• Yerp

    "In in"???

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    What if one of them wets their pants?

  • Andrew

    Only thing missing is a real life hadouken!

    • BallGag4X_Mas

      That's the first thing I thought of when it started…I was hoping they would go for it at the end, but sadly they did not lol

  • tv_paul

    I don't think Shakespeare was referring to this when he wrote "When we have shuffled-off this mortal coil, must give us pause. "

  • bigcityreem

    For some reason, I kept waiting for one of them to blow up.

  • Nigel

    BAD. ASS.

  • Leigh

    Someones been watching too much of the Sorcerer's Apprentice-

    hopefully neither of these guys end up having an arc-attack….but seriously I want to play too!

  • dan005

    jesus…look at the ridiculously over sized timer on that guys phone…

    • Jjshdjdd

      Hahahahahahaha I noticed that too

  • JTW

    It's an allegory of the US election. Reds and Blues putting on a show of fighting, entertaining for a bit, but in the end, a bit too long and nothing is accomplished.

  • Tyellock

    I see now where Blanka from street fighter comes from, tesla coil fun gone wrong, red and blue do make green

    • robbyfive

      you mean purple

      • Tyellock

        you're right, maybe I should revisit grade school to learn my colours again

  • Winston

    1. this vid should've been no more than 2 minutes in duration
    3. Tell 'em about the twinkie

  • Alex

    Raiden wins!

  • Saket

    Raiden Wins!

  • Johnny

    it's a shocker no one died….da dum tssss!

  • Michele

    Cool, but about 5 minutes too long.

  • bobo

    Near the end sparks look like they are coming out of the blue guy's ass.

  • Canucks_Rule

    very cool, but got bored after a few mins.

    bc chivers/chivettes, see below.
    – unofficial meetup 11/24/12 -> http://tinyurl.com/9l5xl2r

  • MEOW


  • GuntherSquirrel

    That was rather… electrifying! Yep, I went there… hehe But srsly, pretty cool none the less… I was shocked! AHHA! Ok, Im out…

  • Someone

    These two need to play dynasty warrior with each other…RIGHT NOW

  • It's Me

    Don't worry New Jersey, FEMA found a couple of guys who might be able to help with your power issues.

  • Skud

    Well this was pretty gay.

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