theCHIVE is hiring an admin assistant

lead pic theCHIVE is hiring an admin assistant
You heard right, theCHIVE is hiring an administrative assistant. What does that even mean? It takes a village to do what we do over here at CHIVE HQ and by some freak of nature, John and I were born with only two hands each and we can’t hold all these limes. It’s an incurable affliction that can only be remedied with a badass admin assistant.

The candidate must live within 20 miles of Venice Beach and no applicants will be considered outside of that. The job entails everything. To apply you must record a short video (less than 2 mins) and upload it to youtube, vimeo, youporn -wherever, and email a link to the video with resume to workatthechive[at]gmail[dot]com. Creativity will always be rewarded. Do not send a video file, it must be a link. If you do not make a video, you will not be considered. You have till midnight on Monday the 5th to submit your video. More info on the position HERE. Gerd lerk.

  • dhalse

    Isn't making a video mandatory an invitation for a discrimination lawsuit? This raises all sorts of red flags…

  • ksc

    this is obviously a position for a smokshow broad. No one wants a male admin assistant.

    Ladies, line up with your resumes, although you will be chosen based on looks. Admin assistant is the WORST job in the world…get coffee, screen sales calls…good life

    • Heather

      True. They don't specify a salary and living w/in a 20 mile radius of Venice means a mandatory minimum of 50K or you can't afford housing!

  • BidnessMan

    The Chive is first in dire need of a knowledgeable H.R. director and/or consult an employment atty. It is unlawful to require an applicant to furnish a photo, video, or any image of themselves because of obvious discrimination laws, and they are in place precisely for this reason.

    Chive CYA, you may be opening yourself to potential lawsuits.

  • Ash

    If they must live so close, stick up some signs at the beach. Why post it for millions to see? Dummies

  • Canucks_Rule

    how about a canadian affiliate??

  • myself

    Live about 400 miles away, but have admin assist experience out the wazoo. Sadly I cannot afford a second place to be able to apply. I like to think I'd have a shot being a guy, but I think it might be a very small one.

  • mrpko

    Well if you need someone that knows how to BBQ Texas style & pick beer for the day I'm available. Yeah I can learn all that admin stuff while the brisket, ribs & chicken are smoking. Send me a video of why I should work for you & I'll look it over.

  • KCCO

    I hope you link to their "creative" videos when this is all finished

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