Lets celebrate America! (41 Photos)

  • r1rider

    #5 fuck yes!

    • Med

      Skoal Cherry??…… I remember my first beer.

    • Anotherwes

      TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Davieboy817 @Davieboy817

    Im Irish and i love my country but America is the shit

    • ...

      What's the best part of being Swiss? Well the flag is a plus

  • SMH

    #21 and #13 – he most of stuffed the ballot box

  • crustybubblechunks

    #34 I can't stand looking at her chubby face anymore

    • SmokeyTheBear

      I blame the parents. She is a product of assholes. Still can go suck donkey balls.

    • rob

      Must be a Carp.

    • HumpDan

      Then throw her in the ocean and lets be done with it.

      • Sean

        And hope she's a fresh water fish?

    • Brian

      That seems to imply that you were able to stand it for a while.

    • fed up

      I thought it was a photo of a young paula. Before she put on the weight of course.

  • SmokeyTheBear



    • Apol

      Immediately thought of J.D. from Scrubs when you said eagle haha

  • brian


    Can take me for a ride anytime anywhere.

    • Jokes_Explained

      It's funny because it's a double entendre. "A ride" in this case refers to sexual intercourse.

      • Jen

        i hope you plan on sticking around because you funny!

    • reclaimer

      i have no puns or jokes for this. she is just freakin HOT!

    • ThatGuy

      Dustoff 65 from Camp Payne, Afghanistan? I gave her one LZ brief and fell in love. Also hadn't seen or heard a woman in 3 months, so, go figure.


    #3 #16 Stars and Stripes and Hot Women forever…

  • KilroyWasHere

    #35 Old Glory never looked better

    • JohnD

      Had to come back to this one

    • I like sandwiches

      #3 #16 are not too shabby either

  • misschris

    #13 has been keeping #12 in business

    • tralfaz

      That's his toothpaste.

      • reclaimer

        there is a damn gym on every corner of the US. i dont get what this persons excuse is. he definitely needs to lay off the bacon frosting.

  • Hoosier

    #14 mmmm

  • don meok

    #23 I hope you wreck that piece of shit

  • thenomadadventures

    #16 #32 #35 – moar of this – less of everything else!

  • Way

    # 35 I'd raise that flag…

  • passwordistaco

    #34 Please kill it already, please. Maybe force her and the Fam to watch their own show on a continuous loop until their bodies consume themselves.

    • NorCal420

      what if she turns out to be our president? >cries<

    • Dan

      She's a child. Hate on her family if you must, but don't blame the kid. You may find her annoying, and that's fine, but she's still too young to be capable of understanding or rejecting her family's culture.

  • Smithers25

    #22 I just got an America boner

    • jokerz4fun

      Sooooo if those shirts hit the gound do we get to burn them?

      • Doohickle

        respectively of course

  • rob

    They see me rollllliiinnn ahhh fuck it I am taking a nap

  • bob_the_cook

    wasn't #13 a scene in Wall-e?

    • Kodos

      … in a cup.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #23 Drives on dirt roads once a year and still almost stops going over railroad tracks.

    • sfb101

      And has a little dick…

    • Tim

      don't forget, creeps over speed bumps.

    • Chivette

      Pavement princess most likely, I like a guy in a lifted truck and all but I'm from Kansas so we have country boys that actually USE them. Anywho, at least it looks like he lifted it properly to get more clearance.

  • Nick

    Can we turn the damn autoplay video ads off..

    • ddddddddddiiiick

      get adblock. problem solved.

      • I like sandwiches


  • Sick350Z

    #14 Is my America and I love it! Not sure how #13 got thru the fence and away from the herd

  • https://www.facebook.com/Swtsxy15 swtsxy15

    I love 'MERICA.

    #6, #19 and #29 are a few reasons why!

    • Marc

      'Merica loves you back!!!

      The guy holding 2 flags

  • N2MotoX

    #3 #13 BOTH….Only in America! We get the best of both extremes!

  • passwordistaco

    #9 Is just awesome.

  • Dibo

    Maybe she and Kanye will go off to some far away pond and never bother us again. http://thechive.com/2012/11/07/lets-celebrate-ame

    • Dibo

      Just started posting, can't figure out how to embed a picture with the post 😦

      • DDS

        Just put the #34 in the post and it appears. Of course put a different number after the number sign if you don't want 34.

  • Mr.mischief

    #34, I think you spelled pig wrong.

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