• Dave

    Common Chive do you really think this was funny? It was like a bad S&L skit that did not end soon enough. Please do not be discouraged. Keep plugging away and I'm sure you will get it.

    • Blahtothemeh

      Did you mean SNL skit? The n stands for night…

    • kevin

      i agree. love the chive tho, just not these videos haha

  • Mr. McGibblets

    I always thought Mac would be Spanish

  • Jake

    Why is Mac's head tilted to the right ever so slightly all the time?

    • kevin

      could be from an accident, lay off people! its not like he has 2 heads hahaha.

  • spike

    absolutely hilarious. keep them coming.

    • kevin

      maybe we saw different videos lol

  • jaw

    This video was not funny, even in the way that not funny things are sometimes funny. PLease don't make any more of these. I think you guys may be suffering from group think where you think everything you decide to do is gold, and you have enough followers ready to pat you on the back and tell you how great you are cause the think that they might get to hang out with you. Listen to someone who is objective, this is not funny, anyone who says it is funny, is stupid, and you should not listen to them.

  • jonavark

    not even remotely funny.

  • kevin

    how the EFF do i get them to post my pics up on theChive?!?! no offense, but i submit pics ALL the time that is funnier than this. im a die hard chiver and buy all of yalls stuff! but yall never use ANY of my pics! even my military KCCO stuff. bums me out when things like this are being posted and cool/funny stuff from loyal chivers is being constantly overlooked! do i have to have tits to have my emails checked out?!?! i didnt hate this video, but yall could do better.

  • BobBX542

    Mac, I can say, that without a doubt, having never heard you speak, and simply seeing your face on the posts, I legitimately hated you. BUT, after seeing this video, you have completely turned me around. All because of the line, "Where do you put it?? You don't." I'll have to look at your posts in a whole new light now.

  • Spunkybritches

    That was dumb. Not funny at all. I felt embarrassed for his failure at humor.

  • Macfail

    I'm gonna say fail.

  • @Violaceousgirl

    i love you Mac

  • frustratedchivette

    I can't get the videos to play on my phone :/ only the audio comes through this is the only website it does this with

  • BarnacleBob

    I love how it just cuts him off at the end. Epic

  • @Daronlif

    Wow.. This is bad. So fantastically bad.

  • Fuqu

    What's a word for 0% funny?

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Good job guys, interesting, good sound and lighting, and well edited. F-teh haters.

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