• Truth Hurts

    He sounds like an uneducated, unappreciative punk.

    "We pass for what we are." – Emerson

    • MattyDeuce

      There was mention in yesterday's DAR about someone not knowng the definition of "irony," yet your name, coupled with your comment, paint a very clear picture.

      Uneducated, as it relates to "truth hurts" is your hint. Ready, go!

      • Truth Hurts

        Are you implying via unfounded innuendo that I am uneducated? I have a graduate degree.

        Sorry, I find the audio in this particular segment to be incredibly offensive and certainly not funny. Calling people "bitch" and being demanding? That is not refined behavior for any person, of any race, or any culture. Unlike you, I've been to all 6 habitable continents- including Africa.

        "Ironic," isn't it, that many people (black and white) gravitate towards the mannerisms and demeanor reflected in this audio…instead of our learned President.

        So, yes, even that truth hurts.

        • Prophetable

          Congratulations, you win the "pretentious douchebag of the day" award.

          • Truth Hurts

            Oh, boo.

            Maybe if I can a little "moar" "bewbs" at the meet up bro, we can trash Frat guys as we Chive On and just, you know, think we are living some way of life, I mean, remember that girl left a note saying she'd pay for my tires? I just bought a girl a Fat Tire and she asked if I was the one asking to see dildos in the background. So I said, KCCO, dollface- I'm the one who always has the really, really witty comments – like, I want to floss my teeth with her G String.

            Get real. This is a web site for tits and ass. And if you don't like I way I write, well, that's why you work for somebody and I work for me, I think for myself and…now that I think about it…no more comments. It's a waste of time.

            Peace out, Chive.

            Keep the tits coming.

            • Prophetable

              The main thing I don't like about the way you write is that it doesn't make any fucking sense.

              "Maybe if I can a little "moar" "bewbs" at the meet up bro…"

              English, motherfucker, do you speak it?

              • Yep

                It's "Graduate degree" talk. Us lesser folk clearly don't have access to their secret language. I'm working on an elaborate hidden camera ploy to at least figure out their secret hand shake.

              • Truth Hurts

                Oh you don't like me mocking the lemmings on the Chive with their shopworn "chive-speak"? Instead of "more" it's "moar"; instead of "boobs" it's "bewbs". You are too dense to see the the sarcasm. It is a literary device that works and is.

                It more that ironic, however, that someone with a screen name "Prophetable" is giving out awards for being pretentious. Too funny.

                "We pass for what we are." – Emerson

        • just wow

          How did you even manage to creep Obama into this…? As if bringing up the president means game set match?

          No wait… you are "intelligent" because you've travelled…. rats on boats have been to multiple continents?? So according to your logic.. we should gravitate toward the mannerisms of rats…. Huzahhhh!

          Anyway, it's a funny vid!! Go troll some political hack site with Chris Matthews next time.

          • the People

            I love winning. I love that Obama won and the republican party has been relegated to the Tea Bagging loser party. You have no ideas…just sour grapes. So, please, eat our fucking dust.

            We rule. You don't. We won in a landslide. You lost.

            That makes you a loser.

            • Prophetable

              The funny part is watching you assume that he's a Republican just because he's saying that Obama has nothing to do with this video or the post you're replying to.

              • just wow

                Agreed Prophetable… some peoples kids.

                It's because of people like "the people" that we are so polarized on both sides of political spectrum.

                Both sides have positive and negative aspects, but ultimately want what's best, just different ways to get there.

                Stop mud slinging and just laugh your ass off at Maximus Thor! 🙂

              • Truth Hurts

                Actually, it is quite a justified inference when someone makes a disparaging remark about Chris Matthews and President Obama in a few sentences to conclude he/she is republican. So, you fail again.

            • mises

              landslide? less people voted for obama than in 08 and less voted for romney than mccain and this election was actually very close but for a few key states and the electoral vote. i didnt vote for either candidate before you accuse me of being bitter about obama, but this in no way approaches a landslide.

              • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

                Actually, if you look at all Republican responses to the election results, they're quite quick to consider it a "landslide."

                See: Newt Gingrich

              • Truth Hurts

                When republican pundits were predicting that "Romney would win in a landslide" and reality proved that democrats won the election than a larger margin than vs. McCain, picked up seats in both the House and Senate- coupled with the fact the same pundits were left discussing if the republican party even has a future- yes, I do not feel the term "landslide" warrants a retraction. Would "lost badly" make your feelings feel better, dollface?

                "So hot? My poor little sir…" – Emerson

          • mises

            I think he's implying that he's travelled because he's intelligent not the other way around, soooo you're not really being logical…..

        • lat297

          @Truth Hurts: either you are a Troll, in which case well done, or you really think you are clever, in which case you are mistaken. Well done for getting a graduate degree, and I wish you all the best for your future trolling/stupidity.

        • http://Homes4Men.com Stafferty

          Formal educations do not always imply intelligence. I know people who have their doctorate who can barely hold a conversation. They simply know ALOT about one particular arena and little about anything else. Having a graduate degree simply means you devoted a lot of money, time, and effort into one thing. People put hundreds of hours of time and energy into video games, however that would hardly be considered intelligence either.

          Being well travels indicates nothing other than a disposable income, if you simply went to another country and tried to tell the locals why America is so much better, you would have missed out on an opportunity as well.

          In my mind, the truest tests of intelligence are:
          A) Recognizing Satire. Any one can take things at pure face value,however trying to find a deeper meaning or simply dismissing something as absurd for the sake of absurdity, having a chuckle and moving on to more pressing matters.
          B) Having the ability to convince others of your own cause and ideas with words and actions.

          You failed at both of these tests.

          • Peace and Love

            This is the mother fucker that voted for Obama. Fuck you mother fucker.

          • Truth Hurts

            While your initial sentiment is clearly true, you presuppose I am trying to win you over or be part of something here. What, I can't carry a conversation? That's funny.

            Your contention that being well travelled "indicates nothing other than a disposable income" is so asinine, it can only come from someone that hasn't actually done it. You are like a single man telling a mother of three why people have children. Travel is an opportunity to grow. It is a way to connect with people from other cultures. I would submit that most people from America that travel to the Third World do NOT have a ton of money- they just prefer to spend it on experiences rather than, say, a shiny car.

            Whether or not I pass another's test is silly. Live life for your own sake and be real. Whereas you might never forget interacting with people living in animal skins, nobody will remember the beer bong you did that you sent into a website that is great for looking at chicks, but not necessarily for a way for a man to live his life.

            Ah, me- no man goeth alone.

            And with that, I leave you Chivers.

            Be good.

            "We cannot live our lives in explanation." – Emerson

        • Jared

          Why are you on this site if you find thing such as calling people "bitch" and being demanding offensive? At a certain level, that is all this website is about. I assume you are trolling here (even though I still haven't totally figure out what that is) but you still sound like an idiot.

        • Chris

          The difference between sounding smart and sounding dumb is whether you make complex ideas seem simple (smart), or simple ideas seem complex (dumb). You do/are the latter.

    • hmm...

      Well that escalated quickly.

  • KCCOkevin

    im 'bout to call banjo, we gonna run a train on you, b*tch!

  • eaglescoutzach

    This kid has more swag in his pinky finger than I have ever acumulated in 21 years fml. outclasses again.

    • dirtysteve

      Well if your life is about accumulating 'swag', then yes, fuck it.

  • MattyDeuce

    I can't get a damn Transformer up in this bitch?

  • Larry

    The commercial was almost as long as the 44 second piece of crap vid. You guys are beginning to seem and sound like Corporate Whores.
    Don't get me wrong; you do good. But, really

    • Bost

      Just get an add blocker… install it.. then you won't have to bitch about adds anymore

      • Si1entStatic

        agreed. Firefox + Ad Blocker Plus(free) = never seen an ad on here…..

  • Larry

    My point is proven by your DMA and Brad Pitt.

  • Busternut

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • JSJ

    30 seconds I'll never get back…

  • cee dub

    When I was a kid, we were 'kids'. Now it's 'cool' to push kids to be adults. Disgusting.

    • cee dub

      Of course, it's the loser-ass parents fault.

  • Charlie

    Hey look, I taught a six-year old to curse. Cursing children are funny. Well, other people's cursing children are funny. Am I Parent of the Year yet.

  • Judge others

    His parents must be retarded. Why would you name your kid some stupid shit like that?

  • Beantown

    Great! made my day

  • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

    I laughed much harder at this than I should have. To everyone getting all uptight about this video, chill the fuck out and lighten up. You have no clue if this kid was "cursing" and at many points you have no idea if this kid was mouthing what was dubbed over at all. People are so fucking concerned about words when they aren't the issue, it's the attitude behind them. This was a video made in jest, not some clip from Maury of a pint-sized toddler gone out of control.

    • http://twitter.com/ThePhilPauls @ThePhilPauls

      Well maybe you're right, but still doesn't make that right. Words over time, create attitude. No matter how in "jest" something is, done enough becomes habit.

      • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

        Behavior creates attitude. Just like every well-adjusted individual, this kid may be taught that you must behave differently according to the situation. I may have said fuck twice in the span of four sentences, but do you think my habit of using profanity just pops up unchecked when speaking around my employers or professors?

  • Will

    You people negatively commenting are plebs, enjoy creative satire when you see it. Save your boring small minded complaints and judgements for the Sunday church.

    • Sir Boobsalot

      would you teach your 6 year old to memorise a script that includes words like *fucking* and *Bitch* then film it?

  • bradk

    This was awesome. Finally a good video chive.

  • FuBaR

    yeah…im ashamed to be a human being after watching this….

    • Mustard

      This is what shames you? Fuck you. Get out of your parents basement.

  • Justin

    Alec posts the WORST videos

  • TheRealLomo

    People need to stop being so serious and just laugh once in a while. Awesone video!

  • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

    I fucking lost it.

  • Frankee

    Dafuq did I just watch?

  • CanucksRule


  • Blackbeard

    Why the hate? This was awesome!

  • ChristophersonofGray

    Says to the token black friend "Could you come over and voice-over a video and be all black and shit?".

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