Chive Everywhere (72 Photos)

  • micah

    what did you do to your helmet to make it display you rig assignment on the back like that?
    -fellow f/f kcco

  • frank

    go brian # 43

  • kmotamed

    #48… MOAR wonder woman!

  • Steve

    I need one of those hockey shirts. If one of the guys can email me i would love to purchase one.

  • ReinB


    Check daai poese met die bikes!! Sal maar volgende keer 'n hempie moet aantrek. Henties!

  • Mobalized

    #66 Way to go VP-8 getting on The Chive. -AD2

  • Peter Desrosiers

    My brother is in #47. KCCO Bro! Very proud of you bro!

  • Alicia

    #62 Spartacus! Love that show!

  • Dan

    Love it

  • DJ Long

    #48 would definitely make me reconsider my stance on "beating" army… except in a game of strip poker…Go Navy!!! Beat army!!! Annapolis > West Point

  • Justhrowit


    Ah Dude…. Friend Zoned by Miss Alabama! Sorry, Bro, but I'm sure she has hot friends too!

  • chris


    I would do disgusting things for one of those jerseys

  • LostBroncoFan

    great ending

  • bigjohn

    #70 We could use MOAR of HER. Can ya do that?

  • iJeep

    #59 CROATIA! Best waters in the world.

  • mullex

    #65 2 straight weeks of the Ghar?

  • ChristophersonofGray

    #26 I do declare, believe I spotted a ginger Hobbit.

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