arguing that it's a well made car. More so the look of it, and the look is ugly.

        • Morten Prang Norup

          1) Thank's for the down-votes. I'm happy not everyone agrees. 😉

          Alex, first of all… You claim to be from Italy, and you didn't get 'Ferrari' right untill you second attempt? C'mon, dude…… Try harder.

          Secondly, if I had the time (or even bothered) I could slap up some side-by-side pics of this Zonda and various Ferraries, and you'd get my point.

          Thirdly, any Europeen/Asien made high performance car would run circles about any US made car.
          (Sorry, America, but that's a fact. You do make great looking cars though)

          Firthly (is that even a word?!) The exterior design of this Pagani let's down the interior design, which is out of this world……

          • Scodeling

            Spell check, Morten. ………..Try harder!

        • ...and proud of it!

          Ages will pass before another country will come close to the greatness that IS America!

          • Morten Prang Norup

            Sorry buddy, but even time is faster than any American car…..

    • Alex

      I've worked for Ferrari for 6 months, I've visited Lamborghini's factory and museum and last summer I visited Pagani…they're on a whole different level there. Mechanical art at it's finest form. If you're not an engineer, you probably won't appreciate the work that was put into these cars.
      Alex (Aeronautical engineer)

      • Alex



      • I'm a Yellow Jacket

        I completely agree. The amount of time put into machining all of those small aluminum switches and forming the carbon is unreal. The Huayra is a beautiful example of no compromise engineering.
        TK ( Electrical Engineer)

      • Muadieb

        Totally agree. The active wings, the attention to details, just everything about this car makes me wish I didn't drive a toyota camry. (Mechanical Engineer)

      • desertsteel

        This car is hot ( Fire Protection Engineer)

    • IrishInNJ

      I'm with you…one of the most slapped together messes I've seen…and it doesn't cost $1.2 million, half that maybe. …give me an Aston Martin One-77 any day over this.

    • Pr0n

      Says a member of the Ford Mustang douche, I mean owners club.

    • Yuppp

      thisguy is a penis wrinkle.

  • sam

    i want!!!

    • thisguy

      ur gay!

  • Ibexx

    Those body panel gaps make it look like a kit-car. Unacceptable for a 1.2m car. Do like the interior though.

    • bryan

      I agree, something about it makes it look 'sloppy' to me. I find the interior to be a gaudy mess for the most part. For that price I'll take 4 Ferraris please.

      • Guesty McGuest

        No cupholders. I think I'll pass.

    • Hoovus

      This is is as close to engineering perfection in an automobile that we will get for another decade. Everything has a purpose and function and there is NO compromise in the design of this car. Knowing what was poured into this thing, I think 1.2m is cheap. Its practically an LMP as far as form=function goes.

  • KoalasAreAlwaysCute

    interior is vile with all the switches

    i love this tho, beautiful #33

  • A2_tha_MFK

    It's not a 4X4, not interested.

    • Fucken mericans

      Your redneckulous!

    • Yerp

      Why the Hell did you look at the post then?

    • Mike

      You have officially declared yourself as a whole new breed of douchebag. Congratulations!

    • A2_tha_MFK

      I live in central Australia! No tarred roads. Just sayin!

  • DShorten

    The leaf wing mirrors are ridiculous, it's like putting lip stick on Mike Tyson.

  • Gregatron

    It's probably fun to drive but it's literally uncomfortable to look at…

  • SomethingClever

    What exactly is #34 about? Also, your car is pretty cool if it has a switch for wings… #36

    • AstroMikeDexter

      Hidden dildo, so that it screws you as well as your bank account.

      • ColaChiver

        Not so surprise butt secks

    • Muadieb

      #34 is a recessed power seat adjustment knob. Also, the "Wings" switch in #36, when turned on will check the function of the ailerons and flaps much like a pilot would his aircraft in pre-flight. The switch does this through a internal system and lets you know if they're functioning properly.

      • nola

        SAY WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!

      • Fuuuuuucckkk!!

        I thought it was a remote ball cooler

        • Muadieb

          Haha! I had a similar first thought, but a heater down there could go very wrong if the switch got messed up like in the heated seats of my Jetta.

  • need more beer

    where is the cup holder?

    • Carl

      she's in the next gallery. take your pick.

    • John Knolhoff

      Damn right it's a limited addition, no cup holders! – Marcus, Bad Boys

  • Fms


  • Ben

    Exterior: meh.
    Interior: nice airplane design, would love to flip all those switches before taking off!

  • LeonWolf

    Pagani has always been my fav.
    Sadly, i wouldn't pick this one when i could choose between a Zonda F.

    • moe l.

      Zonda R – and 'yes' I agree!!!

      • LS2_Goat

        the Zonda R was built to be the test car for this car it's not even really a Zonda

  • meko86

    Can't wait to get my hands on one of these and take it offroading, nothing like a good mud pit

  • @undefined

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  • bones

    Meh. If I was gonna spend that much on a car, I would save a bunch and get a RUF CTR3

  • Head Chef


  • Nick

    the mirrirs look weird #2
    and #34 gives a new meaning to putting your hand between your legs to grab your knob!

  • TheDrunkITGuy

    Here take all my money!

    Wait, what do you mean it's not enough?

  • @undefined

    Even if I had the money, I wouldn't

  • @undefined

    Why isn't the facebook login button working?

  • Chris

    #43 $1.2m? Break pedal looks like a shower head.. $20 @ Lowe's

    • Bill

      *brake pedal*

  • Jeremy

    Looks like a greasy Italian guys wet dream.

  • I Eats Bacon

    #38 who made that font choice? Atrocious!

    • Alex

      probably the customer…


  • MonkeyMadness

    #27 Scratched! They walked in broad daylight and scratched it! SCRATCHED!

  • MonkeyMadness

    I wish I had the money to buy 2 of them. I wouldn't buy one, I just wish I had the money to buy 2.

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